Take this opportunity to remind Li Yan of the gray man with one foot, pat her on the forehead and then push Li Yan in one direction.
Being dumped by Hu Ling’s hidden soul almost fainted. Li Yan was awakened by the wind in such a beat by the gray man.
At this time, a master of the North Mansion jumped up with a sword and cut Li Yan’s body shape sideways. She slowed down and adjusted her body shape to stand up.
Hu Ling’s soul-hiding hand was thrown by Hu Ling’s soul-hiding in public, and now her knee hair is broken in half. This is a great shame for Li Yan’s suspicion of being arrogant, but she also knows that she is not an opponent of Hu Ling’s soul-hiding. She has been imprisoned for years, not to mention that she was also famous in the Jianghu. I have seen many strange people, but she has seen such a terrible master for the first time in her life.
Li Yan vented all her anger on the attacking master. Her figure dodged the opponent’s sword, slapped it to her chest, took advantage of the opponent’s evasive machine, and she instantly reached the back of the opponent’s finger and stabbed it into the back of the master’s chest, then grabbed the opponent’s heart and squeezed it. Suddenly, the master’s creepy screams echoed and Li Yan pulled out his bloody hand, and the man fell to the ground.
Li Yan killed this person and saw that Zhou Liang was besieged by several ghosts. Li Yan’s mind flashed that when she was playing with her younger brother, the situation was that the ash was hotter than the soil and the blood was thicker than the water. Li Yan swept over to Zhou Liang to solve the crisis.
At this time, Su Jiner is also holding a coma. Zhou Jinchao ran to Lin Yi’s side, and some people dare to stop Su Jiner and surround Lin Yi people. At this moment, they are expected to return to Lin Yi and kill them.
Although Lin Yi was seriously injured.
But looking forward to returning, except that some Hu hair was burned in the fire in Piaohua Villa, although his skill was weakened when he was old, he was recognized as the master of Wu Wang in those days. Although tough, he was not looking forward to returning. They were constantly expected to return, and they were hit by screams, but they were either dead or injured. They laughed and laughed, and their clothes were dyed red with the blood of the enemy. They also took a machete and a master of the West Sea for several strokes, and then cut each other into two parts with one knife, which made the rest of them stunned and their hearts burst out.
Tian Xing’s arm was also looked back and chopped. If it wasn’t for flashing, the whole arm would be gone
They killed Lin Yili’s dream of outstanding achievements. Lin Yi fought tenaciously and hoped to return. The martial arts of the world were shattered. She also brought Zhou Jin to Li Yan and surrounded several people with Zhou Liang’s prominence.
Tian Xing, Ghost Buddhist monk and Fang Jian surrounded them with twenty people in a fan shape.
Looking back, let out a roar, grab a former master, slap him on the head and throw him into the middle.
I was horrified and involuntarily took two steps back for fear of being caught by the hope of returning.
Looking back to protect a few people, he said with a smile, "Who is not afraid of death?"
The masters of the Northern Mansion all looked at each other with fear. More than 60 masters of the Northern Mansion now have more than 30 fallen to the ground. Even though Lin Yi was seriously injured, relying on the current strength is not expected to return and Li Yan’s opponent.
If you want to attack Qin Duoduo, you will have to listen to Qin Duoduo’s orders. If Qin Duoduo orders them to continue attacking, then they don’t have a choice.
Qin Duoduo was escorted by several hand guards at the moment.
She looks ugly and deformed.
Qin Duoduo knew that these people would be killed if they continued to fight, so she ordered all Lin Yi and several people to confront Qin Duoduo in situ. When she was ready to delay, she waited for reinforcements and Hu Ling to hide the soul and kill the gray man, and then she dealt with Wang Huiren and others.
In the scene, besides Hu Ling’s hidden soul, others can stop him from coming back, but now Hu Ling’s hidden soul has to defeat this mysterious gray man first.
Lin Yi several people see each other don’t attack, but also look at Hu Ling hidden soul and the man in gray.
At this moment, everyone on both sides of the field seems to be looking forward to the result of World War I in Hu Ling, so the peak confrontation scene can be met but not sought.
Lin Yi, they didn’t take the opportunity to leave and didn’t want to miss it.
It’s dusk now.
The setting sun on the horizon is like blood spilling over mountains and rivers, spilling the blood of Yuan Ye’s body all over the place.
Everyone’s eyes are focused on Hu Ling’s hidden soul and gray clothes.
