Chapter 9 Sneak attack
Just then Gong Xiao also stuck her head out to the side. Several people suddenly saw Gong Xiao, a bald man, shining at the moment. "There is a big beauty Ni Jianrong, didn’t you say it was a little girl?" This is also called a little girl? "
Ni Jianrong couldn’t hide his excitement in his eyes. "I said the little girl wasn’t. She didn’t know why there was another woman, maybe later."
"Ni Jianrong, you have done a lot of credit this time." Among the five people, there is a dark-faced man who is not tall, about 1.65 meters, but looks very thick. Suddenly he speaks and looks up and stares at Gong Xiao.
Eyes radiant with undisguised hunger and thirst. These eyes are full of aggression. Gong Xiao can’t stand it and immediately shrinks back. There is a trace of anger in Phoenix’s eyes
She could see that the men just looked at her like a hungry wolf suddenly saw a sheep after a few days of hunger.
"These floating embryos" Gong Xiao nibbled at cherry lips.
The raft has been docked at the edge of the 30-story building, and Ni Jianrong’s black-faced man praised his face and immediately smiled. "Brother Xiang, can we have a piece of it after you enjoy yourself later?"
Known as Brother Xiang, the black-faced man said with a smile, "You really want this man to return to the roof. Let’s wait until she is captured alive. Don’t let her escape."
Several people jumped from the raft and entered the 30th floor of the building.
"By the way, this number is wrong. Didn’t you say there are two adult men and a little girl? I just met an adult man and that woman. "One of the five people looks very thin and has a pair of squinting young people who suddenly speak.
Ni Jianrong said, "What’s the name of that guy on the roof just now? Ding Longyun is a reckless man. There are also two people named Su Li Fang You and Wang Kaikang who were killed by him. This guy is a bit clever. We have to be careful of him."
"So this Su Li didn’t show up and wouldn’t want to hide and plot against us?" The thin young man shrank his shoulders and showed a cautious look.
"Xu Haishui you fucking timid xiang elder brother are you afraid of an egg! I told Brother Xiang long ago not to bring you here. You have come to lay an egg! " Among the five, the bald man swore.
Xu haishui was scolded by this bald man, and his face turned red, revealing a little embarrassed look.
Brother Xiang smiled and laughed. "You don’t underestimate Xu Haishui. Although this guy is timid, he followed me yesterday and took a lot of advantages. Now he has risen to Level 4." He said that he reached out and touched Xu Haishui’s head like an elder treating the younger generation.
Xu haishui’s embarrassed look was touched by many Xiang brothers who were shorter than himself, but he was afraid to show some anger in his heart.
At the moment, Su Li has quietly come to the thirtieth floor. They are silently shrinking themselves in a corner of the stairs through two rooms, and they have listened to the five people’s communication.
"The five people that xiang elder brother first have to pay attention to him …"
Su Li listened carefully to the movements of these five people while thinking. If they want to go to the top of the building, they must take the stairs, and he decided to sneak up on them when they entered the stairs.
There is no virtue and morality in this life-and-death war with no retreat.
"All right, let’s go. No matter whether that Su Li hid in any corner or escaped before, let’s catch that girl on the roof first."
Brother Xiang spoke loudly, then made a gesture to the four of him and suddenly put on a low voice. "You go by the stairs and I’ll climb from the outside wall. Remember to try to climb at the same time quickly."
As he spoke, he retreated. Suddenly, when the right hand reached out and the palm surface secreted juice visible to the naked eye, a layer of skin appeared on five fingers, which stuck to the outside wall like a gecko. The right hand palm actually stuck to the wall, and the left hand stretched out and secreted juice like the right hand palm. The fingers appeared skin, and then the whole body hung down on the outside wall and slowly climbed.
Brother Xiang went from the outer wall, but the four of him didn’t have his ability to rush toward the entrance of the building immediately. They also planned to let the other side go through the stairs, but he didn’t want Brother Xiang to secretly climb to the front and back in the dark, but he was caught off guard.
Four people rushed towards the stairs on the 30th floor. Ni Jianrong fell on the four people intentionally. He was a little timid about Su Li and just didn’t see Su Li on the roof. However, he was a little uneasy at the thought of Xiang Ge, and he was instantly emboldened.
Because Xiang Ge is very strong, the four of them may not be opponents of Xiang Ge together, so it is also vulnerable for Su Li to meet Xiang Ge again.
Four people just rushed to the stairs to hide at the corner of the stairs. Su Li suddenly made a move. He launched a "spider walk". It was like giving birth to a few more legs around his body, and suddenly he swept over.
These four people are not weak, although the so-called appearance on the surface is actually very cautious in their hearts, and everyone is ready to fight back with his right hand clenched.
But Su Li’s moves were too fast, and they couldn’t resist even if God was on guard.
The bald man who rushed to the front felt that it was not good to have a fancy at the moment. Zhang Dagang wanted to shout out with a steel bar in his right hand. Suddenly, his neck was cold and he felt that the whole world was spinning in front of him.
He didn’t know what happened until he saw himself standing motionless in the rotation, but the body didn’t have a head, and the blood in his neck sprayed out like a fountain, and he came for nothing.
His head was cut off.
Su Li, who was hiding in the dark, suddenly made a move to "spider walk" and waved his right hand machete sideways. Even if the strength was stronger, the bald man could not resist being cut off by him and flew out.
A spiritual source appeared in the sea of Suri’s forehead and a message appeared.
"Level 4 Spirit Source Spirit Source 17/5"
Xu Haishui, who followed the bald man, suddenly saw this horrible scene and couldn’t help but scream and retreat.
"Damn-"Ni Jianrong roared, and the bone spur in his right hand was stretched out.
Another man with a tattoo on his right arm followed suit.
Chapter 91 Level 5 Spirit Source
They are not weak, and they are used to life and death and all kinds of risks these days. It can be said that they are not good people to live today.
The bald man’s head was suddenly cut off by Su Li, who was hiding in the dark. Although they were surprised, they immediately fought back.
Su Li, who used to be invisible in the dark, relied on hearing induction. They didn’t know that Brother Xiang was climbing through the outer wall. At this moment, he suddenly realized that there were four people missing in front of him. When his heart was shocked, he immediately called out a bad body and turned his legs. A virtual shadow appeared outside. "Spider walking" made him rush out as soon as he was born.
At present, there are four people missing one person. The most reasonable explanation is that the other side is divided into two ways. These four people take the stairs and the other person chooses its route, and the missing person is probably the leader Xiang Ge.