"How many people are suitable for the criminal brother?" Feng Peng asked again
"Fifty … no sixty people should be the maximum number we can take out for the time being" Xing Lingfeng finally decided.
Sixty people are them. At present, most of the remaining people are old, young and old, women and children. Although they are also worried about the safety of their shelters, now he has no choice.
After Lin Yue, the world’s number one, was killed, how long will they be able to take refuge in the same top places?
"What’s more, if Lin Yue is destroyed, maybe the survivors of the whole different world will be ready to move. It’s like a domino pushed to a piece, and the roots can’t stop unless the whole thing falls down." Xing Lingfeng finally said.
Fighting people is much easier than fighting mutant creatures!
After a small-scale war, the other world will also fall into chaos.
Just like Earth Time.
He must put out this flame!
"Sixty people … I’m white, boss. You have the final say. Lin Yue must be saved!" Yousiyuan take a deep breath of relief way
He both agreed.
It would be foolish to be confused now if you have figured out the cause and effect.
"I just contacted Fei Yue Liu Kai and their two refuge villages, and they all agreed to send troops to join us in the wilderness. After Lin Yue comes back from the land late, we will have another double attack. The number they can offer is 45 and 62. Although the total number is not as good as those people, it seems that it can be done."
Xing Lingfeng closed the panel and he pinched the corner of his eye to look at the front three people.
It’s time to start now.
Theory can’t make these people’s eyes come true!
At the same time
After entering the shakotan coast, Lin Yue was surprised to find that he seemed to come to a very familiar place.
"Surprisingly shakotan coast with repetition? Xiaobai, do you remember here? " Lin Yue looked at the red-and-white tower that had collapsed askew in the distance, but he didn’t expect that after a long time, the secret land actually led to this place again.
Near the Tokyo Tower
But this time it seems that it is farther away from there and the direction is not the same.
"Ga!" Xiaobai looked around warily. They are now on the roof of a three-story building, and for this place where it has been several times, it is more aware of the dangers.
Lin Yue saw the problem from the small white eyes and expression.
He took out a sniper rifle and aimed at the tower and found dozens of shadows crouching on the rusty frame.
An old friend, the monster pterosaur
But at this time, Lin Yue is not at that time. How can he make these monsters eat a pot with many weapons and small white power?
"Ga!" Small white wings at the tower direction and growl.
"Small white do you want to warm up first? But is there too many other people? " Lin Yue also expressed surprise at Xiao Bai’s belligerence. The little guy has been holding back for too long.
I didn’t expect to enter the battle again in less than a minute in this secret place.
Chapter 219 Tokyo Tower? Tear it down! Give it to me, man!
Entering the secret land, Xiao Bai’s desire to fight is extremely strong.
"Ga!" Small white flapping wings suddenly stopped. He looked at Lin Yue and pointed to his back.
"Back? Xiaobai, wait, when did your back become so broad? "Lin Yue discovered that Xiaobai’s back was actually much wider unconsciously. It seems that Xiaobai has been growing since the evolution, and it has been much bigger than before.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been around. This change makes Lin Yue not feel too much.
"Back …"
However, after riding Xiaobai, Lin Yue really found that the sitting surface was much more stable than before, and Xiaobai also grabbed his legs with his own claws, so he had to sit firmly.
As Xiaobai flapped his wings violently, Lin Yue felt a sense of weightlessness. At the same time, the fierce airflow also flapped his face. He leaned over and lay on Xiaobai’s back and felt that the airflow became slower. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he had come to Gao!
This is broader than what he saw in his little white arms, and it also makes him understand the significance of "heaven" and "flying" to mankind.
In the blue sky, Lin Yue pulled out the alloy tactical crossbow and set up a flaming crossbow.
Dozens of monster pterosaurs across the street also found out that they took off from the collapsed Tokyo Tower and made a burst of growls and rushed over!
"Is this … is this a photo shoot?"
Guo Wei looked at the machete in front of him and almost hit the ground, while Old Four and Wang Ce around him were all as shocked as he was.
The red and white Tokyo Tower collapsed 100 meters away, riding a flying white dragon. Lin Yue is like a dragon knight in the shadow!
Dozens of fireballs in the middle school suddenly broke out magnificently and splendidly as Lin Yue constantly shot the bolt!
Ears constantly resounded with the screams of the monster pterosaur, and Lin Yue and Bailong Tianzhong finally crossed from their eyes like a streamer and finally disappeared from the sight of the law.
Three survivors who were shocked by this magical sight were like stone statues. The heart stood beside Gu Men in the secret land, and the sweat had soaked the back coat unconsciously.
"We, did we say we were going to deal with this level of opponents?" Old four very not easy hoarse will squeeze out this sentence.
He found that his mouth didn’t seem to be closed since just now.
"I remember people calling those things monster pterosaurs, right?" Guo Wei said a butt sitting down "once we entered the land, two monster pterosaurs used to drive more than 20 of us to run. Let alone fight back. We couldn’t even run for our lives. After the last four were killed, we got away with it … but this Lin Yue can kill one with one arrow? And then killed dozens in a few minutes? "
"Yes, it seems as if we touch and touch him are two kinds of creatures. He walks around in the face of dozens of heads. We can deal with one head, and we can fight against the life of our teammates for a while … The gap is too big. Leveque said that he would deal with this Lin Yue? How confident are you to deal with it? He may be crazy. "
"Leveque will die," Wang Ce nods.