After hearing this, the hammer was stunned for a short time, but it responded without considering the image and rolled to one side. Just now, there was a sudden crackling flash in his place, which formed a gangfeng by exploding a huge shock wave, which instantly overturned the thatched houses around him.
Seeing this behind the scenes, the hammer was dumbfounded, and never dared to ask for a big fight. The right hand was also metallized, ready to rush over and kill.
But toad seems to have seen through the intention of the hammer and pointed at the hammer with one hand and the butterfly with the other hand, and erected a seemingly indestructible lightning cage around to guard against the bag
This time, she alone restrained three people with slightly stronger fighting capacity, and her hands rearranged the team at this time and took the small bottle from the waist, copied it and threw it.
These small bottles burst, and they can expand rapidly. In a short time, this place will become a sea of fire, but they will eventually get into the toad body. Even butterflies will take other measures. Because when toad roots don’t condense the spirit of butterflies, the horse will be pulled by a red arc at the first sign … I’m afraid butterflies can’t stand it.
"You are stupid!" Samuel shouted "don’t want to spend with her! Your hand was crushed by edman! "
After listening to the hammer, the hammer took a deep breath and rushed toward the toad without saying anything, and in the process, the toad also seized the opportunity to condense an unprecedented thick spear ready to directly pierce the hammer.
The hammer saw that the spear was getting closer and closer, and he didn’t think about it. The gambler put all his eggs in one basket and rushed over and held his palm against the sharp tip of the spear.
For the first time … The hammer setter felt the pain for the first time since he joined edman, and then paralysis and convulsions followed, but at the same time he could clearly feel that he was holding the spiritual spear in his hand.
"Give it to the old man!" Fixed hammer holding finger forehead veins stood out jumped up and drank one by one, and then seemed to lose his head and kick it …
Butterfly and Samuel cried at the same time, but at this moment … Obviously can’t come.
Chapter 6 Ancestor Super Ability
In an instant, dozens of interwoven nets broke out at the same time, rushing into the hammer leg like a rolling tide, and then the outside of his skin crackled into a pile like a firecracker, and even his pants burned.
At the same time, the hammer was also bounced up, and then hit the ground with two bullets and never moved again.
Seeing this scene, the butterfly’s eyes turned, and the black part disappeared into a bright silver color, and the bag rushed over like an angry leopard, trying to blow its head off.
But that toad is really good at it. After kicking her feet for a few times, she ran out of her place and even made four somersaults. When the butterfly and herself pulled out a long arc, it crackled.
The butterfly who was interrupted in casting a spell snorted and said coldly, "You’re pissing me off!"
After that, a silver butterfly pattern really lit up in the middle of the butterfly forehead, and then I saw the light around me suddenly, as if it were frozen and half motionless
But when the butterfly was sure to win, toad suddenly flew high with something behind him, and then went straight into the front of the butterfly, and the butterfly jumped high to avoid the instant and dumped it, and fell firmly on the rod-shaped metal head.
"Let you see what real thunder is."
After that, toad’s body surface suddenly gushed out several floating lines of thumb thickness like earthworms and gradually merged with the metal stick on her foot.
"Jump up!" The butterfly shouted that he jumped up first and controlled himself not to fall "quickly!" "
But before she could finish shouting toad savings, those columns that made heaven and earth pale were like raindrops, and the huge energy in the range of 20 meters around Fiona Fang burned up the oxygen in the gas, which made Samuel feel suffocated 30 meters away.
The dust is blowing up. This place is like being caught in a thick fog, which is accompanied by thunder and lightning.
When the energy release reached its climax, the half butterfly and the bag that had run out of the net were sucked in in an instant, including the hammer, and the three people were about to turn into a beach of minced meat.
Fixed hammer This can be regarded as pretending to be over-loaded. Just after the advantage was broken, after knocking down the butterfly, Toad was panting, but he still waved his hand calmly, "Members are ready to meet the enemy."
After that, she jumped off the metal stick, and the thunder and lightning in that circle never looked back. It seemed that she had decided that the three people in it were dead and turned to concentrate on preparing to deal with it. It seemed that she was striving to kill with one blow, although she didn’t know it was an illusion, but she was confident from beginning to end and didn’t mind.
"On my command, prepare to shoot alternately." Toad sneered and looked back at the burning village behind him. "Then we can go."
At this time, an indifferent and huge spirit rolled in, and then the mirror lake surged violently. In the continuous mountains, there were also "hum ~ ~" and "hum ~ ~" buzzes. The original blue sky turned black almost instantly, and a transparent dark cloud rolled in like an army.
Toad suddenly stood on the spot with an incredible expression and turned to look at the source of spirit-that piece of black net that had been hit.
And through the dense net, she saw that the hammer in it was half kneeling with one hand holding a little girl who was defeated by her, and the hammer was densely packed with strange runes, which were emitting hot light. Every time that light flowed through the dark clouds above a rune, it would become more and more irritable and that spirit would become more and more irritable accordingly.
This powerful and violent spirit completely suppressed toad’s ability. She tried to make the hammer break into pieces with more force, but she finally condensed energy.
Before her "retreat" was finished, she saw the dark clouds constantly conveying energy to the center, just like a piece of black cloth embroidered with a beautiful red spider web.
But this beautiful natural wonder doesn’t seem to be suitable for viewing, because when the energy is concentrated, everyone’s hair floats high in an instant.