"Poof … ha ha! How funny! Ha ha ….. "Zhao Xiaodi holding the belly ha ha laugh.
"That’s right, so the Spring Festival Evening language program is good." Zhao Mu also smiled shallowly.
The family is full of laughter.
But in the other corner of the sitting room YingBao looked at Fang Siyi for a long time.
"Hehe, then what do you think I do?" Fang Siyi asked with a smile.
Yingbao was about to speak when Fang Siyi’s mobile phone suddenly rang.
"I’ll take a message" Fang Siyi glanced at his mobile phone and said with a smile.
Got up and walked towards the door.
Yingbao’s eyes flashed a strange look and glanced at the screen. There was a newscaster, and the whole person was slightly stunned.
Just now, she accidentally saw the writer of the program "Not Bad Money"
There is a person’s name on it.
Fang Siyi!
"Hehe, you must be very busy now, so I won’t bother you. We’ll talk again when we meet one day."
"good! By the way, I thank you for Shenyang. "
"Uncle, you are welcome." Fang Siyi hung up with a smile.
Yes, this "Not Bad Money" is Fang Siyi’s restoration based on the story in the dream.
Qianshi also sent the manuscript to Shanmei out of a fun idea.
However, I never imagined that it was actually seen by Uncle Shan later.
Uncle Shan took the initiative to meet Fang Siyi.
After that, things will not be said. Uncle Fang Siyi’s successful performance on the Spring Festival Evening stage has brought this to the extreme. It is foreseeable that Uncle Shan’s intention has been achieved.
Chapter 54 Suddenly quiet
In recent years, with Uncle Shan pushing the Northeast Erren to the country, although he was maliciously criticized by some people, it is understandable that Uncle Shan contributed to the Northeast.
Now, with the increase of age, Uncle Shan gradually began to actively support his apprentice. Little Shenyang is Uncle Shan’s favorite apprentice recently.
No one!
Not only did he personally bring acting, but he also brought the Spring Festival Evening. It is conceivable that Uncle Shan is optimistic about small Shenyang.
On the one hand, Fang Siyi will take the initiative to build the line of Uncle Shan. On the other hand, it is due to some special reasons.
Of course, Fang Siyi also knows that being too close to Uncle Shan is easy to be blamed, but now he doesn’t care so much.
Hang up Fang Siyi waited for a while and a text message rang.
Look down and then delete the message.
Fang Siyi was just about to turn around and go back when she saw Yingbao looking at him with a complicated look.
"Nothing" shook his head and YingBao didn’t say anything.
"Go home," Fang Siyi said with a smile.
"Well" should be a YingBao also said nothing.
"Uncle Shan has had a great influence on the Spring Festival Evening in recent years," Fang Siyi said. "I’ll see if I can send you to the Spring Festival Evening."
"Ah?" Yingbao stopped at one leng and looked at Fang Siyi with a face of surprise. He could hardly believe his ears.
"Ah what?" Fang Siyi said with a smile, "Do you doubt that I can’t do it?"
"It’s not … I … I don’t know how to thank you …" Yingbao hesitated and said some naively.
Fang Siyi has done too much these years, but now she is a little ordinary actress.
It’s hard to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.
I’m afraid that one day when Fang Siyi no longer likes her, what should she do?
This kind of idea is not difficult to guess Fang Siyi, but it is also more troublesome to solve this kind of thing.
Can’t say let YingBao he gave birth to a child?
Isn’t that treating people as fertility machines?
But I don’t know what to say. I just don’t want to say it.
Some things can’t be made clear in a few words with white teeth
However, since Yingbao asked Fang Siyi, it’s not good to say anything. After thinking for a while, he quipped with a smile, "So you have to work hard to become a big star so that I can make money." Then he made a money-counting move.
"yuck!" Gave Fang Siyi a white JiaoChen YingBao in the mind a much more comfortable.
Yes, since you feel guilty, try to become a big star and earn more money, so as to save yourself a hard life even if you really separate from Fang Siyi.
Thinking like this, Yingbao’s little entanglement has subsided.
Back to the living room, it’s already 10: 30. Zhao Xiaodi Zha Zha, the two families had a happy New Year’s Eve dinner together.
Of course, Zhao Xiaodi still took Fang Siyi and Yingbao to set off firecrackers.
After that, I walked back to the living room.
I just saw grandpa Fang getting up and going home.
"Sir, why are you leaving at this time?" Zhao Fu retain way