The fix true world belongs to the hottest news. If you don’t say the word legal tender, others will treat you as a monster.
Yi listened to Luo Cheng’s endless talk that day and also accumulated a lot of doubts, especially about the legal currency system, production, management, distribution and other issues. When I thought of many defects, I felt like I was unreliable.
After this, the problem of one’s own power and industry is easy to take advantage of the opportunity to walk around and find out the doubts in my heart.
This day can be seen the strength of various sects in the special place! There are factions in the special office building, and their hands are rooted.
There are also a lot of people watching the exchange agency, which seems to be to prevent each other from playing tricks.
It’s easy to receive a lot of books and albums, which are related to the origin and development of legal tender, and there are hundreds of questions, and the albums are all answered by themselves.
These dispelled the doubts in my mind by 60%, and I took out nearly 10 kilograms of fine gold and asked someone to check it. Ten pieces of fiat money were changed for the medium and medium-sized ones.
That fiat money is really beautiful and extremely golden, brighter than gold coins. The pattern is extremely complicated, but it looks very regular.
In addition to legal tender
The Arabic numerals are different, and the weight of the rest parts is the same, and there are also two dollars.
It’s amazing that the divine spirit can’t penetrate into it, but the two seal characters of "Fa" and "Coin" will appear on both sides, emitting colorful light. It’s amazing to take back the divine spirit and disappear.
This is an anti-counterfeiting mark. I thought for a long time and asked myself, but I can’t make such two seal characters.
The flame element burns the fiat red. As soon as the flame leaves the fiat, it gradually cools automatically and has not changed at all.
Yi heart awe-inspiring and pater sects refining device means that this whole body of shenhuo can’t burn, so they have made a lot of efforts.
A special department has been set up to manufacture legal tender, which is independent from the special processing department, but it also leads the 20 top-ranking sects in the repair world to jointly manage the 20 sects. The most important thing is to supervise the name of that department-the Real World Joint Coin Refining House.
It is said that a hundred years ago, the whole China was in turmoil, and the enemy did not exclude it, which caused a catastrophe that lasted for decades. When the ancient court was overthrown and the new government was established, the special handling department was established by a willing heart.
At that time, people also completely put their hearts at ease. Where there is difference, there is the name "true calendar" to distinguish the monks in the fix-up world from the ordinary people in the secular world. They are two different groups.
At that time, due to the lack of prestige in the special place, no one paid attention to the fact that some people called it.
Nowadays, with such a huge momentum and overwhelming issuance of legal tender, the special sects have specially launched a new calendar-the real calendar-to fix the true world without changing the medicine.
In recent months, people have been talking about broadcasting quickly and fluently, and they have become accustomed to accepting that the monks no longer call the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar or the lunar calendar-the real calendar.
It’s July 7th, the fifth year of the real calendar. Except for the name and year, it’s all along the secular date.
These 50 years are a great disaster. This year, let people in the field of repairing truth firmly remember that the chaotic and bloody years represent a new chapter in the field of repairing truth, and don’t make trouble again, thus causing the disaster of the past.
Yi calculated silently that when he was just twenty years old, he should have practiced for five or five years. Now he is twenty-two years old. It has been two and a half years. If there are no three magic weapons, the pagoda, the dragon pillar and the mysterious curtain, how can he practice so quickly?
Of course, I also grew up exercising and building a foundation, but it accounts for a small part.
Another strange thing was found in the entrance hall side of the office building of Yitechu. The appearance of a huge LCD screen turned out to be a fairy-tale woman with a real shadow. The picture of the official host of Yitechu is very beautiful, clear and not exaggerated, and it does not create a pleasant sound. The introduction and explanation are all about legal tender.
There are also some pictures of the place where legal tender is made, which is ethereal and heavily guarded, with three steps, one post, five steps and one whistle, but no one can see where it is 2.
Yi watched with relish and asked the staff, "Can you receive the program elsewhere?"
The worker said, "There is no signal to speak of when playing the CD now, and it is not allowed to be delivered outside. It is strictly forbidden to leak it! However, I heard that it is inconvenient for monks to communicate with each other because they feel that they don’t have enough publicity for legal tender. When a large-scale spell is developed, the altar will cast a spell to combine the phase information into an idea and radiate it to the ball so that every monk can receive it in his mind and choose to accept it independently. Otherwise, it is not harmful. Specifically, I just listen to the leader’s vague words about whether it can be successful or not! "
Yi Xie turned and walked to the trading office and bought a thick atlas of the purchase price of low-end natural materials and treasures in the real world, with specific prices to exchange for legal tender.
Remember that some people know that the materials are very homogeneous, but they are all middle and low-grade materials, and natural materials and treasures have a unified price 2.
It’s just that the monks have clear values after reading it, and the secular money is linked to the brain, which leads to confusion.
Even if you spend money to buy one, it’s worth it, because all kinds of materials have pictures and explanations, and you have more than enough knowledge of refining utensils and treasure hunting
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter three hundred and eleven The specialty is the weapon of justice.
Yi also has a general understanding of the materials used to make legal tender. Legal tender has two yuan as a secular unit of weight, that is, ten grams of money equals five grams and ten money equals one or two.
It seems quite a lot that the first or second-class refined gold is exchanged for a legal tender, but there are not only refined gold, but also refined silver, refined iron, refined copper and refined tin, and several kinds of composite rare liquids, plus the manpower, material resources, painstaking efforts, promotion, publicity and so on. On the contrary, I feel that I have earned a lot.
If this fiat can be smelted, the magic weapon doped with weapons is also a good metal material. It is easy to guess that if this circulating fiat is devalued or abolished in the future, if it can be destroyed or smelted, it will definitely be leaked, and how many fiats will not be lost at that time.
It’s easy to be real. Who hasn’t thought about it if you put your heart into it? The value has already been converted, otherwise the value will vary, and everyone knows who will be willing to exchange legal tender!
It was because of the problems of refining and casting, but the hardness was not enough and the value was low that the sects in the special place failed at the beginning.
Having learned so many lessons and summed up experience, the first thing is to make monks of all walks of life feel that this legal tender material is worth the money, and the value of the exchange will match.
However, in this way, the sects in the special place are in vain, which not only delays their own cultivation, but also has not enough benefits to make people praise each other.