After all, people are not as important as living.
The thought of Mi Sky suddenly made me feel at ease, but I also regretted that the "Youqiao Group" was hit hard by this and lost a leader, so I was afraid that I would do more dormant.
"You can’t stop the murderer even if there is a bridge."
During the rice sky, the emperor has changed a topic.
This day, I was angry just now, and the other party should look at it and sigh. I was left behind in this blink of an eye and worried about myself. "If this murderer stays in Beijing and waits for an opportunity to kill me, is that so good?"
His worry is not without reason. Over the years, there have always been some people with lofty ideals in Wulin who have been experts in vital qi. Although they were always stopped and arrested in the end, they were really frightened.
For example, when Fang Juxia rescued the driver, the assassin was less than ten steps away from the emperor recently, which scared him not to sleep well for a whole month.
It is also because of this that the emperor, the other giant chivalrous man, is particularly trustworthy and rewarded many times, allowing the marquis to be given to Fang Giant Chivalry.
The emperor asked Mi Sky, "Did Yan Hong ever get hurt by you?"
Mi Sky truthfully said, "The old slave drove him out of Houfu all the way, and he struggled all the way. Later, he accidentally broke into the Sharpening Hall and was surprised by the people in the hall, but he was untraceable."
The emperor wonders, "Modao Hall?"
Zhuge Shen Hou just answered, "Fang Yunhan, the owner of the Modao Hall, is a young chivalrous man with one heart and one mind. His martial arts skills are even more amazing."
"There are such young talents?" The emperor’s spirit cheered, "declare him into the palace quickly."
"Slow" Zhuge Shen Hou advised, "The official Fang Yunhan pretends to be a grass savage, but I’m afraid the Italian official is willing to show his affection to the Jianghu people and do what he can."
"Can you bury it so high?" On hearing this, the emperor added more affection to his heart.
The emperor himself has some opinions about "master". He knows that Zhuge Shenhou is a peerless master, but he thinks that this teacher interferes too much in the political affairs and intends to impose many restrictions on the emperor. Rigid rituals are often boring, but those who are unwilling to serve the master in the DPRK are more to his liking.
"Since I don’t want to be an official, I will also give the marquis a position to let him live in Beijing and guard Beijing."
The emperor said that he was going to write.
Since Cai Jing, a traitor, took charge of evil in the ruling and opposition, officials were prevented from discussing the imperial edict, instead of following the formal ways of drafting by the central province, reviewing by the provincial government, and issuing it after the performance. Instead, he asked the emperor to issue it immediately after he kissed him, which was called "imperial edict."
He is going to seal the Hou by hand.
But then Cai Jing also entered the palace.
Cai Jingxian asked the emperor about the magical power Hou Fu. I heard that the emperor wanted to seal Hou again and deliberately frowned and sighed.
The emperor asked him what he meant. After all, he accused Fang Yunhan of being young and not as successful as Fang Juxia, and his fledgling nature did not show all the hints that Fang Yunhan might harbor evil intentions. He bluntly pointed the finger at Zhuge Shen Hou and questioned that Fang Yunhan was deliberately launched by Zhuge to disturb Beijing.
The emperor really hesitated to see Zhuge God Hou, but he stopped saying good things.
After hesitating for a long time, the emperor said, "Then hurry up and give Fang Juxia the news about the murder of Avatar Hou and tell him to hurry back."
Cai Jing exulted that he would only receive the news when he didn’t know that the giant was traveling around the world. For the time being, he even said a lot of good things about the emperor and said that Buddhist Zhan Bie Ye had a magical skill. If he was worried about the palace, he could come to the sky to escort him.
Zhuge Shenhou asked, "What will happen to the case of Marshal Jin Guo’s assassination of the avatar Houhou in the DPRK?"
The emperor twirled his beard and said angrily, "I’ll reprimand Jin Guo and his subjects in writing and ask them to recall that Yan Hong as soon as possible."
That’s it? ! !
Zhuge Shen’s feelings are hard to suppress, and his chest fluctuates violently-he has long been disappointed and used to it, and now he knows that this disappointment is really endless.
He was right. He excused himself, but the emperor called him back.
