"I said it was spicy chicken, but I still don’t believe it. Isn’t it looking for abuse?"
Gong Sunqi sat on his butt and patted his face. Perhaps it was because Fred Gong Sunqi showed no mercy to them. His butt strong man was his result, and he was the third foreigner, and he did not hesitate to beat them for several days before they recovered.
Gong Sunqi kicked the strong man to the flying place and raised his hand to the remaining foreigners. Suddenly, he gave a thumbs-up in the direction and sneered, "How many of you didn’t come to me? Just you and I didn’t even see the qualification for my sparring partner. Let the royal rope sword quickly roll to me. Gong Sunqi is waiting for him here."
Gong Sunqi said that it was called a domineering girl who provoked a group of anthomaniac girls to be elated. Yao Ziling knew that Gong Sunqi was so indifferent, and everything was because of her, otherwise he was not like that.
Yao Ziling is right. Sun Qi is so indifferent, so it’s not because of Fred that he doesn’t look at each other. If Fred doesn’t provoke Yao Ziling, Sun Qi won’t do it.
In repose, the royal rope sword got up and came to the field with the sword. The royal rope sword appeared instantly, and his body was flying. If it wasn’t for Gong Sunqi’s accustomed momentum, it would be disturbed by the royal rope sword.
"You are the royal rope sword?"
GongSunQi asked.
Imperial Rope Sword speaks a not-so-fluent language and says, "Yes, I am Imperial Rope Sword and you are Gongsun Qi?"
Gong Sunqi nodded and looked at his sword and said, "I heard that your sword is also a thief and a thief."
Imperial rope sword couldn’t understand the meaning of the sentence behind GongSunQi. After translation, he said to GongSunQi fuels, "Thank you for your compliment."
"Alas," Gong Sunqi sighed with regret, "I said that there are so many weapons in the world, you don’t prefer swords, you don’t learn swords, you don’t practice swords, you don’t practice silver swords, and now you have a whole realm. What is the realm of man and sword? Do you know what is the unity of man and sword?
"poof ~! !”
"Ha ha ~ ~"
There was a hilarious laugh, and Gong Sunqi was going to do it. Who knew that verbal words would be enough? He also said such swearing without swearing, and the other party was a foreigner, so he couldn’t understand the meaning of this discourse. Even if he wanted to translate it, Gong Sunqi said that it was like a tongue twister, so he couldn’t remember the translation.
It is estimated that the translation will remember the last word’ swordsman’
Yao Ziling turned her face and covered her face. She was ashamed. Gong Sunqi would make a quick decision, but who knows that she also pissed each other off.
Translated the last word and said something to the royal rope sword
Royal rope sword blink glare king kong "you scold me? !”
"I have to scold? I’m not. I’m talking about your combination of man and sword, saying that you have reached the state of speaking, don’t you think so? "Gong Sunqi showed a pair of smiles.
Fried got up and shouted at the royal rope sword, "Why do you have to finish him quickly?"
The royal rope sword is drawn, and he has been completely angered by Gong Sunqi and growled "Ah ~ ~"
Holding the hilt with both hands, he rushed to chop the sword at GongSunQi.
GongSunQi slightly sideways to duck the royal rope sword attack pointed to the sword in his hand and said, "Can I prop him?"
Two words gave the answer to Gong Sunqi. Gong Sunqi smiled at the corner of his mouth and opened the door. The fourth door turned red. When he came to the side of the royal rope sword and didn’t give him a response, he said to the royal rope sword, "Here here."
Imperial rope sword smell raised his head and looked up to meet him. A piece of brick red hard object patted the imperial rope sword. Sun Qi blinked and looked at the broken brick in his hand.
"I depend on your head is a turtle shell. It’s so hard. My brick is broken." Gong Sunqi looked at the broken brick with great love.
Fred Gongsunqi’s weapon is brick and shouted, "He has no weapon. End the game now."
GongSunQi finger pointed to the imperial rope sword consciousness behind the imperial rope sword turned to find that no one turned his head back again. This just turned back and another red brick greeted his face.
The second brick broke again. "Holy shit, this one is really hard. It’s like a ghost head."
The girls behind those two words are blushing for a moment, and even Yao Zi Ling is ashamed to want to leave the stadium. What kind of student is this? Why is it so unreliable to take bricks and hit each other at ordinary times?
"Ah ~ ~ ~"
"sp" GongSunQi once again stopped a cow royal rope sword stretched out his hand and pointed to the royal rope sword behind this time, the royal rope sword won’t be pawned, and it will be cruel to GongSunQi.
