I am glad that I have recovered my life. Suddenly, a village collapsed, and half of the house suddenly had a binge drinking. A huge hammer went through the wall and smashed it into the soldiers.
"You animals deserve to die!"
Grasping the hammer is the blacksmith Wang Foer in the village who wandered into this village. He didn’t know that his muscles were tangled and he was so angry that the hammer was whistling with the wind. Obviously, his hands were full of murder and no mercy.
The soldier deserves to be a veteran of the killing field. Although he was suddenly attacked, a horizontal saber stopped the blacksmith in front of the hammer. Although the momentum was amazing, the hammer was heavy and very heavy, but he was obviously not proficient in martial arts. With a brute force, the soldiers of the disorderly army were shocked and retreated several steps, holding the knife and their right hands were oozing blood, but they were still steady.
Seeing the blacksmith’s angry face, the soldier snorted and drew his knife out of his sheath. A crack rang and the hammer in the blacksmith’s hand had been cut off.
"It’s a reckless fool who never found out that you were hiding and dragged out an ignoble existence and had to die. I became you!"
Seeing the second knife fall, the blacksmith will be lucky. Wang Foer feels that his heart can’t be seen, and he quickly closes his eyes. Don’t say that he is now a six-year-old child. Even if he has adult strength as he remembers, he won’t be the opponent who is proficient in martial arts. How can he save people?
Poof! Blood spattered three feet.
The blacksmith who was almost cut off by a knife laughed instead. "Thief! I must make you pay the price! " I don’t know when he added a bronze bracelet to his hand, which has been dyed with his own blood.
Wang Foer closed his eyes and ears, but stood up. He heard not the screams of the blacksmith being killed, but the soldiers of the disorderly army were horrified to the extreme and shouted, "Fuck the bronze ring! You have a bronze ring for fucking corpses! "
I can’t help but be curious. Wang Foer opened his eyes and saw that his intestines had turned out. His eyes were white, and the blacksmith screamed and his hands were straight like the soldier’s choking. It was as fast as the wind …
Chapter 2 Fuck Corpse Bronze Ring
Boom! A random army soldier saber has been rocked by the blacksmith. Although his martial arts are strong, he can’t deal with it. In an instant, he has become a tough man, and Pi Li is a big man.
Wang Foer opened his eyes wide and was shocked by the fight between the two men.
"What the hell kind of world am I in? How can a fight be fierce when I meet it casually? It’s weird that the blacksmith broke down a wall and turned it over with a wave of his hand, but he didn’t die!"
The soldier lost his saber and lost to the blacksmith’s rage. An oversight was caught by the other side’s hands. Even Wang Foer could hear the rattle of his bones far away. Wang Foer stood up at the thought of seeing the scene of breaking his neck.
"mom! I would meet a crazy old man with a copper ring … "The soldiers of the mutinous army suddenly bloomed cyan phosgene and hit the blacksmith’s chest with a backhand palm.
Click! A crack rang, and the blacksmith seemed to snap a few ribs by the soldier’s palm, but he refused to let go, and his hands tightened even more.
The soldier strove for several slaps, but he couldn’t shake the blacksmith’s body. Gradually, his body became sluggish, and he became lifeless, as ugly as grinding his teeth. In the sound of fracture, his head was limp and he obviously couldn’t die any more, and the blacksmith seemed to have lost his strength, so the two of them were entangled and motionless …
"True his niang tacky ya ya ten depend! What is this world? " Just now, I saw the soldier blooming cyan phosgene, and Wang Foer was able to win the battle. As a result, it turned out that both sides were hurt, and it seemed to be mutually assured destruction.
Jumping out of the crisis of death and reincarnation, he stretched out his foot and kicked a residual body lying next to him to confirm whether the other party was really dead, had no asthma, was saved and lost. Wang Foer once made a living and drew an autopsy map for medical college for several months, but now he can resist stomach cramps and avoid vomiting.
"Niang is really dead. It seems that I’m really born again! This plan must first find a way to fill your stomach before you care! "
The two guys over there are hugging each other, and he is afraid to go near them. In case the damn corpse is faked, he thinks there is nothing he can do.
Wang Foer, who endured the biting pain in his back, swore and cursed which god got into the village and searched for a decent house. He found a dozen things that looked like melons, found a pot and cooked them at random.
I don’t know that this body has a magical ability to struggle. At this moment, Wang Foer’s back pain gradually lightens a lot. When the pot is boiled, he touches the bowl chopsticks and eats less than half of the pot with the stove. Suddenly, he is sleepy and falls asleep according to the pot.
In his sleep, Wang Foer was coming home to cuddle with a beautiful girl he had just met, but suddenly he was awakened by a dull heavy object falling to the ground. He rubbed his eyes and was about to drink a curse, which suddenly saved the village from being alive for a long time. Where did that sound come from?
