But as a result, no one talked about that node, which made Xu Ren wary. When an ordinary person didn’t know it, the node still appeared. A small number of people thought it was suspicious in Xu Ren’s heart, and it was probably when the Great Yan Dynasty acted.
Xu Ren decided to grab a tongue and ask questions, so he quietly stared at a person.
According to Dongyan’s information, this person has repeatedly seen that time node in his heart, and this person is a monk. Although he is dressed as a monk of Daning Dynasty, he looks the same, but if you look closely, you will find that this person’s facial features are still somewhat different. These people have higher cheekbones and deeper eye sockets, which are closer to the monks of Daning Dynasty.
Xu Ren quietly tracked and found that this man was not just an ordinary monk, but had reached the goal of returning to Yuan.
In this way, the monk Daning Dynasty is definitely not everywhere, and the more Xu Ren suspects that he is the Great Inflammation Dynasty who broke into Suzaku City Disc.
Xu Ren made moves. He moved quickly and soon brought the man under control.
And for this person, Xu Ren moved Vientiane Monument directly without being polite, because he knew that every enemy who broke into the disc was a dead man. Every time they acted, they kept a special poison sac in their mouths, and if they were caught, they would bite the poison sac, so that they could not only avoid the bitterness of the flesh but also keep the secret in their hearts.
But in the face of Xu Ren, it is not good to show the means. Xu Renke can see the secret of this person’s heart completely.
The scene that emerged in the monk’s mind was almost the same as Xu Ren’s. He really came from the Great Inflammation Dynasty. The fear in his mind was all those inhuman trainings. Of course, he was worried that they would be killed by others. At that time, the node was a monster beast attack. Sometimes this time, not only the monster beast would attack Suzaku City in Daning Dynasty, but also hundreds of thousands of troops in Great Inflammation Dynasty would attack Suzaku City after the monster beast broke up.
The results of the probe made Xu Ren feel more and more heavy in his heart. He had to wake up the guarding city guards and strengthen prevention. But he was not familiar with the duke of Suzaku City at all. I’m afraid it was not easy to pass the news to your duke’s house, and even if he told the duke, he might not listen.
So Xu Ren is going to do one thing first, that is, buy it on a big scale to refine the materials of shock beads and thunderbolts.
He wants to refine more thunderbolts from these materials before the arrival of the node. Of course, the thunderbolts and thunderbolts are refined from raw materials, and the thunderbolts are certainly not as powerful as others. But these can also send a big field when facing a strong siege.
Then Xu Ren decided to take a trip to the castellan’s mansion. If the castellan is willing to see him, everything will be easy. If he is unwilling to see him, he will have to pass the information out in a special way.
The next afternoon, Xu Ren changed her makeup, dressed in a special robe of Xuanji Xianmen, found Suzaku Chengcheng’s main mansion and directly showed her identity.
For Daning Dynasty, Brother Xuanji Xianmen still has some weight. Even the Lord of Suzaku City, the most important military fortress in Daning Dynasty, dare not neglect to meet Xu Ren personally.
The Lord of Suzaku City is not a monk, but a master of martial arts in dzogchen.
Of course, this so-called martial arts master Xu Ren is nothing strange here, not to mention himself. At present, several people in the Xu family have broken the shackles of martial arts and taken a longer road to martial arts.
"What’s the matter with this little fairy master who is so anxious to see the Lord?" Even though the Lord of Suzaku City is willing to lower his posture and talk to Xu Ren, he still carries a natural power. This is the battlefield that has been fought out. The southern territory of Daning Dynasty has been impregnable for so many years. These battlefield fighters have contributed a lot.
"Mountain travel happened to meet some things, and it was found that the monster beast will attack Suzaku City again in the past two days, and this time there will be a monster beast from the back of the Great Inflammation Dynasty who will charge Suzaku City after attacking the city." Xu Ren didn’t say much nonsense and came straight to the point.
