Xiao Li suddenly looked at Ning Dai in amazement, feeling complicated, painful and ashamed. "Ning Dai, is this … true?"
Ning Dai sipped her mouth and smiled. "Now the result is the same. That’s good … I’m fine, Xiao Li. I really want to give you the chance!"
Xiao Li couldn’t control her tears!
To tell the truth, she doesn’t have any resentment in her heart. That’s false. Her father lost his chance to wake up because of Ning Dai! Leave her forever!
But how can a weak girl like Ning Dai have so much courage?
"Ning Dai" held Ning Dai’s hand in front of the small glass and sobbed "I’m sorry …"
Bang! A laboratory door was hit. Hang An came in with people.
How important is the experiment today? They all know that once the chip is located, Qiao Wandong ‘er Qiao Donglin is here today … It’s time to help Ning Dai take out the chip! But they didn’t expect to wait outside, but it turned out like this!
"Wen Li!"
Hang An was furious and pointed to Xiao Li.
"You are in revenge! How can I believe you? I did your father’s thing! What is the revenge on my daughter? "
She didn’t want to explain, and she couldn’t explain the resentment in her heart when she accused Xiao Li of keeping her lips closed … She really felt guilty before Ning Dai! No matter what happened before, it has nothing to do with Ning Dai!
It can be said that her parents’ bad feelings were completely eliminated because of Ning Dai’s "compromise"
Hang An waved his hand and shouted, "Give her to me!"
"Don’t!" NingDai pulls father urgent way "dad, what are you doing? Don’t! Xiaoli is a lover of Xi’s brother! "
"She hates her on purpose!" Hang An is distressed by her daughter and knows that her daughter has been weak since childhood. "You were born unconscious … Dad took a brain stem cell that was supposed to be lost to others. This person is Wen Li’s father!"
A stunned qi qi looked at the small glass.
Xiao Li is like a mountain on her back. She’s all at sea now! But she doesn’t want to argue … Now that she has done so, she is ready to be accused!
"…" Ning Dai stared at her. "Xiao Li, is this … true?"
Small glass took a nose "is! Sonningdai, do you hate me? "
"…" NingDai choked for a moment and then shook her head. "No, I … I’m sorry."
"…" Xiao Li felt even more guilty. "Would you believe me if I said I really didn’t mean to hurt you?"
Ning Dai hardly thought about it and nodded, "I believe it!"
Hang an heavy eyebrows tight cu more impatient "still leng wear stem? Come on! Get her for me … "
NingDai Zhang arms in front of the small glass "don’t! Dad! You’ve already been sorry for her father. Won’t you blame yourself for losing her home? "
"remorse?" Hang An didn’t care. "Father, I married my daughter … I’m ashamed!"
"But Dad!" NingDai hold small glass don’t let people near "can’t hurt her! Don’t touch her if Brother Ximing isn’t here! "
Early also follow to protect small glass "uncle don’t hurt small glass! I don’t know what I have in the past … but Xiao Li saved my life! My life is Xiao Li! Xiaoli is not such a vicious girl! "
Hang’ an gas knot points to Xiaoli.
"The rouge cod is exquisite, and you are no match for her!"
Hang An’s eyes were wet and he looked at Ning Dai. "Silly boy, what can you do if you become a basket case?"
A basket case …