But he also needs to consider what questions can be asked and what are not suitable.
"I want to ask you what are the entry requirements for law enforcement?"
Li Qing orange’s eyes brightened a little when she joined the law enforcement. This is what she is most proud of.
Because she was not optimistic about the situation by many people, she insisted on self-cultivation and was admitted to Zion law enforcement.
"Law enforcers require level 2 fighters to evaluate the speaker’s personality, family environment and mental level in addition to the basic strength requirements.
It is still quite difficult for a qualified person to become a law enforcer. "
Xu Le corners of the mouth twitched. Is your mental stability worth mentioning? Forget it. These things are not important.
"Oh, is there a warlock in the law enforcement body?"
"There are but not many Zion warlocks, although there are also many, but their status is higher than that of prominent players and ordinary researchers.
After all, there is no way for warlocks to contact Red Crescent fighters and ordinary people to do this.
In Zion, warlocks who are short of money and have no research ability will usually join the law enforcement body. "
Xu le nodded and asked again
"What are your law enforcers daily? In addition to your daily duty, will there be something more dangerous, such as the field? "
Li Qing orange didn’t know why Xu Le asked this question, and although this question was not included in the confidentiality agreement.
But their law enforcers usually don’t say anything about their own units, which is not a rule, is it
But the questioner is Xu Le …
Xu Le also saw Li Qing orange hesitate, he hurriedly said
"Don’t talk if it’s inconvenient."
"there are no strict rules about these things, and it is not impossible to say that if you inquire from other places, you should be able to know them.
Recently, Zion has expanded a lot in the field. In addition to daily duty, we also need to participate in the field regularly and quantitatively. "
"That you field personnel structure is probably what kind of? Is this convenient to say? "
The field office is a very important place in Xu Le. Ask more clearly.
Cultivation and research and development are all about money.
He has an expected money-making chain.
He won the Zion Research Award by intercepting other people’s psychic energy to grow into psychic fruit in the afterlife, and then manufacturing psychic shielding devices through ancient sound and multi-vision to gain extraordinary resources.
This series of exercises can form a stable interest chain, and at the same time, it can rapidly improve its own strength.
However, both the exploration of resources and the most basic start-up funds need to be obtained from outside.
The field situation, especially the team structure and command, is very important.
"The field team is generally a one-man team, and usually recruits two wild warlocks.
Then three mercenaries will be recruited, which are usually Tianrui Lifeng people, and then law enforcement personnel will make up, usually one commander+four players to make up one person.
Of course, because Zion fighters come, there will be less time to recruit more days of Rui Lifeng mercenaries. "
It is not the first time that Xu Le, the mercenary title of Tianrui Lifeng, has heard it.
He has little impression of the city and has never been there, so he is curious.
"Are there many mercenaries in Tianrui Lifeng? Are all fighters? "
"There are many mercenaries in Tianrui Lifeng, but they are not fighters. They also have warlocks. Mercenaries are always a very militaristic city-state."
Xu Le frowned slightly. In that case, what is the social structure of Tianrui Lifeng?
"Tian Rui Li Feng what will have so many transcendental? Don’t they produce? "
This kind of thing sounds great, but what about basic production?
At least someone has to farm, right? Someone has to make clothes, shoes and life, right?
These are all very basic things. Don’t you have any Tianrui Lifeng?
"I don’t know, but it is certain that they are transcendental, especially fighters.
Tianrui Lifeng’s policy is somewhat special, and they are carrying out some kind of revolution. The specific situation still needs to be seen. "
Xu Le nodded. According to Li Qing orange, the composition of Zion pioneers is a bit complicated.
There will be a ratio of 5 officials+3 mercenaries+2 recruited warlocks.
Although this is not absolutely the case, it is easy to go wrong if the situation is composed of extraordinary people and not one individual.
What if the conductor doesn’t listen?
What if there is selfishness?
What should I do if I get rid of it?
What if the distribution of war benefits is uneven?
These are all basic things, and there are more serious problems such as combat coordination and so on.
These questions … Didn’t Zion officials think of them?
Xu Le thinks he can think of problems. Zion officials don’t even have a smart person like him, do they?
"Then won’t there be chaos in the structure of players like you?"
"It will be chaotic, but it will be fine before it is said in detail that Zion is required to recruit warlocks. The quality is not bad.
The main reason is that the quality level of mercenaries of Tianrui Lifeng people will indeed be uneven, especially those mercenaries who come to other polis.