Bai Yujin laughed "good! Let’s all practice! It’s a pity that this martial arts hall is detrimental to your soul and you can compete with Yuexing three times at most! "
The fourth time, it’s easy to hurt your mind, but the third time is just right. "This thing suits me so well!"
Yes, Bai Yujin likes sword to solve problems best, but there are so many goals for her to cut at ordinary times, and it is natural to avoid accidental injury in the trial practice. Bai Yujin has always felt that cutting is not happy, but now it is easy.
That’s right. Compared with the martial arts world, the martial arts world is all bluestone, which has the advantage that it will not only be exhausted but also have a good rest after the fight.
Those grand martial arts worlds have mountains, waters and a number of strong people, but they have to guard against this. As soon as they enter the martial arts world, they will worry about it everywhere. However, the shrinkage of this cottage is simple, but it is most suitable for Bai Yujin’s sword to cut sex.
Moreover, there is also the greatest benefit. The more grand the martial arts world is, the more realistic the death will be. Although it will be revived immediately after being killed once, it will still bring great pain to the real death.
However, Liu Qingyun pitied Xing to design this. If it is not killed four times, it will be a good rest. Nangong Yuexing said with a smile, "Unfortunately, it is a little small!"
Everyone takes turns to have Liu Qingyun. He is too weak. Even if he meets Mei Lansi, he is directly killed.
Everyone played once in the world of martial arts. Bai Yujin felt that the gap between this martial arts hall and Yunzong’s martial arts hall was too big. He immediately patted him on the shoulder and said, "Let’s name the apprentice!"
Liu Qingyun also knows that although it is a fake, it is also a magic weapon. He briefly thought about it. "There is a sword ping at the Fire Palace. Let’s call it a blue cloud on the sword ping!"
The name is simple, but Bai Yujin thinks it’s good. "How to prepare it?"
"hmm!" Liu Qingyun said, "I think it’s enough to consider whether to take it to the Sea of Clouds Hall, where there is already a mirror and this blue cloud on the sword flat!"
Bai Yujin originally wanted to install his own home, but Liu Qingyun said, "Good! It’s better to install the sea of clouds guild hall. I’ll go to the sea of clouds guild hall to chop people! Have a good time! "
Of course, I still need to try another sword ping in my own guild hall, but Bai Yujin also found that this theory sword ping is a little defective, so I’ll get a better one to keep at home.
The Nangong Yuexing over there found that everyone was in a better spirit after entering the Lunjian Ping and coming out, and asked, "Is it the turn of Gengjin Baiyixing Feather Sword?"
"That’s right! This is the Gengjin Baiyi Star Feather Sword! "
We should have refined this Gengjin Winged Feather Sword while the iron was hot, but Bai Yujin didn’t agree with her. Let everyone have a good sleep and then get up the next day to refine this Gengjin Winged Feather Sword.
In this way, everyone can be in the best condition to meet the sword training the next day.
This is the first time for Nangong Yuexing to stay in the fairy house. She has seen what a fairy land is. This blue cloud fairy house has been specially arranged by Bai Yujin. Now she can see the stars all over the sky by sitting in the window.
She slept soundly that night and woke up the next day only to find that everyone was ready to head for the fierce palace.
It’s a quasi-Lingbao!
At the thought of this Nangong Yuexing, she was excited again. Whether she succeeded or failed, she proudly told herself that she had participated in a quasi-Lingbao refining.
Their choice is the best place in Liejing Palace. The fire in the fire room is almost pure to the limit of natural state. Mei Lansi said to Nangong Yuexing, "Just wait!"
After Liu Qingyun first asked Yunhua reality, "Yunhua, would you like to be my sword pet?" From then on, I will never give up and live together! "
Geng Jin’s winged star feather sword pet is almost a part of his master’s life. The pity star has indeed told Liu Qingyun that after the real person becomes a sword pet, Yunhua is destined to belong to Liu Qingyun.
If Liu Qingyun falls, then Yunhua real person will dissipate for the first time. On the contrary, Yunhua real person can almost have an immortal body after becoming a sword pet. If Liu Qingyun is not completely destroyed, then she can return to Gengjin Baiyi star feather sword and reunite after being scattered.
Yunhua Zhenren is a female monk who is close to the realm of Yuanying. She is something that Liu Qingyun can look up to, but she will become Liu Qingyun’s sword pet from now on. No matter how Liu Qingyun treats her, she can’t change her status as a sword pet.
She knelt down to Liu Qingyun. "Xiao Jian’s pet Yunhua has seen her master. From today, she wants Yunhua to live, and she wants her master to live and die together!"
There are tears in her eyes.
Yes, she is a monk in the golden elixir. This little monk on the twelfth floor of refining gas is several times stronger than her, but she can’t live without this little monk.
She wants to live, no matter how things change, she wants to live!
She has too many things to do!
Liu Qingyun took Yunhua as a real person. "From then on, I will never give up and live together, and I will never live up to your Gengjin Baiyi Star Feather Sword!"
Yunhua is really tall, and she also said, "Master Yunhua will never decide you!"
Now that both sides have made up their minds to flow over there, the star also repeated for the last time, "You don’t make moves to refine Geng Jin’s winged star feather sword cloud flower this time …"
Mei Lansi has set up the Jiuyang Golden Gathering Fire Array. She nodded and said, "Let’s get along well after the cloud flower is real!"
Water Ling Bo glanced at Yunhua real person but smiled, "Qingyun, your little sword pet is very good!"
Yes, it’s just a small sword pet.
The Nangong Yuexing is forced not to wait for her to see the birth of Gengjin Baiyixing Feather Sword.
Yu Baiyu-jin looked at the fire well intently. Even with the successful precedent of refining a blue cloud on Jianping the day before, she was still not sure about today’s success.