Zifeng Building Roof
Su Li beheaded Zhang Ying and drew three spiritual sources. The injured left arm is healing at an alarming rate.
Ding Longyun threw the baseball bat that was trapped by Tao Bingjun far out, and everyone watched it sink into the water and disappear, and then they couldn’t help but sigh for a long time.
At this time, everyone felt a tight string and finally relaxed, feeling sore and tired.
Su Li is the most tired body 2.
Without the blood on the ground, he just sat down.
Ding Longyun also sat with him.
"What a long night! It’s finally over." Ding Longyun looked up and took a long breath. "It’s a pity that I don’t smoke or I should have a cigarette at this time."
Hai-shui Xu came slowly, his head bowed and his face was full of sadness. Suddenly he said, "I … ask you one thing."
Ding Longyun looked up and saw his one eye. "What is it? Go ahead. "
Xu Hai-shui’s voice was deep and choked, and it was very difficult to speak. "It’s not good to help me bury Zhang Ying’s body … in water …"
Ding Longyun strange way "you directly into the water? It is estimated that throwing it into the water will be eaten clean by monsters in a short time, and nothing will stay, which is also a return to nature. "
At Ding Longyun, Su Li thought that this guy was too direct to talk and didn’t worry about Xu Haishui’s feelings at the moment.
"I help you" Su Li got up. He knew that Xu Haishui was facing Zhang Ying’s body.
"Thank you" Xu Hai took a deep breath and then closed his eyes and sat down like a collapse.
His chest injury is not bad, and his physical recovery ability is amazing. The wound has contracted to stop bleeding. Although he has not drawn his soul, the injury is not fatal. He will heal naturally after a few days’ rest. If he can draw the spiritual source, he can recover at any time.
Su Li came to ZhangYing’s naked body and saw her eyes wide open as if she were dying.
Su Li frowned slightly, took off his coat, covered her body, picked it up and walked towards the edge of the building.
"Miss Zhang, don’t blame me if you don’t suddenly want to kill Xu Haishui, maybe I can spare your life in the end …"
Su Li shook his head slightly and thought that if it weren’t for his quick moves, Xu Haishui wouldn’t be as simple as being stabbed by a sword, but had been killed by Zhangying. It’s a pity that Xu Haishui was infatuated with her.
In this way, since people have married Qiu Suli, it is natural to exterminate the roots, and it is impossible to let her live and stay in this huge hidden danger, otherwise I don’t know how to die next time
Ding Longyun also got up and saw Su Li holding Zhang Ying’s body and walked to the edge of the roof with a sigh. "Speaking of it, she is a poor person. After being caught by several people in Chen Xiangyu and possessed by Tao Bingjun, she will be dead set with him. If it weren’t for this sudden flood, she should still be a girl who has not entered the WTO. Where will she experience this?"
Su Li came to the edge of the roof and looked down at Zhang Ying’s body in his arms. His left arm was not healed yet, and he mainly relied on his right arm to bear the weight of the body. He watched Fang Hongshui loosen his arm and the body of Zhang Ying fell.
Several people watched her body fall into the water and soon sank into the water, becoming a vague shadow and then disappearing, becoming one of several bodies in the water.
Gong Xiao listened to Ding Longyun’s sigh, and the phoenix eye flashed slightly. "It is unfortunate that she suffered, but she also has a personality. Even if she loves Tao Bingjun, she can’t say that she is wrong, but Xu Haishui came to save her, and they are neighbors and classmates for many years. Even if there is no love, it is a friendship. As a result, I don’t agree with her."
Su Li said, "Let’s not talk about her. I want to find a soft and comfortable bed and then have a good sleep and wake up naturally."
Ding Longyun hey hey a smile "isn’t it best to hug a girl in your arms, such as who …" He said as he winked at Gong Xiao.
GongXiao saw stared his one eye, "Ding Dage you this expression is want to do? Anyway, Su Li is short of girls. Why don’t you pretend to be a girl and let Su Li sleep? "
Ding Longyun remained Su Li is a face of black line hug Ding Longyun sleep? Thinking about his snoring and whole body hair makes my hair stand on end.
"I think Ding Ge just this expression is estimated to want me to hug you" Su Li saw Gong Xiao making fun of him and Ding Longyun and said a joke.
Gong Xiao didn’t expect Su Li to speak so directly, so suddenly he took a red face and gave Su Li a hard white look. "You men really didn’t have a good thing, and this color heart just came out."
Su Li ha ha a smile
Ding Longyun saw that Xu Haishui had been sitting silently with his head down and saying nothing, and he came to him and stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder. "Why are you depressed?" Women have lost a tree and a forest. Besides, you brought us here. Now those guys have solved it for us. What should we do next? You have to talk about your ideas. "
Su Li and Gong Xiao stopped making fun of each other and watched them together.
GongXiao nods "good TaoBingJun this a few people have solved now we have to consider what to do? Do we take this Zifeng Building? "
Su Li nodded slightly. "I took it, but the six people who fled on the 30th floor were in a bit of trouble. Xu Haishui said that they were Tao Bingjun’s confidants. There was a level 5 in their hands, and they were afraid that they would make something out. We had to find a way to solve it."
Sitting with his head down, Xu Haishui slowly looked up and his face recovered slightly. He said, "These six people didn’t expect them to be just Smith. At that time, they were terrified by your sword and knew that the tide was over. If I guessed correctly, they fled on a raft because they had done a lot of bad things behind Tao Bingjun these days. Once someone tried to kill Tao Bingjun, it was their turn to stay."
Su Li nodded slightly. "If that’s the case, it will save us a lot of trouble."
Gong Xiaodao said, "But we should also be prepared for anyone who wants to come back for revenge."
Xu Hai Waterway "I’ll pay attention to this and let everyone pay more attention to them. We all hate them. If we really see their whereabouts, we won’t let them go. We were afraid of Tao Bingjun before, but now Tao Bingjun is not afraid of them."
Ding Longyun said, "So we will move to this Zifeng Building in one step?"
He is used to living in his original place these days, and suddenly said that he would move to this strange purple wind building, which was a bit unaccustomed for a while.
Su Li said, "This Zifeng Building is our place."