Smell speech warm amazing stare big eyes "me? Where is it? "
Longing sour way "warm son also guess? The third brother is most interested in you, so write here how nature got you smoothly. "
Warm eyelids jumped. "It won’t be a hundred tricks to chase women, will it?"
Longing "that kind of childish like take you? Moreover, there is no tribe. "
"What else?"
Faint longing. "If I didn’t guess wrong, it must have been in the uncle’s room. The uncle is really generous. I’m not worried that helping my third brother will upset my eldest brother."
Warm more listen to more confused "martial arts cheats? What martial arts cheats can take women? "
Looking at her with longing, she was silent for a moment before Nai sighed, "Double cultivation for men and women."
Warm first leng, then qiao face black to her also don’t know what to say, chafing half ring grind out a "he is really talented! He is so powerful, why not? "
"This shows that the third brother’s lust for you has reached the extreme state. Did Warm Son follow it or did he follow it?"
Warm smile "I’m from a ghost. Where did he come from to be confident that I would practice my double major with him?"? When this is a martial arts film! "
The longing eyes flashed. "He thinks you’ve been around recently."
"Thanks, I’m not interested in becoming a martial arts master!" Warm didn’t good the spirit added, "you hurry to warn him, don’t let him think about all this all day and throw it to the tribe."
This time, I shook my head. "I can’t manage this."
"What? You want to help him? Are you two in cahoots? "
Charming wry smile "what do you think is possible? I finally got you. I didn’t get enough sleep myself. Where am I willing to push you to him? "
"Then you still"
Enthusiasm interrupted, "Alas, I can’t warm my son. You should have received the news, right? Qin Keqing has come to Beicheng from Huadu. What is her purpose? It goes without saying that it is not aimed at you, except that she infers from me that there will be movement in the Meng family."
Smell speech warm eyes flash didn’t speak.
With longing, he continued to sigh, "Remember what the third brother said? He saw Kim and Wen Ya in the Meng family mansion. More than that, he must have heard a lot of conversations. Who do they hate the most, whether Kim or Wen Ya? You must have attacked you many times because you were suspicious of Huadu. How can they miss this good opportunity when you send the door this time? There are Wu, Fu Yun and their third brother and A Dai who protect them secretly. If they can’t get it, the best way is for someone to fight you fair and square after the game. "
Warm can’t help but rub his forehead. "How come it’s not quiet anywhere?"
Looking forward to raising my hand and stroking her face, "Who told you to be so hiring? To fascinate men and make women jealous of you is to let men know what it is like to be fascinated and to frustrate women. It is always so beautiful in front of you. You are destined to have ups and downs and wonderful life. If you can be quiet? "
Warm smile Chen said, "Fuck you, sweet talk again. Come on, I’ve also resigned myself to the enemy. There will be no real quiet time if people have means to live. If I were afraid, I wouldn’t come to Beicheng."
That last warm remark is very domineering.
Fascinated and tender, I praised "handsome!"
Warm and beautiful eyes flow "come on, don’t praise me, let’s get down to business. I just can’t avoid the challenge according to your analysis." Neither Qin Keqing nor the Meng family will leave me alone. I am about to become their sandbag? "
"Where will I be willing?"
"What? What kind of double major did you and Magic think of? That will make me strong and become a martial arts expert in a short time? And then when they challenge, I’ll beat them out of the water? "
"that me"
"What if, I mean, what if I really practice magic and don’t care about it?"
"What else can I do? The meat is rotten in the pot. "
Because they talked for a long time, it was half past ten after dinner. A group of people hurried from the hotel to the gym. The car was silent, strange and warm, thinking about things, and she didn’t want to say a word. Besides, she didn’t want to see the magic. At the sight of that face, her brain was full of pictures of men and women, so she just closed her eyes and rested on her longing shoulders to nap.
Magic seems to be wondering what it is rare not to be picky about her, but this deep sample stimulates A Dai to itch more and more and more curious about it
Wu and Fu Yun couldn’t help looking at each other, and their eyes all reached the same message. It was too noisy in the front car. They couldn’t wait to cover their ears and be deaf, but now how can it be more frightening to say nothing?
It was ten minutes late to get to the gym. The only lucky thing was that there was no crowd outside, which blocked several people’s ticket checking. When the worker came in, he also teased, "It’s still your wit. It’s really wise to choose this point to enter the stadium. You have to squeeze into patties ten minutes earlier. It’s rare to see such a grand occasion here for decades."
Around this, Wu and Fu Yun still kept warm until they sat in the VIP table. It was amazing not to say anything, but they were a little reluctant to wait until they all sat down and gave the two men a sideways look. "Is it good to be old before you two are so eager?"
Wu and Fu Yun listened to his danger as soon as their eyelids jumped. "You two won’t have ulterior motives for her, will you?"
Hearing this, the two men were so scared that they just waved their hands and swore, "No, absolutely not. It’s all a matter, Hero!"