Yao-wu Yang swearing is * * * * * knowing that urging the old man is also anxious. The problem is that this hard bone just can’t chew it. What should I do? You Feng Guozhang is rushing through Xu Jiate now!
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-three Surrounded the Qing army again
But by Yang Yaowu swearing by Feng Guozhang anxious fire by Xu Fang anxious white head Chinese revolutionary army deployment is still in an orderly way.
Sit tight in the chancellorsville, and Cai E never gave the Qing army a chance to start a general assault on the Qing army in the first town!
This time, it wasn’t shelling, but the soldiers of the Chinese Revolutionary Army experienced two days and two nights of fighting. The "essence" of the soldiers of the Chinese Revolutionary Army did not reduce the artillery fire to cover more than 20,000 people. The Chinese Revolutionary Army rushed like a "tidal" water towards the Qing army in the first town.
What’s worse, the soldiers of the Chinese revolutionary army have long been scared and retreated in the face of the madness of the Qing army without morale against the charge!
At this time, Xu Fang was at a loss to shoot two soldiers in succession, and several soldiers of the Qing army still couldn’t save the situation. Now the Qing army has been completely "chaotic"
Xu Shaocong, an aide to the staff, said urgently, "We can’t hold on to controlling adults. Let’s break through quickly. There is still a way to break through this last chance!"
Xu Fang drink a way "to break? * * * * * * Now the first town will be * * * * finished, even if I go out, Master Yuan will definitely spare me! "
Xu Shaocong replied, "How can you be confused about controlling adults? Now Yuan’s adult is a human being. He has many brave generals. He won’t be difficult. If you die here, there will be no chance!"
Xu Fang suddenly woke up. Yes, the main responsibility for this defeat is not himself. It’s Feng Guozhang’s command error. At the same time, it’s far from it. The two town people don’t know where they died now, so they didn’t arrive for two days. It’s too * * * * * waste. If they die like this, it’s just a case! |
Xu Fang gritted his teeth and shouted, "All the troops in the order will break through to the east and rush out. If they can’t go forward for more than ten miles, they will meet Lord Feng’s sixth town, and the two armies will meet. Then we will escape!"
Death threat The Qing army broke out completely, and the Chinese Revolutionary Army violently stirred it up. But even before dying, madness was still not the opponent of the Chinese Revolutionary Army. The military literacy of the soldiers was checked, and it was even worse to be surrounded by heavy troops!
From noon, the two sides have been fighting until the sunset. Xu Fang, like a SangGuQuan, led more than 1,000 people and finally highlighted the encirclement. The remaining Qing troops either died or surrendered and completely fell apart.
Rushing out of the tight encirclement, Xu Fang can’t delay for a moment and flee to the East, even dare not look back!
Behind Cai E looked at the crazy fleeing Qing corners of the mouth radiant with a sneer at run? I always want you to run! See if you run fast or always run fast!
Cai E drink a way "to the 14th brigade by car fierce’ plug’ the xu side rear wing broke Feng Guozhang retreat for me! Yu Dajun immediately pressed me to chase after me from behind. He always wanted to eat the sixth town and the first town in one breath! "
Cai E ordered more than twenty thousand Chinese revolutionary troops to chase after Xu Jiafang.
Compared with the two Qing troops tied together, it is not an opponent of the Chinese revolutionary army. What’s more, the Chinese revolutionary army has car help?
Flee in panic Xu Fang just ran to the xu see Feng Guozhang Feng Guozhang is nasty!
Feng Guozhang roared, "Xu Fang, where is your first town? Are there only a few people left? "
Xu Fang hate way "huafu myself led a town ahead against two divisions of the Chinese revolutionary army alone for two whole days and two nights. What’s going on with you? Why are you all here now? Are you still here? Even if the tortoise climbs, it will climb to Zhaojiazhai! "
Feng Guozhang face a red "color" immediately drink a way "Xu Fang even if we are blocked color Fengshan xu you also can’t just take this more than one thousand people to escape behind the main force that’s more than ten thousand people, so be somebody else to put out? How will you meet Lord Yuan in the future? "
Xu Fangnai said, "Huafu’s Chinese Revolutionary Army has won four artillery regiments and five infantry brigades, and its strength is only twice that of me. How can I fight with others? Zhao’s village has no fortifications, so it is surrounded by others. I have more than 10,000 brothers. Whoops …"
At some point, Xu Fang’s sadness came from it and she cried!
Haven’t wait until Feng Guozhang advised two sentences around the gun rang up in four directions in the southeast and northwest, an artillery regiment began to Xu Jiaqing army launched another siege!
Too fast to Feng Guozhang didn’t react dull for a long time before yelling, "What’s going on? What’s going on there to fire! "
Of course, the speed of the four wheels is more than twice as fast as the two’ legs’ of the Qing army!
Cai E’s speed is too fast, mainly because the artillery is too fast to wipe out the Qing army. Cai E rushed into the attack without unloading the artillery from the car!
Four artillery regiments each lived in a corner and immediately launched a storm towards the Qing army!
Being surrounded by others, the sixth and first towns of the Qing army were completely blindsided! This is too fast, faster than human imagination. We just defeated the first town, and it took less than three hours to complete the encirclement of the sixth town in Feng Guozhang!
