Of course, said the gardener, but it still makes me unhappy, sir. I apologize again for keeping you. You must be an officer. He glanced timidly at the count’s blue dress.
Don’t worry, my friend Earl said with a smile that he can turn his smile into a terrible or kind one at will, and this time his smile is the latter expression. I am not an inspector, but a tourist who came here out of curiosity. I have regretted visiting because I am afraid it will wave your time.
Ah, I was worthless, the man replied with a sad smile, but it belongs to the government, and I shouldn’t wave it, but after the signal, I can rest for an hour. Speaking of which, he glanced at the daily rules. Everything is ready in this Monterey garden, and the daily rules are still ten minutes away. My strawberries are ripe. Wait a minute, sir. Do you think Dormice eat strawberries?
Oh, I don’t think so. Monte Cristo solemnly replied that Mr Dormouse is our bad neighbor, but we don’t dip them in honey like the Romans do.
What, Romans eat this stuff? The gardener said they eat Dormouse.
Petraeus spanlasssjj was born in the first century A.D. The Roman family wrote a satirical account of life in Rome in the first century.
It’s true that they are not necessarily delicious. Although people often say that they are as fat as Dormouse, it’s no wonder that they are fat and white. They sleep late every day, wake up and eat all night. Listen to me, last year, my tree had four apricots, and they stole one and one nectarine. Well, sir, they climbed to the wall and ate half of it. That was a very good nectarine. I’ve never eaten anything better than it.
Have you had a meal
After eating the leftover half, you know it’s delicious, sir. Those gentlemen never pick up bad things to eat, just like Aunt Simon. He never eats those bad strawberries, but last year, the gardener continued, I have to be careful not to let this happen again. When the strawberries are about to ripen, I will sit and watch them all night.
Monte Cristo has seen enough. Everyone loves something in his heart. Every species is like a caterpillar. The courier loves gardening. He won the gardener’s heart by picking those grapes that are covered and can’t enjoy the sunshine leaves.
Are you here to read the urgent telegram, sir? He asked.
If it’s true or not, it doesn’t violate the rules
Oh, no, the gardener said that there is no rule that no one should look at it, and there is no danger in looking at it, because no one knows and no one can know what we are talking about.
I’ve heard the count say that you don’t all know the signals you have reached.
Of course, sir, that’s what I’m most happy about, said the man with a smile
What are you most happy about this?
Because of that, I’m not responsible. I’m just a machine. I don’t care if I finish it
Did I meet a man without ambition? Monte Cristo asked himself. That would spoil my plan.
Sir, the gardener glanced at the sundial and said, ten minutes are almost over. I have to go back to my work. Will you and I go together?
I’ll follow you.
Monte Cristo walked into the tower, which was divided into three floors. On the bottom floor, he hid gardening tools, shovels, kettles, rakes, and everything was hung on the wall. The second floor was a common room. To be more precise, there were some poor pieces of furniture in the room where the man slept. A bed, a table, two chairs and a ceramic kettle hung on the ceiling. The Earl recognized that it was dried peas, and I don’t know which good man kept it for planting, and attached it with labels very carefully, as if he had been a plant master in plant research.
Will it take a long time to learn the urgent report, sir? asked Monte Cristo.
It won’t take long to learn it. It’s monotonous and boring.
What is the salary?
A thousand francs, sir
Too little
Yes, but as you can see, we are providing accommodation.
Monte Cristo looked at the room and hoped that he would not be too attached to his residence, he thought to himself.
They went to the third floor, and this is the emergency room. Monte Cristo watched the machine instead. It was very interesting, he said, but you must be very tired of this life for a long time.
At first, I had to keep looking straight until my neck was sore, but after a year, I got used to it, and we also enjoyed the holidays
have a holiday/vacation
In foggy weather
Ah, exactly