Hu Ling hides the soul, clamps the knife of the man in gray, and growls again. The whole blade instantly breaks into several sections, and then urges to send more than a dozen pieces of the knife. The sunset is scarlet, and the sen cold light shines at the man in gray.
The figure of the man in gray is flashing, and his hands and feet are scattered in an instant. A dozen weapons, such as knives, swords, sticks, whips, guns, all of which are spiritually incredible, rise up in succession and hold a sword in the base. At the moment, the enemy who is already dead also breaks away from the other hand and flies up. Then a dozen weapons with five flower doors are struck at those flying blades.
The fiftieth chapter Tibetan king war people in gray (3)
People pay attention to the fact that those weapons hit the blade accurately and mistakenly, and it is amazing that the blade was omitted.
Looking back, seeing this situation seems to remind me of something. His eyes are shining and he says to himself that he is him …
Lin Yi looked at the gray man’s eyes and flashed a kind of brilliance that was hard to understand.
Interrupt the knife, fragments and weapons, and all of them fell instantly. Hu Ling’s hidden soul swept to the gray man, and the blood in the sun reflected that his coat was glowing red. At the same time, the gray man was as light as smoke and as light and free as a wisp of solitary smoke in the dusk.
Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul growled with his hands overwhelming, hitting the gray man, and the gray man also greeted Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul with his hands. Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul palm was wrapped in animal skin like a bear’s paw, and the gray man’s palm was white and slender, but it was this seemingly feminine palm that contained a powerful force. Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul slammed together like a scourge.
Four palms touching!
Give a bang.
Then both sides don’t withdraw their palms, and the two sides rush to each other’s palms like two violent monsters, and they will hit their opponents in a violent collision, and the two people will form a stronger road and set off bursts of air billow.
Strong air billow spread in four directions
Two people around the body was spread strong breeze rolled up and flew to four.
The strong Gangfeng continued to spread in an oval shape with a harsh roar.
The carriage was closer to Qin Duoduo, and when he saw it, he quickly took people to retreat. Strong air billow first hit several driving horses, and several horses successively made sharp neighing "plop plop" and threw themselves on the ground continuously. Then Qin Duoduo’s luxurious carriage, which was as big as a house, also "snapped" and broke apart. There were two girls in the carriage who screamed and their bodies were also rushed out by air billow.
On the other side, Lin Yi, several people confronted those masters and quickly dodged. One of them slowed down and was swallowed up by the vigorous waves, screaming and screaming.
How terrible it is to see the efforts of the people in gray in Hu Ling.
A few people on the outer side of Lin Yi are the farthest away, but they still feel the strong wind blowing on their faces. Lin Yi can’t help but applaud the people in gray and Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits. Although Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits are enemies and friends, there is no doubt that Hu Ling’s Tibetan spirits martial arts also admire Lin Yi.
Looking back, he also gave an excited cry. He also put his hands together and pushed air billow
The four palms of Hu Ling Tibetan Soul Gray Man are still in the same place. They can’t stay long in their figure. Both of them fall to the ground. Their eyes are sharp as a needle’s tip. To outdo each other, the two of them have the initiative to confront and compete with Hu Ling Tibetan Soul, hide their faces and cover their faces with gray cloth. It’s hard to see their faces at the moment, but their bodies are trembling.
In this way, after about half a meal of tea, the gray man’s mouth overflowed with a little bit of blood. Hu Ling’s hidden soul was hidden in his mouth, and he didn’t know whether he was bleeding by the gray man’s human shock except when he was eating. The gray man suddenly kicked his feet strangely and quickly to Hu Ling’s hidden soul chest, and Hu Ling’s hidden soul also quickly kicked his feet together, so they took advantage of this kicking force. The gray man loosened his palm and slipped out from behind to get rid of Hu Ling’s hidden soul
Hu Ling’s hidden soul roared and leaped to its predecessor’s hide, raising the sunset like a winged beast all his life. His hands were linked and he hit the gray man. The gray man’s body was light and evasive, and then he fought back deftly. It seemed that Hu Ling’s hidden soul was no longer hard on the two men, so in the afterglow of the sunset, everyone looked at each other and gathered together …
Hu Ling’s soul-hiding moves are as violent as a storm, and his roar is as powerful as a rainbow.
The man in gray makes a slight noise, and his moves change from time to time, from fast to slow, from rigid to soft, and from rigid to flexible, to cope with Hu Ling’s hidden soul.