Gao Cai looked at the old man, knowing that he was a brave warrior, but he was still digging and searching like this, leaving this estate to the monster.
Immediately received the money to invite the monk.
After nightfall, the wind sounded, and all the servants in the mansion were shivering in the nest.
Although this monster has not harmed people in the past two years, after all, it is a mortal who fears demons in his bones.
The ceiling falls into the courtyard and pushes the door.
That Miss Gao is still a little afraid that he dare not get close to offering tea.
"Mom, it’s late at night. Let’s rest."
When he said this, he asked for his hand and mouth and was pushed by the young lady.
"I heard from my father that he was going to invite a monk to come down to you."
"Haha, I’m afraid he’s a monk who is ten arhats. What if he invites him?"
Miss Gao was both scared and happy when she heard the news.
"Well, Modo, husband, I have to get up early and hurry."
Said is dark bed.
Have poetic evidence
Against the gums, Zhan Ge’s two-in-one dark grinding
Butterfly play cauliflower sucking flower pith bees love mountains and can’t go back.
The high talent invited several monks, but it was not good. There were some ghosts, but the real gods were beaten in succession.
Gao Taigong Nai can continue to send Gao to go out and invite someone to subdue the demon.
Chapter 36 Teacher and pupil Ershemale Jingu make things
At dawn, the canopy got dressed and drove the wind back to Fuling Mountain.
"Old pig, you are so happy!"
A figure in front of the door has been waiting for a long time.
When Tianpeng saw the man, he immediately laughed and greeted him. "Haha, it turned out to be a multi-eyed brother, but you sent me royal wine again?"
Wu Ming smiled with wine, and they immediately entered the cave to talk about each other.
A bottle of wine and some Lingguo elixir ceiling grabbed a few grains into your mouth and smashed them. "Huh? A little old gentleman elixir taste "
Wu Ming pricked up his fingers to recognize the goods, but this was stolen from Qing Niu’s mouth
"Old pig, I’m afraid it won’t be long before Xuanzang goes west to learn the scriptures."
The ceiling was a little surprised. "Do you know how to do things in the west?"
"Haha, how many people in the three realms don’t know now? There have been several pairs of eyes staring at it for a long time."
"I’m afraid this trip to the west is not so easy to hide from my brother. A few years ago, Guanyin Bodhisattva took me to the top of my head to teach my disciple, an old pig. I have to be careful."
Immediately see the sky will be late canopy suddenly some wriggle, "that bro will rest in this hole for a few nights, old pig. I still have some things to do and I will be back in the day."
Wu Ming couldn’t help secretly rolling his eyes, and it wouldn’t be a mortal. This fellow is said to have learned the method of fighting in his childhood, otherwise such hard work would have been disastrous.
"Old pig, you must be going to meet your lover with all smiles on your face, but isn’t it disgraceful to sneak around like this?"
Tianpeng shook his head. "You don’t know that it’s difficult for my father-in-law to invite some Taoist monks recently. I’m too lazy for them to start work. If they accidentally kill someone, my father-in-law will even take a lawsuit."
Good son-in-law
"Haha, I’ll go too."
Then there is a wind blowing sand and stones flying straight to Gao Lao Zhuang.
Wu Ming also returned to the cave and the old pig occupied this mountain field. It seems that with the arrival of the Buddhist scriptures, there have been some changes, which are very suitable for practice. Unfortunately, this stupid goods have fun at night and sleep in the daytime without knowing this change.
He’s not satisfied with the fire of Geng Jin C now, but the old pig should be a wood genus here, which is not great to him.
When the day comes, Wu Ming will excuse himself to leave and observe the changes while practicing.
It is said that Gao Taigong refused to die and sent Gao Cai out to visit the master, but this time he was kind and gave him five yuan for travelling expenses.
Gao Cai cleaned up a suit, dressed in cotton cloth, wearing a blue coat, carrying an umbrella backpack, tying his pants and riding three-eared sandals, and walked out of the street on his way.
The talented man ran to the entrance of the village and went east to find the mage, but he didn’t want to bump into Sanzang and his disciples.
Monkey grabbed him and said, "Brother, let me ask you a message. What is this boundary?"
Gao Cai saw that he had a strange appearance, but he was not tall and not afraid. "I have no one else in this village?" I have to ask me to let go! "
Even if you are eager to earn money, you also reckon that "I need to take a few more steps to ask others if it is convenient for you to be a donor face to face."
When Sanzang saw the young man riding a horse, he wouldn’t say, "I realize that there is no one there. Let him ask someone else."
"Hey, hey, Master, I don’t know if it’s boring to ask others, so I can get a deal."
Monkey shrugged his nose, and he smelled a faint fishy smell, which seemed to be some kind of wild monster. When he saw this long-distance dress, he guessed something.
Gao Cai saw that he was small but powerful, not from some horror.
Unless this monster hasn’t been sent away, another squire’s family has no daughters to marry.
"This is the boundary of Uszang, and it’s called Gao Laozhuang. Since you have informed me, please let me go."
Monkey had already seen this deal and asked him to tell the truth before he could let Gao Taigong recruit a monster son-in-law.
"You don’t have to travel when Master Nature buys and sells you. We’re not the poor monks and pustules, and we don’t have to spend two fast meals with the money."
Gao Cai looked at this fellow from left to right, boasting that it was probably nothing, but Elder Ma was more blessed than the wizards he invited, which seemed to be a great power.
"Don’t coax me. If I can’t get rid of that monster, I’ll be tired."
"Don’t coax you to lead me to your house."
Gao Cainai led the two of them to Gao Taigong House, and soon the Taigong came to meet them.
"Changed is the time when the fate of the world is strong."
Wu Ming, sitting in the cloud of nine, had already noticed that an auspicious cloud was coming from the east, and the golden head was guarded by the four-valued Gongcao and other accompanying clouds.
Wu Ming ignored them and made a stealth method to watch from the clouds. They couldn’t find it either.
It’s hard for him to judge the reality of the canopy. It seems that he is still suppressing the gluttonous soul in his body, but he can fight for a night before he shows his defeat. Even if he is a first-class player on the Westward Journey, how can he beat a Kuimu Wolf?
Just then, a dark cloud came from the north, but it caught the attention of Wu Ming.
The body flashes and becomes a bug, slowly approaching.
See the dark clouds is squatting a demon eyes shine at the moment to look at the high zhuang zi.
Wu Ming feels a little familiar with this smell. The group of mice in the Demon God Palace are quite similar.
How dare these guys come out?
That demon is not strong. It is an ordinary demon king. I’m afraid that no matter how strong he is, he won’t dare to come out and wander around.
If you don’t do something, it won’t be a demon palace wind.
He doesn’t startle, and see what this fellow wants?
It is said that Gao Taigong’s mansion set up Su Zhai to invite the two disciples, and the Taigong took the opportunity to ask for the removal of monsters for him.
Monkey laughed. "Is this difficult? Take it tonight and let him write a divorce letter and return it to your daughter. "
The squire heard that "if you need anything else, please bother to get rid of it."
"You old man didn’t hurt you at all, but you should let him live even if you don’t care about Weng Xu’s feelings."
Gao Taigong said, "Elder, don’t say this. Since that monster occupied my little girl and disturbed my neighbors, my relatives were not safe, and they dared not associate with me and hurt me."
"It’s both so easy and easy. We’ll see tonight."
It’s getting late, so Taigong leads Monkey into the backyard to see Miss Gao.
Monkey told them to retreat and not to disturb the monster.
I turned myself into a tall lady and sat on the edge of the bed waiting for the monster to come.