"Little XianShi this seriously? If you get this news again? " Of course, it is impossible for a duke to easily believe Xu Ren’s words, but Suzaku City has just experienced a fierce battle, and the loss of personnel is not small. If there is a great inflammation dynasty military forces invading the territory at this time, it is really a huge test for Suzaku City.
"I followed a suspicious guy and found out that the man was a Godsworn Guiyuan Mirror. Now I have stopped a unique secret method to learn about it. If the Lord has the means, I can give this person to you for in-depth interrogation." It is a great gain for Xu Ren to see the Lord of Suzaku City today, which not only represents the personal likes and dislikes of the Lord of Suzaku, but also represents an attitude of Daning Dynasty towards Xuanji Xianmen. With this attitude, Xu Ren will have the opportunity to do more things with Suzaku.
"It’s best that I have a few people who are good at questioning and will know some details." Suzaku City has been resisting the harassment of Dayan Dynasty since its establishment. Now, since there is news that Yu Dayan Dynasty sent troops, the duke can’t ignore it.
What’s more, his news is that the court of Daning Dynasty is the closest to Xuanji Xianmen. Although this man looks young, he is sophisticated and wears a robe token. There is no problem. Otherwise, how can he personally meet with a duke of Suzaku City?
It’s easy to get things done. Xu Ren directly brought the person who was controlled by him to the duke’s house
"Be careful when the person in the duke’s mouth is poisoned by interrogation." Xu Ren said that he would no longer be wordy and directly handed the man over to the duke’s house.
"Well, I’ll let them be careful." The duke was very polite to Xu Ren.
"Lord, I have a thunderbolt improvement plan here. If you trust it, you can study it to make the thunderbolt power rise to the level of returning to the peak of Yuanjing." Finally, Xu Ren took out a drawing, which he made with reference to thunderbolt.
Chapter three hundred Yu Pei
"This! ….. I didn’t expect that thunderbolt could change the XianShi so much that it really opened my eyes. "After receiving the drawings from Xu Ren, Suzaku’s face changed instantly.
The supreme general of Suzaku City, of course, knows that Suzaku’s foundation comes from firearms, and thunderbolt in firearms is the biggest reliance of Suzaku City, because this thing is not only low in power but also high in power, and it is definitely the best choice to break the enemy.
Now, Xu Ren’s drawing can not only raise the thunderbolt power, but also be well controlled. If it is really refined, it will definitely make the enemy fear.
"The duke had better let people try to make a few first to see if it is suitable, and then mass-customize them to prepare for the monster beast siege." Xu Renshi didn’t want to expose so many families, but the duke seemed to be very good. He decided to take out a little possession to help the duke defend Suzaku City.
"Xianshi rest assured that I will put these thunderbolts into use as soon as possible." Now, the attitude of the Lord of Suzaku City towards Xu Ren has undergone subtle changes. Before that, he was more in awe of the title of Xuanji Xianmen, but now he also has respect for Xu Ren. This can be felt from his address to Xu Ren. Before that, he used to call Xu Ren Xiaoxianshi, adding a small word in front of Xianshi, although polite, but still posing as an elder. Now he directly turned into Xianshi, saying that his heart had completely recognized Xu Ren and even put Xu Ren’s position on himself.
"I don’t need to be polite to the duke. Your age is almost the same as my elders. You just need to call Xu Ren directly after you were a child years ago." There is no need to hide anything from Xu Ren, the duke of Suzaku City, and he reported a fake name, Xuanji Xianmen, the court of Daning Dynasty. If you ask, you will know that it will bring about complications. It is better to be honest with each other.
"Even if the elders are younger than me, you might as well call you Xu Laodi as soon as you feel at home." The city’s independent Xu Ren is so humble that he has no pride in his brother. He is even more happy. If it is not inappropriate for the occasion, he wants to pull Xu Ren to worship.
"Lord, this is not good!" Xu Ren is embarrassed. How old is he? When he comes out, everyone calls him bro. It seems that everyone calls him old.
