Singularity explosion can definitely annihilate the long river of history when it arrives.
Lin Chong doesn’t know what caused the singularity explosion.
Human science and technology may have a guess
But Lin Chong doesn’t understand.
Lin Haoheng didn’t even know that there was such an energy form before he was excited.
This is terrible.
It’s also strange that experts from the Bureau of Countermeasures just said that the end of mathematics is theology because that is the explanatory power of common sense method.
Lin Chong couldn’t dissuade Lin Hao from crossing the border with a secret sample, like a wolf snatching a meat bone and refusing to let it go.
So Lin Chong was angry and disappointed and dispersed the high vision.
At the end of the universe, Lin Haoheng and Wan Mizhai look at each other.
"You …" Lin Haoheng eyed Wan Mizhai.
"Huh?" Wan Mizhai expressed doubts.
"There is a problem!" Lin Haoheng smiled brightly. "I ran too far and couldn’t find my home. That guy Lin Chong got angry again and ran away. How can I go back?"
Wan Mizhai looked around and said, "Go to the wormhole. This seems to lead to the Virgo Superstar Group …"
The only secret Wan Mizhai that can be created should not be higher than the human limit. For example, at present, the limit of earth science and technology is a Kun-class starship, so Wan Mizhai can at most copy a Kun-class starship.
Even the star weapon is a replica of the law because it is not the original creation of the earth.
This kind of wormhole is also in human theory, but it has been observed since the beginning of the interstellar era because there is a more convenient virtual engine without large-scale profit. Wan Mizhai can distinguish it
So the existing problem just connects the four dimensions. In theory, how is Klein bottle born?
It’s because of Linchong.
Creations are also the first and only secret that Lin Chong has.
He just made the concept, that is, the official history of Yue Luotian, call out the creation in the fantasy of human physics.
Because the opponent is Lin Haoheng, the consumption is still acceptable.
Not enough to make envy cry.
If you are afraid of him, it will make you cry.
The reason is this reason.
God, who has the honorific stone, has made the only secret without consumption, but the only secret has been reduced to an avatar.
There is no limit to the manipulation of the only secret by holding the concept of the history of the positive boundary, or the limit is the boundary of imagination, but the consumption is also amazing and wanton. If the history of the positive boundary is consumed completely, one side of heaven will be swallowed up by the only secret.
Now two gods are left to return to earth from the edge of the universe.
Lin chong is dispersed high vision and returned to the conference table of countermeasure bureau.
Looking around, he said, "I have the only secret."
Wow ~ the experts were stunned and then they were jubilant.
Kunlun finally has the ultimate weapon to compete with other worlds.
This is worth celebrating.
Lin Chong also expressed his doubts after demonstrating the’ Creator’. "The only secret seems to be that the rules of the universe on this side of the earth are interoperable, such as monty’s virtual force, which becomes a blue sky engine. Just before Lin Haoheng showed the curvature transition, it seems to light up a branch of earth science and technology if studied clearly …"
"What about Life Day’s’ Hair Growth and Manifestation’ and Tao Juntian’s’ Three-way Creation’?" The experts asked
At present, the only secret that the earth has contacted is that these kinds of ginseng, fruit trees and flat peach trees germinate, manifest the emptiness and concealment of heaven and evil spirits, and are extremely good at breaking the boundaries of heaven and earth. Tao Juntian’s ternary creation is transformed into nature, and it takes a price to reproduce all the real forests.
For example, Lin Chong’s "nature changes" can be grasped by fishing out the "leisure clothes" from history and analyzing the official history.
And’ germinal manifestation’ is even more ineffective. If this is not the case, it will be vivisection.