"Thanks! Dude! "
Beauty is a good thing to do. Look, comrade, how bad it is.
Comrade Bao Qi’s heart finally got a little comfort after continuous trauma today, and he took a long breath and squinted slightly, and even thanked him and followed in the footsteps of that comrade-in-arms
Because of the holiday on New Year’s Day, the training base is over at this point. When two or three comrades see her, they will look at her more and then aim their envious eyes at the little gentleman, which is a bit high.
Red thorn headquarters is heavily guarded, but only for the outside world.
There is not much difference between the real headquarters and the ordinary troops.
The journey was very smooth, and Baoqi arrived soon.
In front of it is the administrative building of the Red Prick Headquarters with the five-star red flag flying, which means that this is the center of the Red Prick Force-the chief office building.
Thank you again for saying goodbye to that kind-hearted comrade-in-arms Bao Qi, who is going to walk in when she lifts her step.
However, no matter how plump the idea is, it can’t compete with the skinny reality.
She was stopped at the gate of the administration building.
A cold face painted with camouflage paint appeared in the guard room, and he pointed at her mercilessly with a submachine gun in his hand. "What do you live for?"
What’s more troublesome to meet him than to meet the king of heaven?
Baoqi is in a state of resentment all day, and her heart is better than hate.
However, people had to bow their heads and end their hats in the eaves. She grinned and showed her charm again, with double sweet smiles.
"Hello comrade, I’m looking for a chief."
The soldier on duty looked at her and probably saw that she was a recruit. It also hurt her to take back her hand and said,’ You wait for another comrade-in-arms to slant your head.
Receiving his meaning, the invisible soldier in the guard room who also painted camouflage paint quickly picked up the words on the table and dialed the words directly to the chief staff room. He probably asked the other party and turned to ask Bao Qi.
"What can I do for you?"
A feeling of tightness in my heart and a sharp rise and fall in my chest, I can’t wait to pull his face and give some expression when I see that these people have been trained by Lengxiao.
Do you understand manners?
She still has to smile when she is angry and short of breath.
"Private things! I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m not a bad person. Didn’t you see that we are comrades? "
The man who glanced at her said something to her and then said, "I told her to leave."
A listen to his words treasure pure heart really nasty.
Not allowed to see him? She has nothing to say!
Rejected, she was annoyed to the extreme and wronged. Her head buzzed. She couldn’t hold back her anger. She felt that she had bad luck today. She was angry. She just joined the army, and she couldn’t control military discipline. Without saying anything, she rushed in and grabbed his words and shouted at the other end.
"Hello comrade, I’m Lengxiao, his aunt-I want to see him-"
The soldier who was suddenly robbed by her was anxious, but she didn’t expect that she would be so bold to rob her. When she heard that she dared to insult the chief, she rushed over and pulled her to drink angrily. "What are you doing?" Then he apologized at the words in a panic. "Sorry, this recruit is not sensible, I know how to deal with it!"
"Let her come."
"ah? !”
When I heard the words, I told the soldiers to look at Bao Qi with a look of seeing ghosts.
Is she really the chief’s aunt?
Look, she’s so young. Isn’t that ridiculous? !
In order to make sure that he didn’t hear voices in his ears, he hesitated for several seconds or dutifully asked 1.
"Jiang staff you … are you right?"
Yes, that person happened to be Comrade Jiang Dazhi, the staff officer of Lengxiao.
Just now, Bao Qi roared angrily. Naturally, he heard that it was her honour, and he also heard that Aunt was in a very bad mood now. If Aunt was in a bad mood, the chief would be upset. If the chief was upset, he would not be too happy.
With a sigh, he rubbed his forehead and said seriously
"That’s right. Let her come quickly."
La la la! Here comes my aunt! What will happen to Xiao Ye? And the leaf leader … Who is it? ! Ahem! Let’s go on!
Thank you sisters for sending tickets, diamonds, flowers and rewards! Touch you warmly!
☆ 99-meter-old sister-in-law is mad! ! How is it soaring?
Is it really the head aunt?
It is said that the soldier’s face was not white in camouflage, but he hesitated when he turned his head, but it was half a beat slower than the artistic expression in the film.
Then rushed another still dragging her comrades with the wave and apologized to Bao Qi. "Comrade, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were the chief ……………….."
Aunt, he couldn’t say three words, and he was surprised to say Bao Qi.
However, with the permission, the flame of her foaming at the mouth also fell a lot. She looked at her comrades in front of her with a serious expression and finally resisted the desire to stamp her feet and laugh wildly.
Inhale and exhale, squinting her eyes, she patted her comrades-in-arms with a small face on their shoulders and said solemnly
Section 27
"It’s not a bad thing to be a comrade-in-arms. Your aunt went first. Be on duty!"
"Take care, aunt-"Although she looks young, China people pay attention to a generation. Since she is the head of the family and her attitude is so amiable, even if she is small, they have to be addressed as one.
Holding her waist, she slowly walked into the corridor not far away, looked back and hid from their sight. There was no one around, and she finally couldn’t bear to hold on to the handrail with her hands. She laughed almost without crossing her breath
Before she got to the top floor, she saw Jiang Dazhi waiting there.
At the sight of his face full of smiles, his precious and pure smiles gathered up for a whole day, and his anger instantly turned into power when he landed on his feet. He stepped on a few remaining steps and said with a straight sour tone.
"Oh, it turns out that it is really difficult for Jiang Staff to see a driver!"
Hey, hey, Yi Le, Jiang Dazhi raised his eyebrows and made a big bow with a funny arch of his hand. "Auntie, Wan Fu, if you have a name in the morning paper, where can I refuse? I have to wait for you at the edge of the building!"