"There’s nothing wrong with the recent busy army. When the crisis in Suzaku City is over, I will have a good drink with my brother." The duke of Suzaku City is still very heroic and drinks directly.
"The Lord’s adult army is busy or the Yugoslav capital matters are heavy to drink. Things can be left first." Xu Ren also wondered in his heart that he was so popular everywhere because of his good looks.
"You can call me Lord here, but don’t call me Lord when we drink. Remember to call Brother Chang when we drink often, or the wine will be tasteless." Suzaku Cheng said to Xu Ren with a kind smile.
"Xu Ren knows." What can Xu Ren say? Since the duke often gives such a face, he can’t fall off the beaten track.
Take Xu Ren and leave the castellan mansion. The castellan is not an ordinary person. There are several laundry lists waiting for him to deal with every day. Naturally, there is not so much time to entertain Xu Ren. Xu Ren is well-advised to leave himself.
"The duke is dead and seems to be surrounded by a lot of resentment. Although there is no bad idea for the duke, I am afraid it will also provoke a curse. Moreover, the duke’s forehead is a little dim. Although the spirit looks good on the surface, I am afraid there will be ominous in the future." After Xu Ren left the duke’s house, Dongyan sound reappeared in his mind.
"Sir, if I remember correctly, you are a private school teacher. Why don’t you listen to you today like a private school teacher, but like a street stall?" After listening to DongYan’s words, Xu Ren became more and more pondering behind the slight one leng, more and more like talking to those diviners on the street in Donghua County.
"Male that you don’t know, Mr Read people do divination is also at the best, of course, is an official also includes government touts; You can come to a private school to teach people to read Chinese characters. Then practice medicine to treat diseases; Then there is the stall divination combined with helping people write letters and read letters. It is not surprising that the public thinks that my words are like Mr. Divination. It is not surprising that I have not left the hostage reading. However, I am really aware that the duke is too dead. Even if he kills a generation, ordinary generals can’t be so dead unless … "Speaking of which, Dongyan suddenly shut up.
"You mean unless the duke likes to kill the city?" Xu Ren also recognized the meaning in Dongyan’s speech.
It is normal for soldiers to defend their country and defend their country, but it is not normal if they are too heavily contaminated with dead air.
"As a public mirror, I think it is indeed possible." Dongyan’s tone is a little heavy. Even if killing and surrendering in the decisive army is regarded as taboo, it is even more undesirable. However, in the past history, some generals liked to kill and surrender, and of course, few of these generals can end well in the end. This may be the karma.
Xu Ren has no good impression of killing people, but as far as the current situation is concerned, the Lord of Suzaku City can’t have any accidents, otherwise the whole Suzaku Cheng and even the whole Daning Dynasty will have to follow bad luck.
"No matter what happens later, Suzaku City must not have an accident now. We have to think of a way to prevent the duke from happening too early." Xu Ren pondered and wanted to find a solution to the problem of being dead in the memory of Xianzun.
Feel Xu Ren lost in thought DongYan also don’t talk, Xu Ren worry situation is also his concern, after all, the duke dressed in several Daning people life and death shall not be the slightest careless.
DongYan Xu Ren’s mind has been spinning rapidly after the words, and unconsciously he has returned to the inn not far from the wall.
Xu Ren also thought a lot of ways along the way, but none of them can completely resolve the dead body of the Lord of Suzaku City.
However, although Xu Ren never found a way to completely dissolve the dead body wrapped around the main body of Suzaku City, it was not a gain. At least he found a way to temporarily suppress the dead body
Then Xu Ren got busy until the next day, when Xu Rencai took a long breath of polluted air and he also had a Yu Pei in his hand.
This Yu Pei is actually a jade face grain, but it is all array grain, which is to temporarily suppress the dead and prevent the outbreak.
Of course, although this thing can temporarily suppress the dead, if we don’t solve the problem from the root, it will be harmful and beneficial to the duke of Suzaku City. Many things are blocked and suppressed for a long time, and there will always be an outbreak. If there is no solution by then, I am afraid that the duke will have a dead end.
