"Do you know that it’s good for you to play the chapter like a snowflake when the civil servants of the Manchu Dynasty seized this matter?"
Her tone was still lazy, and she became angry and hit her bosom several times.
Zhao thief feels causal because he bullied the devil incarnate by Yan Er in this way.
It’s too embarrassing for a man as big as General Zhao to be beaten there.
"I’ll order the execution department to arrest people."
He smiled and said
"You are really the number one rebel."
According to the queen mother as if unpleasantly pinched his face.
But then she smiled and nodded.
She agreed to say
"But you said that there is still a way for the palace to give you an imperial edict to fight against dissidents."
It’s Zhao Cuo’s turn to sweat. Should I say that she’s the Queen of Great Danger? He can even be chartered to suppress officials in the same DPRK.
"I’m kidding waste emperor if you know that I behave in such a way also may not be celebrating? Let’s wait. "
Zhao Xiaogong ye reluctantly said
"What do you say?"
Queen mother Dayu held his face.
"The palace is to let you be in command and judge. Now the resistance is great. The courtiers will seize this opportunity and will not let go easily."
Zhao thief tapped his head, and he knew that there would always be an old minister who wanted to step on him.
But few people should dare to offend him to death.
Zhao is, after all, a country today.
"But aren’t you at the Chaotian Temple?"
Now Zhao Cuo is not a rookie. He can see many things at the court at a glance.
"You want to eat me alive is not to release to the officials to ask me a sin signal? If not, few people dare to join me. "
He clearly said that ministers and workers are all looking at people’s ideas and actions. Who dares to find fault with him in peacetime?
It’s pure death to say for sure that no official will mess with Sanzang as soon as possible.
Old bureaucrats are enemies. When they lose power, they stomp on them.
"You’re still improving."
The queen nodded with satisfaction.
"The empress means to …"
Zhao thief thinks he is full of Chao Wenwu, guessing the devil’s meaning and acting, but he can influence the bad woman’s thoughts.
"The war will open the palace first, press all the officials who can’t get through the court, and then officially declare you the commander-in-chief of the Southern Expedition."
According to the queen mother stroking his face, it seems that I can’t get enough of it, and I took a bite before.
"You and I think too much."
Zhaocuo alley
He didn’t think the empress dowager was carrying coals to Newcastle.
The war is the national strength, and all sides need to dispatch. In case an official transports grain, it will be troublesome for him.
"Do you think most about the palace or the heir?"
She said with a smile.
"General Zhao must work hard."
"I’ll work hard, but I can’t wait for it. Wait until the sky calms down and stay up all night."
Grandpa Xiao lived an idiom.
The demon queen is holding Taba.
"There is no successor to Gong Jiangshan."
Zhao thief agrees with the devil’s words. After all, he wants to pacify the Seven Kingdoms, and Fu Longting’s female emperor has a long talent to stabilize the country.
"You say yes, but now Jiangnan is the most important thing. Forever, the emperor hooked the dragon and laid a rain array."
He frowned, and on his way back to Beijing, he had already received the news of heavy rain in the two rivers.
"Zheng Guohui handles floods well"
The empress dowager empress is from
"The palace has sent Daozong to a group of people, and there will be no big problem. It will have to wait for January."
As she spoke, she showed contempt, as if she were dismissive of the tricks of the south teenagers, and she did have the qualification
"The inverse drag for a period of time can change the situation? Overriding is more preparation for the palace. "
Zhao Cuo told her something deeply.
Always follow the emperor’s thoughts and defile his name with happiness
Empress Dowager directly takes this opportunity to exclude dissidents.
"It’s still a big thing for you to hook up with an enemy queen, which will affect the morale of the army. You have to come."
After the magic pinched him for a while and said
"Well …"
"It’s time for you to serve the palace."
"I will try my best to honor the queen mother!"
When General Zhao left the palace in the evening, he didn’t dare to show his face in his kurama car until he got outside the house, burying his face in it.
"How did you … did the Empress Dowager not hit you?"
Feast panicked at the sight of Zhao’s mistake.