Shi Youshu laughed. "He has done us such a terrible job. What qualifications does he have to teach us!"
The driver didn’t answer, but said, "God, when you met King Chris, the master said to let you seize the opportunity."
"Know" Shi Youshi was a little impatient.
Seeing that Shi Youshi was going to lose his temper, the driver didn’t dare to talk and drove all the way to the airport quickly.
Zhuo Wen stopped Shi Youshi’s way in front of the airport with heavy eyes. "Miss Shi please stay."
Shi Youshi’s mouth is very disdainful of English saying, "I don’t seem to know you"
Zhuo Wen smiled and said in the same English way, "I am humble, Miss Shi. Of course you don’t know me. It’s our general manager Chu who always reciprocates. He has something for you."
"…" Shi Youshi frowned at Zhuo Wen’s gift box. "He’s a real gentleman."
Zhuo Wen smiled and gave the gift box to Shi Youshi. She touched Shi Youshi’s arm and bowed her head. "Miss Shi wishes you a safe journey."
Shi Youshi looked at Zhuowen and screamed in horror as soon as he hit the gift box contemptuously. He immediately threw away the gift box and turned pale and fled behind the driver.
The driver quickly kicked the gift box, which was dark with hundreds of cockroaches.
Just as she gave Song Anqiao a gift box, it was Chu Feiyuan who gave her dozens of cockroaches.
It’s the most gentleman’s way to treat people with humanity.
Shi Youshi screamed, shivering, jumping and jumping, exaggerated and funny. "I’m with me, hurry up and bring it to me."
The driver’s face turned stiff and quickly looked at Shi Youshi’s body. "Miss, don’t jump, I can’t see."
In a panic, Shi Youshen took off her coat, but regardless of the strange eyes of the people around her, she shook her body and shouted and shouted, "Go, go, go …"
Zhuo Wen sat in the car and hooked her mouth. She looked like a clown. Didn’t she seek asylum?
It’s not illegal or criminal not to give her a bad drama.
Zhuo Wen smiled deeply and started the car to slide out smoothly and headed for downtown Nanshi.
A spring rain was intermittent, sometimes for two days, and it didn’t stop until the morning of the third day.
Song anqiao was in a melancholy mood. She really never thought that she was so hated. She was cut and beaten by a wild cat when she was pregnant. It turned out that it was her Tang Heng who did it.
"Am I that annoying?" Song anqiao rubbed his face and muttered to himself.
Chu Feiyuan chuckled, "It’s not annoying, it’s pleasing me."
Song anqiao blushes and coughs lightly. If he hates Chu Fei, he will praise her.
Halfway through breakfast, the phone rang at home. Mom went over and answered "Madam wants to see you".
Song Anqiao looked slightly dazed and glanced at her eyes lightly. She was feeding the small rice cake, and Chu Fei whispered softly, "I’m going to answer the phone."
Chu Fei frowned. "Go ahead. You don’t need to tell me."
Song Anqiao pouted and mumbled, "Isn’t this for fear that you will be angry?"
"If it weren’t for Shen Sike," Chu Fei-yuan fed his daughter a mouthful of bean curd and raised his eyebrows. "What would I be angry with?"
Song anqiao gave him a look at the stingy man, and she still told him to hide Tang Heng’s affairs.
Before getting up and leaving the seat, Song Anqiao said, "If you hide anything from me later, I will never forgive you!"
A firm tone and a serious look.
Chu Fei listened to the deep sight and looked at his daughter and smiled and said, "Is my daughter and mother cute?" That’s why dad love her. "
The little rice cake "uh-huh" seems to agree with dad.
Song Anqiao "…"
The words came over there and said, "Miss Song, why didn’t you answer your cell phone?"
Song Anqiao asked, "What’s the matter?" Is something wrong with my sister? "
"Yes, yes," said the female nurse. "No, your sister moved."
An Sok Qiao’s heart was tight but her face remained calm. She was afraid of another oolong incident. Even if she didn’t believe Song Anqiao, she changed her clothes and went to the hospital.
ChuFei far car with her light way "calm down, Qiao Mei"
Song anqiao’s palms are sweating and his heart is pounding. "I feel particularly strong this time, as if my sister really woke up."
Chufei’s little smile is to spoil her and not answer her.
"Do you know that I dreamed about my sister two days ago?" Song Anqiao talked about her dream. "My sister is so beautiful that many boys chase her, but my sister ignores those people."
As she spoke, she suddenly became sad. "If my sister hadn’t had an accident, she would have a happy family now. Her loving husband has a pair of lovely children."
ChuFei far frown eyes light some complicated.
"Alas, my sister woke up and didn’t know if she could adapt to the society." Song Anqiao frowned and was worried. "She studied very well and always dreamed of taking the exam as an announcer."
After a pause, Song Anqiao suddenly clenched his fist with his little hand. "I will raise my sister when she wakes up. I will give her whatever she wants!"
Section 191
Swear, swear, promise
Chu Feiyuan looked straight at the vehicle in front and casually asked, "Do I give it, too?"
Song anqiao suddenly looked at his mouth with a dull stare and couldn’t say a word.
"I’m joking with you." Seeing her look hurt, Chu Fei said quickly, "My lover is your situation. Who can control me?"
Song anqiao’s face turned white and she panicked at that moment.
It was quiet for a few seconds. Song Anqiao waved his hand and smiled. "You are too narcissistic. My sister doesn’t look at you, and my sister definitely doesn’t want you."
Chu Feiyuan smiled, "Good Qiao Mei, thank you for making me want me."
When he said this, he was praising Song Anqiao.
Song Anqiao listened to the hard TanTanshou "Hum, I want you, you can’t leave me."
Chu Fei smiled and reached out and touched Song Anqiao’s little head. "I won’t leave without you."