After Yu Pei was completed, Xu Ren hurried to the main mansion of Suzaku City.
This time, Xu Rengen was invited into the duke’s mansion without waiting.
"Brother, what’s the matter with coming to me so early?" Rosefinch city often Xiao face immediately after seeing Xu Ren.
"Lord castellan is in a good mood today?" This time, seeing Xu Ren, the owner of Suzaku, I feel that this person seems quite happy.
"Bro, the mouth of the man you brought back yesterday has been pried. Two days later, the monster beast will attack our Suzaku City again and the army of the Great Inflammation Dynasty will also participate." Chang Xiaoxiao, the duke, said.
"Lord, this doesn’t seem to be anything to be happy about, does it?" Xu Ren frowned. The monster beast attacked the enemy and invaded the territory. What do you think of these two things is not a good thing? Xu Ren is not white. The duke of Suzaku City often Xiao will be in a good mood after confirming these two things.
"It is an honor for a gentleman to defend his country and defend his country, although he may die. In addition, since we know this in advance, we will naturally make arrangements, and then we will definitely kill those rabbits who are suffering from severe inflammation and let them go back and forth." Speaking of the war, the Lord of Suzaku City immediately glowed with a heroic spirit.
"Lord adults are sure that nature is the best, but everything still needs to be cautious. People with big inflammation are sinister and biting. Don’t let them calculate." Xu Ren is kind enough to wake up the battlefield. He is also a paper talk. It is not good to give specific advice to wake up the rosefinch city Lord. Be careful
"This is true. Although we are all battlefields and fighting rough people, we can also take our lives in exchange for credit. If we are not careful, we may lose our heads and become the head of others’ credit books." Chang Xiao, the duke of Suzaku City, is still persuaded to know that Xu Ren is right.
"Lord’s adult, I’ve come here this time mainly to send you one thing, that is, to get rid of miasma on the battlefield." Xu Ren didn’t say much nonsense and directly handed the Yu Pei to the Lord Chang Xiao.
"I will cherish it if I have a heart," Chang Xiao said.
"The best treasure is that the Lord’s adult can always wear this thing around the battlefield, which is changing rapidly. It may be able to save his life at the key moment." Xu Ren knew that these military commanders did not believe in evil, and he also repeatedly told him.
"Don’t worry, bro, I will definitely carry it with me when fighting." Chang Xiao has been on the battlefield for many years, and many monks have cooperated. He knows that monks have their own unique means to do some incredible things on the battlefield.
Chapter three hundred and eleven is coming.
Chang Xiao didn’t think that Xu Ren gave him Yu Pei to reinvent the wheel. Luck in the battlefield is also very important. No matter how strong a person is, no matter how brave the enemy is, he can’t live long if he is unlucky.
The Daning Dynasty, the Great Wilderness Dynasty and the Great Inflammation Dynasty were three pillars, and the frontier friction has never been broken for so many years. No matter which dynasty, there are many generals who can be used to fighting, but they can really live to the end, but they are not the same. It’s not that I’m incompetent, but that I’m unlucky
Chang Xiao is still a brave man who knows how to advance and retreat, but he is very clever. Now he is over 50 and can still be a Lord of Suzaku City.
"Lord’s adult must remember what you said today. I suspect that the Great Inflammation Dynasty may come up with any plot against Lord’s adult. Don’t cross the head when the enemy is fighting." Xu Ren is still not at ease, but he can’t say too much. He can’t help much if he wakes up with kindness.
"Bro is also reasonable, but the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces must set an example. It is difficult to kill the enemy, but I will try my best to be careful. I also know that Bro, you are my good friend. Don’t worry. Even if I die in the battlefield, I have already arranged that Suzaku City will not be chaotic." Chang Xiao saw that Xu Ren was so concerned about his own safety, and some people were moved to get serious. The world really cares for you. People are worthy of respect, but Chang Xiao also has difficulties. Suzaku City is famous for its garrison Xiao Yong and it is he who brought courage to these defenders.