"The mountain is high and the emperor is far away from home. This is to be a local tyrant."
Qiu Chiba’s eyes are fixed, and Qiu Hai’s face is gloomy when he doesn’t talk. He also noticed this. Chen County is a little far away from them, and Ning’s family has the strength. If he keeps going like this, he really can’t. How about Ning’s family unless he sends an army to encircle …
There was a brief silence in the room. Jiang Yuan’s death made Qiu Hai angry, but he also saw a little clearly. If things continue like this, it is estimated that even if people are sent to be killed, Qiu Hai felt that things were difficult for the first time. Ning Jia’s attitude was that he didn’t expect to kill the court minister, but he didn’t seem to have much scruples except pretending to be a mountain thief. Although he knew that this was mostly done by Ning Jia, he knew how to do it. Ning Jia’s tough attitude made him feel that it was not enough to send someone to catch him because of Ning Jia’s physical strength, but now how many people are there
Qiu Qianye also frowned slightly.
"My Lord’s palace is calling urgently …" At this moment, a servant came in quickly from outside. "The palace is calling urgently to hold a court meeting."
"Isn’t it just after the morning meeting?"
Qiuhai eyes a lift face a little confused.
"What’s the matter? What happened? ….. ""I don’t know, it seems to be news from Dongyan County … ""Is Dongyan County the Yellow Scarf Army? ""Is it news from Zhou Xin that the Yellow Scarf Army was flattened? ""There should be no mistake. "
Zhu Ji, the king of Liang in the court, hasn’t appeared yet, but there are some well-informed people who have got some news, but they don’t know the specific things are low speculation. Qiu Hai’s front row heard the discussion behind him, and his face flashed a little, and his face remained unchanged. Murenfu in front of him closed his eyes.
"King landing! ……”
A little while, a eunuch came out with a sharp sound and shouted, and then Zhu Ji came out in a dragon robe and Queen Xiao.
"Long live the audience! Long live the audience!"
"Get up, everyone."
Zhu Ji sat in the dragon chair and casually said that Zhu Ji’s face was very calm, but if you look closely, you will find that Zhu Ji’s face is very gloomy, and his eyes seem to be trying to suppress the anger.
"Do you know what I called you?" Zhu Jikou way
Minister, look at me. I’ll look at you. The last official with white hair and beard leaned forward and said-
"The other minister heard that there was news from Dongyan County, but General Zhou Xin did."
"Zhou Xin"
Zhu Ji eyelid lift a fundus have fire emerged but the speaker didn’t notice to continue to mouth way-
"But General Zhou Xin has suppressed the rebellion."
The minister’s words fell on Zhu Ji’s anger, and he couldn’t help but slap the chair with his palm and make a crunchy sound, which startled all the ministers-
"The Yellow Scarf Army has called Luoshui City. You told me that Zhou Xin was in chaos!" "The yellow turban insurrectionary army flag has been filled with the whole Dongyan County. Tell me how Zhou Xin quelled the chaos! You tell me … "
Zhu Ji shortness of breath can no longer suppress anger in the heart toward the face shouted.
"Ah, waterinfo is broken." "How is it possible that General Zhou …"
When I heard Zhu Ji’s words, it was also a moment to fry the pot. Watertown was broken and Dongyan County was occupied by the Yellow Scarf Army. How could it be that the official who just spoke was a cold sweat brush coming up from his forehead?
All the ministers were surprised that Qiu Hai, Murenfu, Ulrich and others also changed their faces at this moment.
"I wonder if the news is true?"
Taking a deep breath, Murenfu came out. He knew that he could no longer be indifferent at this time. If he didn’t do something, he should not hide it.
"The news is that Yongle sent people back from waterinfo."
"The princess went to Luoshui City." Murenfu was shocked and then worried. "Is the princess safe?"
"Hum Yongle has nothing to do. Although he was assassinated on the way, he was saved …"
"Someone killed the princess."
Face all is a commotion.
"I don’t know who the princess is, but the Yellow Scarf Army …" Murenfu said.