Seeing that the woebegone emperor suddenly stretched his eyebrows at this time, it seemed that a great problem was solved by his great wisdom.
He readily said, "A surname is worried about Fang Yunhan’s mind and I suddenly think of a way."
"A teacher, ask Fang Yunhan to write a word. I can see through his handwriting what kind of heart and performance this person can’t bear."
Zhuge Shen Hou Cai Jingdu was startled.
The emperor is the only one who has returned this wonderful idea, and he is complacent and boastful of Yingrui.
Chapter 162 Rio Tinto word seal hou
Although the idea of the emperor is absurd, it is not traceable. He is obsessed with painting and is well known to the world.
What’s more, he is really talented in these aspects, and his attainments in law are really high, and he has created a font of his own.
Even a surname Cai Jing’s official career has been ups and downs for several times, and he has always been a big palm, and he has won some appreciation from the emperor with other methods
Cai Jing’s writing style is charming, and his words are vigorous, happy, calm and unique.
The emperor came up with this idea and now he seems to be in a good mood. Cai Jing also dare not stop him for fear of losing the day.
However, it is not much for the emperor to see the law of heaven and man together
Cai Jing thought a little and suggested that "the butler is wise and wise, and this method of knowing people is unprecedented, but as the saying goes, it is not beautiful if Zhuge Shenhou specially asks that person to prepare. I heard that the three words in front of his door are written by himself and sent to be customized."
"It’s better for the guards in the palace of life to print those three words and present them to the holy one."
Cai Jing’s passage has shown that he knows all about most things happening in Beijing, but he hasn’t seen the plaque font with his own eyes. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but it’s to prevent Zhuge from secretly clicking Fang Yunhan that he came up with this idea.
Zhuge Shen Hou objected, "It’s better to be safe and let Shu Xi, the deputy head of the palace guards, go in person."
The emperor immediately ordered Shu Xi to rush back and bring back the three Chinese characters in two quarters of an hour.
A few little eunuchs each displayed a word in the temple, so that the emperor could enjoy watching Zhuge God Hou Cai Jing also watched from the sidelines.
The "good" emperor just took one look and praised it.
He carefully looked up and commented on the imperial order. "These three words are good. They are like rows of clouds in an array, like falling rocks at high peaks, like long live dead vines, like crashing waves. People with strict tolerance and orderly laws must be founder, loyal to their country and ethics, and there is a faint courage to hold on to one side."
"Good," the emperor praised again and again. "You have always studied the law, too. Let’s see if you can write such words. Where can you be a mean person and a hypocrite?"
When Cai Jing heard this question, he knew that the emperor had made up his mind where he would directly play the devil’s advocate. Naturally, he made a pertinent evaluation of these three words and touted the emperor in a timely manner.
After the emperor on the spot, he wrote a letter to Fang Yunhan Cangwu Hou.
Cangwu refers to the sacred land of Jiuyi Mountain. Tiande Xiaoyuan means to be loyal and filial to the monarch.
On the same day, Mi Cangqiu took this imperial pen to the Modao Hall to announce the decree.
Today, when Fang Yunhan was the only one in the courtyard to announce the purpose of Mi Sky, he casually took Mi Sky by surprise. After reading it, he wrote some words about cherishing talents and knowing people, and then he said that he would build a Cangwu Houfu to reward a number of gold, silver and wealth maids and servants.
Fang Yunhan took the hand and wrote a letter to the rice sky. His face melted with awe and smiled slightly. "The Duke of Hou was the only one who was appointed before he was a saint, and he was also the only one who helped to defend the capital from the side. It is obvious that the future is old. Congratulations."
"I’d like to borrow your auspicious words," Fang Yunhan motioned for the maid to take a cup of tea and said, "The first sight of my father-in-law last night was really thrilling. I heard that the gold-faced man who broke into our hospital killed the avatar Hou and left without being arrested. What do you think?"
Mi Sky took the tea and took a sip of it. "This man’s martial arts is strong and overbearing, which makes the old man sigh, but the duke will be surprised with only one knife last night, which is even more powerful than the furious. Since then, the duke has guarded the capital and he is not worried."