Bang ~ ~’
For a moment, he felt as if the back of his head had been hit hard by something. Then he turned around and looked at another Gongsunqi behind him with a full face of surprise. He saw another brick in Gongsunqi’s hand stare big eyes and roar.
"I said, look behind you. If you don’t listen to me, you will suffer."
"The imperial rope sword GongSunQi vision can be two places at once. One of the two places at once must be two places at once, and the other must be a body." Fried roared and didn’t forget the imperial rope sword GongSunQi ability.
The royal rope sword retreated sharply. He won’t give GongSunQi a chance to shoot him with bricks again. After pulling away, the royal rope sword will attack when driving.
At this time, there was another stabbing pain in the back of the head. GongSunQi’s second doppelganger did not know that there was a red brick behind the royal rope sword.
"How is this speed so fast?" Even Fried couldn’t see how GongSunQi separated two places at once, or appeared behind the royal rope sword.
Gong Sunqi sneered in his heart that "the old teleportation is not a white study, but the old bug teleportation is a time-tolerant technique, but it is classified as attribute-tolerant technique to take advantage of me."
The avatar behind the royal rope sword shrugged. "Look at the road. You can easily be hit by a car if you don’t look at the back."
Gong Sunqi didn’t come to the competition at all, but more like playing with his opponent. This is the first time for Yunxi high school classmates and teachers to see Gong Sunqi playing with his opponent for fun. I feel that Imperial Rope Sword has a deep hatred with him.
Chapter 15 You knock a brick down again
I have been teased for many times, and my eyes are bloodshot. The Royal Rope Sword looks at so many busy places, and he doesn’t care who is busy and who is the body. Is this a game?
"Ah ~ ~"
A roaring royal rope swordsman takes back the scabbard with staggered steps, and the momentum suddenly changes. A very sharp firm but gentle sword appears in the royal rope sword body.
"This is firm but gentle recycling him, and he has actually practiced this step."
Some school leaders saw the clue.
"It’s a prelude to living together and cutting firm but gentle recovery income scabbard, and then instantly pull out the sword and release the recovered and compressed firm but gentle. This is a rhythm that will kill people."
"No, we must stop this cohabitation. The turmoil must be great. We must stop him."
Gong Sunqi also knows the seriousness of the situation.
There are more than 100 doppelgangers, and each doppelganger holds a brick in both hands. "Your ya is between Niu A and Niu, right? I always let you play tricks."
Bricks are thrown at the imperial rope sword one by one. This is not one or two. If it is one or two, it may be okay to look at the red pressure on a brick. The imperial rope swordsmanship will continue, and the firm but gentle will be released before it can be cut.
A chop out all the bricks is like a piece of paper, which is easily cut and turned into red pieces. The remaining firm but gentle waves ripple around with this chop, and a touch of firm but gentle Hwa-Sung Do makes people see clearly what is going on inside, even those teachers and leaders can’t see clearly what is going on in the field.
Gong Sunqi knew that the shock wave terror quickly let Shukaku Sand resist the disadvantages while smoking. Anyway, no one saw that Gong Sunqi was super thick-skinned and won, which made Yao Ziling happy. Gong Sunqi was unscrupulous.
Gong Sunqi took out a trunk the size of a fist and took advantage of the smoke to come behind the royal rope sword. The royal rope sword has absolute confidence, no matter whether you are a member or a body, you can’t stop the shock wave unless you run the platform.
Is that he didn’t expect GongSunQi to have an absolute defense with Shukaku and Shukaku. How could he break Shukaku’s defense with his L-level repair?
Gong Sunqi came behind him and separated many busy people. Each busy person held a plank brick and saw the imperial rope sword. This idiot still kept living together. Do you still want to be handsome?
"Let your ya play handsome, you are so handsome, you know?"
As he spoke, he turned his head and hit the other side of the royal rope sword. He made a hullabaloo about the royal rope sword. He was really handsome just now. His game was over. He wanted to wait for the smoke to disperse and let everyone see his handsome figure. Unexpectedly, Gong Sunqi took advantage of this time to beat him off guard.
"Ah ~ ~ ~"
Screaming like killing a pig comes out of the smoke. It’s not hard to hear that it’s a royal rope sword coming out. One by one, like curious babies, want to know what’s going on inside. Many powerful people or magicians want to move to find out whether the smoke is too strong. After more than 100 members were broken, it emitted smoke, and Gong Sunqi threw two smoke bombs. This smoke was even stronger.
"Blow the smoke away quickly, quickly, quickly."
Fred didn’t care if he broke the rules and resolutely blew away the smoke. This blow away a pig’s head and presented it to everyone. Was that the pig’s head beaten into a rope sword?