Feng Guozhang is almost regretful now. Why did he delay here when he saw Xu Fang’s complete defeat? It’s high time for him to withdraw his troops. Now he has been made dumplings by others! 、
Feng Guozhang roared, "Hurry and immediately order Yang Yaowu to withdraw his troops in the direction of Xujiazhai from the north side to help the main force of the Chinese revolutionary military attack to get out of the encirclement! Command the army to fight! "
Now Feng Guozhang is going crazy. Two days ago, he laughed at Wang Shizhen for being a waste. He made people play’ Jade’ and Lien Chan even retreated for hundreds of miles. Now it’s great that he didn’t retreat sharply. This gave people a sigh of relief and made dumplings!
Got Feng Guozhang to Yang Yaowu also began to panic. If only Xu Fang perished, the seventh town and the sixth town could join forces and get away with it. If even the sixth town had to be cleaned up, it would be hopeless. Cai Songpo can’t escape from this town!
Yang Yaowu never dared to continue fighting again and roared, "The adjutant immediately ordered the army to attack the Huaxia Revolutionary Army on the north side of Xujia immediately. Even if it was tired and vomited blood, it would save the sixth town and Feng Guozhang!"
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-four Wizards Songpo Sword Finger
Yang Yaowu led the seventh town to give up the attack on Caifengshan for the first time and March towards Xujiali in an attempt to stab the Chinese revolutionary army from behind.
But how could Cai E be unguarded?
At this time, Cai E paid no attention to the seventh town, laid siege to the sixth town, and nearly 200′ doors’ cannons kept hitting the sixth town position!
Feng Guozhen, the Qing army was rigidly surrounded, and throwing a shell casually in the narrow area where the Xu family’s defense was less than four miles would kill or injure the Qing army!
It’s so sad. By the next day, there were more than 3,000 casualties in the sixth town, and people were weakened!
Xu Fang toward Feng Guozhang big drink a way "huafu we can’t hard against the break to break out to break out is likely to escape! !”
Feng Guozhang airway "escape, you will know where to escape? South? The seventh town will be completely surrounded by the Chinese revolutionary army and wiped out! North? Well, that means we’re leaving our home front. Once we’re alone, none of us can live! "
Xu Fang shouted, "Then let’s give Yang Yaowu an order to March towards the east quickly. Let’s move closer to the sea. One day at most, the Southern Revolutionary Party and the Southern Revolutionary Army will arrive. With this new force to join us, we can make a comeback. Come on, Huafu, let’s hurry. If we don’t leave, we can’t leave!"
Feng Guozhang has no idea now. Nai nods, "Well, then you mean to make all the troops break through to the east and send a message to the seventh town, telling them to March towards the sea immediately, get rid of the entanglement of the Chinese revolutionary army and try their best to ensure their strength to meet at the sea!"
The sixth town and the second town are now combined, but there are more than 10 thousand people who have started to launch a fierce charge towards the east side.
Now the sixth town’ Jing’ Rui has let go of the shopping, which really makes the Chinese revolutionary army a little tired.
After nearly two hours of bloody battle, Feng Guozhang finally rushed out of the tight encirclement and fled to the east in a hurry. Now, if you can escape the’ sex’ life, you can’t care about anything!
Cai E see Feng Guozhang rushed out of the surrounded face’ color’ slightly changed and secretly sighed that his troops were still missing some such high-intensity soldiers. After all, the soldiers were tired sometimes. If they packed up the Qing army in the three towns, it would be just like playing. None of the Qing army in the three towns could escape!
Cai E hesitated a hate and said, "He didn’t care whether the army immediately rectified eastward and continued to pursue us in this battle. It is necessary to beat all the bile in Feng Guozhang. Let’s walk around after seeing him! Chase! "
The Chinese Revolutionary Army is really cruel this time. It will never stop until it catches Feng Guozhang!
More than 20,000 people followed Feng Guozhang’s fleeing direction closely.
It was not until more than ten miles away that Feng Guozhang saw the seventh town that three towns barely blocked the pursuit of the Chinese revolutionary army and repelled Cai E’s continued attack and fled all the way to the sea
Italian consul maldini asked urgently, "what should Mr. Chandler do now?" Ma Huaxia Revolutionary Army is coming. Those people are murderous demons! "
Drenner said, "what should I do? I don’t know what to do. Mr. Maldini, I have sent an urgent request to the Prime Minister to deal with it, but the Prime Minister has not given me a definite answer. Now I am also in a hurry! "
French consul Che Kewen cried, "Mr. Chandler, otherwise, our consuls from all over the world issued a circular to the Republic of China asking the Chinese Revolutionary Army to cancel its naval operations. Most of the people living here are expatriates from all over the world, so it is necessary to ensure the personal safety of our expatriates." Otherwise … "
Chandler’s face’ color’ changed and asked, "Or what? Mr. Chekwen, you don’t want to have another fight with the Chinese tiger in the Republic of China, do you? Are you sure your country will support you? "
Um ..
As soon as Chekwen lost his words, did he fight the Chinese tiger again? I’m afraid that no country will go crazy to support his crazy behavior. Now the Republic of China is not the former Republic of China, and Ma Zhuang is not the one you want to bully!
As soon as Chandler finished talking, he came over and said, "Mr. Consul, it’s from Mr. Prime Minister of London!"
A confidential word immediately caused a sensation among consuls of various countries, and together with Chekwen, they stared round their eyes and waited for news from Britain.
Deller also shouted "Read!"
Confidential and secret reading: "I hereby order Deller to join the consuls of various countries to issue a condemnation to the Republic of China. If you provoke war without authorization, you will return to the north of Huaihe River to restore peace. Otherwise, all countries will intervene by force!"