"It’s the Guanghan Palace", but this time it was the mouth of Queen Xiao next to Zhu Ji, which made people look shocked. "If it wasn’t finally saved by a man named Ning Caichen, the consequences would be unimaginable."
Chapter 14 Ji Xuan
The Guanghan Palace also joined in, which made the field a minister change color and robbed Princess Yongle. The appearance of the opposite posture made people feel uneasy. Today, the imperial hegemony has long since fallen, but the retreat posture of the former emperor Gao Zongmen has reversed. After thousands of years of recuperation, various major doors have been born one after another, and the forces have faintly overwhelmed the driving of major dynasties.
The three holy places of Zongmen, Kunlun Mountain, Jianzong of Shushan Mountain and Guanghan Fairy Palace, are three places where both Chu and Han countries should be afraid of three points.
There was a silence in Taiwan, and no one dared to speak because of the treatment of the issue of the Guanghan Palace. To put it bluntly, it was a big fist problem. You’re welcome. Now Liang Guo may not be able to cope with the fight of the Guanghan Fairy Palace even if the national strength is strong. It is certain that he can’t beat it, and the Tianshan area of the Guanghan Palace belongs to the Han border. But now the Guanghan Palace has robbed Princess Liang, but if it doesn’t say anything, it’s a matter of losing face, but he dare not put a fart in his grandmother’s house.
"Why don’t you talk? Don’t you usually talk?" I was in a bad mood when I saw the silence, but Zhu Ji was angry. "On weekdays, you have a glib tongue in the court. Kan Kan talked about what happened today. You are all dumb. The Yellow Scarf Army called the city of Luoshui. Now the Guanghan Palace even dares to rob the princess. Is someone going to assassinate me … want you …"
"Calm down the dragon’s weight!" Many ministers see Zhu Ji angry hurriedly devoting to say
"King" narrator, Queen Xiao also gently called Zhu Jiyi.
Zhu Ji Yu Nu did not cold hum a but also noticed that he was rude and no longer said anything.
A burly, doddering-looking man emerged as Qiu Xiao Teng, who was also the father of Queen Xiao. However, this Qiu was embarrassed. It is reasonable to say that he was in charge of the country’s military forces, but his hands were mostly controlled by Yan Yan except for some imperial guards in the palace. To put it bluntly, this Qiu was framed, but how much jealousy has not been realized in Xiao Teng all the time. Instead, he gradually diluted himself. Even if he was in court, he rarely spoke. However, his identity still made people dare not despise the incumbent Qiu or Queen Xiao’s father. Now all eyes are attracted.
"Now it’s time to discuss the past too much, and we can also save it. Although merits and demerits need to be investigated, our main concern is to solve the problem that the situation of the Yellow Scarf Army has been turbulent over the years. The Yellow Scarf Army has occupied Dongyan County and must suppress it as soon as possible. Otherwise, people’s hearts will float …"
Zhu Ji facial expression, next to a change at this time there has been no talk doing also come out-
"What Qiu Xiao said is to solve the yellow turban insurrectionary disorder. It is urgent to suppress it as soon as possible. In addition, we have to send someone to understand the news of Dongyan County as soon as possible …"
"Well," Zhu Ji nodded, and then sighed, "It’s all my fault. If I had listened to the general’s words, I would have eradicated Taiping Sect as early as possible, and there would have been no chaos today."
At the beginning, when the Taiping Sect was rising, Chen Yan said that he wanted to eradicate the Taiping Sect, but he didn’t mean to think about it now. He really regretted it. Some officials such as Murenfu turned red and bowed their heads because they were opposed to it when Chen Yan came out to eradicate the Taiping Sect …
"We need to care about people who are not sages, but who can say that it is business to put down the yellow turban insurrectionary as soon as possible."
"When so," Zhu Ji nodded and then looked at the officials. "Do you have a good plan to fight the yellow turban insurrectionary thief?"
"Minister, please fight well."
Arihiko out fuels way
Zhu Ji looked at Ulrich and then at his ministers and some military commanders, and suddenly a sigh came in my heart-