Baishi bowed his head to see what "himself" is like now.
As soon as he raised his hand, he found that he had a pair of thin black gloves.
But that’s not the point. The point is that even the gloves and his hands are semi-transparent!
Through their white stones, you can directly see the wood patterns on the floor.
He hesitated for two seconds before he came to his senses. Is this … an out-of-body experience? !
This is too advanced
However, when Baishi stared at his hands in a daze, the semi-transparent feeling soon disappeared.
Take a closer look and sure enough, he has become an entity.
At this moment, the screen pops up slowly.
A dialog box with a [mask] icon next to it gives novice guidance.
[After opening the mask, you will get a blur state for 5 seconds]
[When blurring, you can pass through some physical obstacles. When others are invisible, please choose a suitable place to appear in this period.]
"Some physical obstacles? Which part? " Baishi regretted not trying to go through the wall just now.
But there’s no way to observe his state in five seconds. It’s not easy to hit a wall again. It’s beyond his ability. He can try again later.
It is as novel as ever to give new functions.
There seems to be something hanging on his face, too. Baishi raised his hand and touched it and walked to the mirror by the door.
A complete stranger is reflected in the mirror.
The mask state "he" is three or four centimeters higher than usual.
In addition, he has changed his clothes. At the moment, he is wearing a black suit, a pair of gloves of the same color, a white shirt with a black tie and a half-face mask on his face-he looks dangerous and second-rate.
Half-face mask is light in texture and pure in color. The black face is engraved with meaning and no pattern. Of course, there are two nose and mouth exposed.
This kind of mask can also block strangers, and people can recognize who is hiding in the mask at a glance when they meet a little familiar.
However, Baishi looked at the mirror for a while and felt that this face didn’t look like himself, as if it were a unified re-pinch.
The hairstyle has also been changed. Now his hair is slightly longer, neatly combed to the rear, leaving just a few strands of broken hair in front of his forehead-that’s right, it’s the kind of hair that is put in the second yuan, and everyone is guilty.
Think of the word "location" … Baishi said to himself again.
Sure enough, the sound has also changed.
Every day, I either deal with all kinds of crimes or I will deal with them soon. I don’t have the protagonist aura like Lou’s family. It is really necessary to avoid being retaliated.
The security is much higher.
Satisfied, Baishi dragged the screen closer and saw that the mask icon in the right corner turned into gold, indicating that it was counting down with the words: 27:13 next to it.
Except for the blurring just now, the system didn’t say anything, and you still need to explore it yourself.
After thinking about it, Baishi left home from the back door with a pencil sharpener.
The night was dark and the white stone ran out of a street and found a hidden alley.
After getting in, he took out a knife and gestured with his own hand.
A moment later, he carefully put the knife back and took a bite on his wrist, but it left a deep tooth mark, which would disappear in a few minutes.
-Anyway, it is whether the injury when testing the [mask] state will affect the body tooth marks, which are more conspicuous than the knife marks and have a larger and more representative area …
After Baishi looked at the ground again, he crouched down and picked up two stones from his feet, one of which was thrown into his pocket, and the other was not held by the biting hand, which lifted the mask state.
Another flower is in front of me.
After getting used to it for a while, you look at Baishi and find that you have returned home.
He looked down at his hands, his teeth marks were gone, and the stone could not be brought back.
I touched my pocket again … Good. I lost my stone in my pocket and even my pencil sharpener.
It seems that this form can carry things but can’t teleport with them.
In addition, there seems to be no blurring buffer measures when removing the mask.
Isn’t it important to be seen and disappear?
Or will there be a restriction like "you can’t directly lift it if you want to be watched"?
The latter answer is yes. What happens when the three-minute time limit is up and someone looks at it?
Baishi has many problems.
I always feel uncomfortable if I don’t fully understand my new skills.
Fortunately, the mask state makes it possible to write yes.