The aristocratic family is rich in things and his family is well-off, but the rattle goo’s father has almost exhausted everything he has.
All this includes not only the wealth of Goose’s father, but also Goose’s father Xiu.
The materials for making rattles are rare and hard to find. After all the materials are ready, Goo Zi’s father will repair his own part and fill the rattle.
When Gu Zi’s father filled the rattle with his own repair department, he almost became a cripple, even worse than ordinary people.
Goose’s father is in full swing to prepare the rattle. Goose always made the rattle when he was one year old.
Rattle is not only a powerful instrument, but also can bless the spirit of Goose Boy. Carrying it with you for a long time can change Goose Boy’s fate.
Goose’s father probably didn’t want Goose’s heart to be stressed, and maybe he thought Goose was too young. He explained that no matter how many rattles there were, Goose might not be white. At that time, he didn’t tell Goose how difficult it was to get the rattle and how important it was to Goose.
Goose boy didn’t know what rattle was like for him and his whole family until he died.
"Sister Ran, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t leave without permission. Is Sister Ran angry with Gu Zi? Gu Zi is willing to accept Sister Ran’s punishment and want Sister Ran to calm down." Gu Zi apologized to me after these pale faces.
"Sister Goo Tsai Ran is not angry and will not punish you. Sister Ran wants to tell Goo Tsai that you can’t put yourself in danger. What do you want to tell Sister Ran after Goo Tsai? We can discuss it first and make plans again and again." Goo Tsai’s pale face makes me sad, and his clever apology makes me sad even more.
Goose boy didn’t tell me his past before. Before I asked Goose boy occasionally, I forgot all the answers.
Now Goo Tsai’s recollection of the past should be focused on cultivating bamboo slips and studying Yangzhu with great concentration before he can recover his dusty memory.
The dusty memory of the past revived. Goo Zi didn’t choose to tell me his past actively, but buried it in his heart. It was inevitable that he didn’t want me to feel sad because of his past.
Little goo-goo bears gloomy memories alone, so clever and considerate that I feel sad if I don’t feel distressed.
"Good sister Goo Tsai remembers Goo Tsai’s fine. Sister Ran, don’t worry too much." Goo Tsai nodded his pale face and squeezed out a smile.
"Does it hurt?" I mean Goo Tsai’s chest. I can’t tell you the taste.
I know goo-goo is hurt, but I am a force.
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It makes me feel unbearable to help.
Xie Yiming’s situation is so now, and so is Goo Zi.
"It doesn’t hurt. It’s late. Sister Ran has to go to bed early and get up early to be in good health. If Sister Ran goes to bed too late, her brother will be angry if she is heard." Goo Tsai looked even paler after talking so much.
"Take a good rest, Goose Boy, go back to Yinzhu and repair your body. Sister Ran will help Goose Boy get it back." I felt Goose Boy’s head and assured Goose Boy.
"No, Sister Ran is too powerful. Sister Ran is not his opponent. Let’s wait until after the rattle." Goo Tsai shook his head and refused to promise me.
"Well, Sister Ran listened to Goo Tsai’s lovely sister Ran and took you back to Yin Zhu." I answered Goo Tsai’s words, but I was determined to take back the things belonging to Goo Tsai.
After I saw Goose nod, I took Goose back to Yinzhu.
I took out the long needle in my backpack, and I pricked the forefinger’s pulp to squeeze out the blood drops.
On weekdays, I need a drop of blood to nourish the Yinzhu. Today, I dropped six drops of blood from my fingertips.
I don’t know what I can do to help Goose recover as soon as possible.
After I finished this, the private detective reported the number of the hotel where the man was staying, and asked the private detective to check the situation of the man for me.
This time, the private detective office quickly replied that the man’s name was Lin Hui, and his parents were both dead. He was a demon catcher and a disciple of the demon king of Sichuan.
The Lich King of Sichuan is called the Lich King because he is the tallest one in Sichuan for catching demons.
Lin Hui is not only the younger brother of the Lich King of Sichuan, but also the son-in-law of the Lich King of Sichuan.
Lin Hui, the only daughter of the Lich King of Sichuan Province, became the son-in-law of the Lich King of Sichuan Province, which can be described as a rising tide lifts all boats.
Everyone can see that Lin Hui is bound to inherit the mantle of the Lich King of Sichuan and look up to Lin Hui.
Lin Huiren’s high-profile private detective office can easily find out that it is necessary to keep secret the sects’ affairs.
After listening to the feedback from the private detective, I was in a bad mood. Lin Hui was difficult to deal with, and now there is a backer of the Lich King of Sichuan. This annoys Lin Hui, which means it annoys the Lich King of Sichuan.
As the private detective said, the demon king of Sichuan is the best one in Sichuan to catch demons, so his power must be reckoned with.
I told the private detective office to pay close attention to Lin Hui’s dynamics and hung up. I had to practice every day before putting myself to sleep.
Now I am very alert even when I go to sleep.
Every time I sleep, the soul-eating whip is put aside for me to reach out, but the place is not ready
Without Xie Yiming, I don’t feel safe anymore. I once again return to the state of tightening my mind.
In the middle of the night, I heard the gossip’s house once again.
I pulled a thin blanket and went back to sleep, ignoring the gossip’s family.
When I woke up the next day, I first pointed to the blood in my abdomen, then nourished Yinzhu, and then got up and washed.
When I was washing, I asked Goo Tsai about the current situation.
Yin Zhu Li Gu Zi responded that he was much better and not too worried.
I told Goo Tsai to repair his body properly. If you feel anything wrong, you must let me know.
Come on, Goo-goo should leave the rental place after I pack up.
I met a gossip when I walked to the building.
The gossipy woman’s face is blue, and her eyes are already dead at the impression hall.
I glanced at the gossipy woman and judged that she could live for a month at most.
When the gossip saw me, she called me and asked me questions. She asked me why my boyfriend didn’t come back for so long. Was it because we were at odds? And who came to my house last night? Was it my new boyfriend?
I raised my forehead and shook my head for the gossip’s inquiry.
I paused to answer the gossip’s questions one by one.
I should be a little patient with a dead man.
I told the gossip that my boyfriend didn’t come back for so long because his stepmother was seriously ill and he wanted to serve with filial piety.
Xie Yiming and I are not at odds.
It was my ordinary classmate who came to my house yesterday. I met him on the way, dropped me off and left.
After listening to my answer, the gossip didn’t intend to end the conversation like this and ask me again, what’s wrong with my boyfriend’s stepmother, which hospital is in hospital, and what did you do at that classmate’s home yesterday?
I pick my eyebrows and gossip, continue to ask about patience, and then prevaricate over the problems one by one.
It’s been half an hour since I finally satisfied the gossip.
I said goodbye to the gossip and left the community to go back to school.
On the way to school, I shook my head, and now I seem to have weakened my heart, but I was harassed by a gossip who had nothing to do with me for half an hour to answer her questions.
After class, I used to say goodbye to Tang Sike and walked straight to the school gate.
After a few steps, I stopped. Wang Dalang is no longer fragrant. What’s the point if I go?
Chapter one hundred and ninety The old fox