It also means … Up to two people have six shots!
My heart ached with treasure and purity, and I couldn’t wait to jump directly from the cliff and scream at the top of my lungs. "SEC. Uncle … Lengxiao … Lengxiao, I beg you, don’t gamble again, okay? You go. I know you have a way to go. Leave me alone! "
Lengxiao looked at her and hooked her lips.
How can you ignore it? One is his wife and the other is his children.
"Don’t worry, I’ve always been lucky."
"Luck … don’t be a cold owl …" The corners of her mouth twitched. Baoqi didn’t know what else to say except saying this sentence over and over again. In fact, it is not terrible for a person to die in seconds. It is this torture process.
Six shots of gambling …
One shot …
Another shot …
One more shot …
The fifth hole was shot five times in a row …
Then the last shot is left. Unfortunately, it’s the gun’s turn. Cold owl has said that it contains the only bullet.
The gun was held in the hand again, and the cold owl’s black eyes flashed, and his right arm slowly lifted, squeezing the revolver tightly, clenching it again, and slowly lifting it to his temple.
In the panic of Bao Qi …
He suddenly turned the gun and pointed it straight at the wild forehead-
Section 61
Oh, I don’t want to get rid of the ghost card, but I’m out of time and I can’t finish it …
My head is about to explode, girls. Let’s go on! Little by little! Rush to the end! Thanks to the girls for their enthusiasm! All kinds of thanks!
☆, 16 meters to stimulate the eyeball Dongdong!
One second the situation is reversed?
Four-immersion waves in platform waves and wind
The muzzle of the cold owl’s dark revolver pointed directly at the wild head.
Pull your finger on the trigger.
If you want to shoot in the wild, you will die.
Gee …
See he fought back the treasure and pure secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
When brake gold is crazy, he has already burned his eyes, and his chest vibrates with a jerk. He tightens his neck and muzzle against her temple, raising his voice and shouting "Cold owl, don’t mess around, I warn you … don’t mess around! Or I’ll kill her now! Kill her-!"
Leng Xiao turned his head and looked at Jin’s nervous eyes. "I also warn you-don’t mess around!"
The gunman shook his lips slightly and dared not touch them.
In this situation, it is hard to say who wins or loses!
Yexun was stunned for half a second when a gun was pointed at his head. His mouth smiled happily and shrugged his shoulders. He asked with a sarcastic smile, "Chief Leng is willing to lose the bet. Can’t you afford to lose?"
Leng Xiao’s side eyes stared at him strongly, and a pair of dark and deep eyes were cut like a sword on his cheek, holding a gun in awe-inspiring and strong posture, and his muscles were full like a bow and arrow ready to go, and the sound was as cold as ice.
"Wild looking for her to leave me will certainly fulfill my promise!"
"It’s no problem for you to keep your promise!" Yexun touched the evil spirit of Ba indifferently and smiled at the bottom of her eyes. "If you die, I will naturally let her leave me, but she keeps her word."
"You’d better!" Lengxiao coldly finished staring at his hand suddenly closed.
In a second, the gun in his hand touched his temple again.
Baoqi was shocked!
Looking at him and seeing the situation change again, his face has already turned pale.
Uncle really wants to shoot himself one last time?
Shot at the temple. Is he alive?
"Don’t-!" This scene is too tragic. Bao Qi’s heart is full of grief and indignation, and he is struggling to be bound by his body and shouting, "Uncle, I don’t want you. I did this with the gun in your hand. You killed him now … Don’t worry about me …"
Shouting, yelling and growling, she stared at the cold owl, and her eyes were full of water waves, and her legs were so weak that sadness swept through her body, and her face was full of tears.
"Good boy, cold head really keeps his word!" Wild looking around a uber smiled again, and the evil sound was even more pleasant. "Don’t worry! If you don’t break your word, I certainly won’t. "
Leng Xiao nodded and said nothing more. When his eyes swept Bao Qi’s face, his mouth evoked a comforting smile, but his coldness was trapped in the depths of his eyes and stared at her for a few seconds. He slowly turned around and leveled his revolver at his temple. The whole person straightened his back and froze like a statue
The green military uniform sets off his outline, cold and hard, and his figure is more perfect, like a wild leopard running out of the jungle.
But his gun is himself.
She shook her head, Bao Qi trembled and burst into tears.
"SEC. Uncle … you don’t want a gun …"
Sobbing and sobbing, but there was nothing she could do except say no to her. At this moment, she hated herself for not having a super-collar, and her wrist was strangled by a rope. However, she was unaware that her heartache was twisted in her heart and woven into a fishnet everywhere, capturing her nerves.