To say that he is also very courageous, but after all, the new ghost in this village looks outside and it is not dark, but it is already quite gloomy.
Quietly touching the door, Wang Foer looked around but didn’t see anything unusual. He was about to go back to the house and take another nap. Suddenly, cold sweat swept through the place where the blacksmith and the soldier were lying, but he saw that there was not even a hair on his head.
"Don’t … there are zombies in this world?"
All kinds of theism in memory have disappeared at this time. In retrospect, Wang Foer’s heart is full of thoughts about what he has seen in this world for three days. "No, there is no ghost in this world. I must have seen Fan Haixin too much … Ya bah! I’ve never seen this van helsing watch pirates of the Caribbean. "
Another muffled noise came to Wang Foer, and there was a mud wall blocking the direction of the sound. At this time, he never had the courage to climb and have a look.
Ouch! Ouch! Oh …
The more afraid, the more unlucky it seems. A hospital in the east suddenly came with a strange sound. Suddenly, a loud door panel was pushed into a pile of broken wood, and a black thing slowly entered Wang Foer’s sight.
"This ….. this is not the blacksmith? Why does it seem … unlike a stranger? "
Looking at each other’s faltering and sluggish eyes, there was a faint green mountain flashing in Wang Foer’s eyes. What did he say? He didn’t dare to make a call to ask what "it’s good to eat late …" He often turned around and retracted the house to look around and wanted to find a place to escape.
He hasn’t found a good hiding place here, and the blacksmith has gone straight to this side. He met the fence and didn’t move. The turning point was that he leaned against it and collapsed the battlements.
Wang Foer’s hair was exploding, and he suddenly looked up and saw that the beams were also quite high. When he patrolled around, he saw a bundle of straw ropes in the corner and rushed to shake them to the beams. After that, his arms alternated and he climbed quickly.
He just turned over the beam here and heard the wall crashing. If someone rushes in next to the blacksmith, he will stride straight and never turn. When he sees the opposite wall, he will lean out again.
"This is what the plane? Is it to play hard to get? "
Wang Foer doesn’t know whether the blacksmith is dead or alive. It’s so weird to raise his hand and want to scratch Sao’s head, but he forgets that he is in the beam. When he raises his hand, he breaks his head tile and hurts.
However, it also gave him an idea. Wang Foer leaned out of the broken roof tile and found that the blacksmith had not walked far. This position was quite favorable for him to see that the blacksmith had bent into a semicircle all the way to destroy the house. It seems that the blacksmith must walk into the fifteenth moon.
"Isn’t that the dead soldier?"
Seen from a height, it was the soldiers of the mutinous army who moved strangely and seemed to be boxing.
Chapter 3 Don’t be too fresh.
The dead soldier practiced one move and one style very slowly and stiffly. Wang Foer watched for a while and found that the dead soldier’s body gradually gave off a faint cyan phosgene. With the death of a disorderly soldier during the day, the starlight at night really had a faint ghostly spirit.
Think of the poet Du Fu’s tears of blood, "The bonfire shines on the corpse at night". The cold behind Wang Foer is a continuous scalp explosion.
I don’t know how to get to the dawn. Wang Foer originally followed China’s memory. When he saw the sunshine, he should be afraid to find a coffin board to sleep, so he could take the opportunity to run away.
However, when the sun is shining, the blacksmith and the soldiers of the disorderly army are discouraged. One of them has already familiarized himself with the big circle and bumped into the obstacles ahead. Another one has practiced a set of boxing over and over again for hundreds of times to see that Wang Foer has memorized it.
"It’s not a way to go like this?"
Wang Foer, who spent the whole night in the cold wind, was already exhausted. While the blacksmith had just broken through, he slowly jumped to the ground, trying to avoid two zombies and took refuge outside the village. He kicked something without a few steps. He picked it up and looked familiar. It was the bronze ring in the blacksmith’s hand that fell here at random.
"I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing?"
Wang Foer remembers hearing that the soldiers of the mutinous army shouted a sentence about the bronze ring of the corpse yesterday, and unconsciously some ideas were stuffed into her arms without a second thought.
When he bypassed several houses and was about to touch the village, he saw the saber that was shaken by the blacksmith at the entrance of the village. He picked it up with a wry smile and said to himself, "Now I am five or six years old and can’t even hold the handle!"
Wang Foer thought over and over again that he had studied history class, but he didn’t find out if there was an age similar to this troubled times. This mouth should be a powerful physical evidence. The saber is one meter long and two or three knives are polished. Although many heads have been cut off, there are two or three big gaps in steel, which is better in ancient and modern China and foreign countries.
You can see three heads when you look at a living person from the side …
Wang Foer glanced at the surface of the knife, giggled at first, and then immediately his blood solidified. He looked back and saw that the dead blacksmith and the soldiers in the army were not far away, and his eyes were staring at him.