"Yes, this is pure handwriting and has legal benefits!"
"Is there still sugar and saliva on the noodles?"
"This is called biometric face, and they have DNA method fraud!"
"What has a paw print?"
"this is their seal!"
I believe you evil for the time being!
I don’t know why Jia Yelian looked at this paper and a picture came out strongly in his mind.
A short, hairy thing sucked and licked sugar while holding a pen to a piece of paper. It was not far from the nearby village, and it was also holding sugar in one hand and a whip in the other. "Write quickly and write well, and if there is sugar to eat and write badly, the whip will hit you!"
If Zhuang can see the picture in Jia Yelian’s mind not far away, he will definitely tell him "nnn! I recently attended a literacy class in Breakfast Village. This is because dozens of races and forces in their copying industry signed a prostitution agreement with me without knowing it! It depends on when I took it out! "
"And I have reservations about a washing company owning 100 million assets …" Jia Yelian’s pie-pie washing market is so competitive that all kinds of franchise chain stores are so competitive. How can a little-known new enterprise have 100 million companies? This is an absolutely heavy asset, the red sea. "Besides, they shouldn’t go to your dry cleaner, should they?"
"Of course not," Zhuang shook his head. "They will set up a laundry factory in Green Island Port."
"What kind of clothes should be sent from all over the world across thousands of kilometers to places like Green Island Port for washing!" Jia Yelian said that Mr. Jia, I read less, so don’t lie to me!
"some very special clothes!" Zhuang doesn’t smile far away. For example, this piece of his body, such as iron wire rattan, is water-tight and the weaving process is particularly complicated. It is also difficult to clean it in general.
Zhuo people’s small hands are so delicate and fragile that they will not secrete grease and will hardly be polluted at all. They should soak their hands at any time to protect their small paws from soft skin.
Besides, they have the top sense of touch, their hands have fine fluff that is hard to see with the naked eye, and sometimes they wipe your body and you will be clean, and then all kinds of stains will be washed in the water-of course, sugar may be wiped on your body.
Zhuang not far away thinks that the sugar they love is probably because sugar can form a protective layer to protect their delicate hands.
Moreover, they help people to take a bath, do massage and clean their pores. They are absolutely super experts. What washing artifacts and skin rejuvenation instruments are weaker than them.
Zhuo people like to bathe in the stream and clean each other’s bodies. Not far from Zhuang, they often go to be grandfathers and enjoy Zhuo people.
I saw a big man lying in bed for several times, enjoying the hard rubbing of others. When these people helped Zhuang not far to wash, Zhuang not far patted his ass and wrapped in a bath towel and ran away!
I don’t obey the rules of bathing and mutual assistance at all!
However, it’s still very popular to spread sugar in Zhuang not far away.
I’ve tried it several times. I feel that my skin is white, tender and tender recently. Now it seems that the beauty industry has a bright future.
Many people in Songlin Town have come to Bluestone Leaf Star, and they are very happy to work for more sugar cubes!
Zhuo people need sugar cube, not far from sugar cube, and they need cheap labor. Naturally, the two sides hit it off.
Of course, the Yu Xiaochu Foundation is a small vault not far from Zhuang. Most of it is all kinds of recovery and whitewashing of Qian Qian, which has contributed a lot.
Jia Yelian also expressed doubts about this small treasury foundation.
And then …
"This is also deducted 2 points!"
Not far from Zhuang, Mr. Jia is so strict!
The last one.
Jia Yelian stared at Zhuang and picked up the last copy.
The first two are so unreliable, and Jia Yelian’s last one will be even more unreliable. Who would have thought …
"Hey? Wait for this … "
The last one, of course, is the Frost Winery.
Even if he doesn’t pay much attention to the brewing industry, Jia Yelian also knows that Frost Distillery is still very influential in the international sake industry, and there are often Fusang customers and friends’ chambers of commerce to send Jia Yelian.
And look at business planning, investment analysis, development planning and so on. It’s so perfect that even Jia Yelian, a business veteran, can’t find anything wrong.
Compared with the previous two courses, this one looks like taking a good student course, erasing the name and changing it to yourself.