He didn’t spend a long time in the fantasy westward journey, and it was only over a year, but in this year, he made his own friends and team, and he paid too much for the fantasy westward journey, which is why he had so many followers and so many supporters, but now the dream should be over
Aside, Wan couldn’t help but see Suker’s vision, and Suker’s back path.
"Suk, why don’t we continue to play with dreams? Anyway … "
Suk shook his head when he heard Wan’s words.
It’s not that he doesn’t love Fantasy Westward Journey, but that he loves life more, and there are many things that he needs to deal with in real life. Before thinking about Fantasy Westward Journey, he will pass the time for entertainment, but now he knows that he should face up to himself and do what he should do first. For Fantasy Westward Journey, he didn’t say that it is possible to quit, and it is much less when he logs in to the game.
"It’s okay. I know what I do."
When she heard Suk’s words, A Wan was puzzled, but she knew that what Suk did was largely due to herself. She knew that Suk loved fantasy westward journey more than anyone else.
So despite her intention to persuade Suk, she bit her lip and didn’t speak.
And Suk also called lazy Xiaotian at this time.
"What’s the matter?"
Lazy Xiaotian is still immersed in the joy of Suk’s defeat of Level 2 G, forgetting that Suk told him that he would quit the fantasy westward journey. Now it seems that Suk is so excited and happy that something suddenly crossed his head after asking questions.
"You don’t want this time?"
"I’ll lend you a microphone."
Without much explanation, Suk took the lazy Xiaotian microphone.
The original also cheered for those dream friends who saw Suk take over the lazy Xiaotian hand microphone. What did Suk want to say? After defeating G, they all shut up, and many things would have a chain reaction. Soon the whole hall was quiet.
Suk looked at these and killed himself, urk, and when the dream friends came, they smoked their noses again. He wiped his eyes without showing any trace and then smiled and said,
"Thank you very much for coming, including those who are still watching the dream live. We have been accompanied by you all the way through urk, which is our greatest gain."
"Winning this battle is not accidental, but inevitable because our last pk of urk can’t fail. Thank you all very much for accompanying us to win the peak of urk."
"Everyone has his own things to do and his own responsibilities."
Suk’s eyes swept around tens of thousands of dream friends, and then from lazy Xiaotian, ending, Han Xuanxuan to finally falling down.
"So do I."
"I also asked everyone in the family before, and everyone’s meaning is similar to mine. In the dream westward journey, we put too much effort into many things in real life, and we failed to do a good job. This time, we solved the level 2 G method in ten rounds and said goodbye to everyone."
"I know this news is presumptuous and sudden, but I hope everyone can understand and support us. We are not trying to quit our dreams, but we may bring all the games to life in the years to come."
"Thank you again, and on behalf of every member of urk, I’m sorry."
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five Make bridal chamber buckle 1
totally confused
A face of capitalization is forced!
At the moment, the tens of thousands of dream friends in this huge sports venue are all looking at the urk with a blank face.
S … what did brother s……sk say?
He said urk was quitting the fantasy westward journey stage?
What does this mean? Is urk going out of the pit?
Everyone is hesitant. Everyone wants to tell urk that they hope urk won’t leave, but everyone looks at the people around them. They know that since urk has made such a decision, he will never change his mind at will, just as urk has always been uncompromising at first.
At this time, whether it is the tens of thousands of dream friends in the venue or the dream friends watching the scene in front of their brains and mobile phones, urk began to recall scenes in their minds from the beginning when they were still in the elite class of 69.
It’s true that urk has brought countless memories to several dream friends. It’s a pity that urk will quit the stage of fantasy westward journey. Who will they worship after urk leaves? Who to follow? Who to believe in?
There are countless players in the whole Fantasy Westward Journey, and which team can compete with urk?
Despite all the sadness in my heart, when Suk said this on behalf of urk, everyone knew that urk’s departure was a foregone conclusion and it was hard to stay.
At the moment, the mood of Taisuke and others is also very complicated. They know that leaving home will be more painful, but they never thought that when Suk said this sentence, his heart would be like a knife.
Yes! Before, we fought side by side, and everyone was going to live and go their separate ways.
Once, everyone can remember the long history in crazy games.
Without saying a word, Suk took the lead in urk, and everyone bent over to the stage, and tens of thousands of dream friends bowed to the dream friends who were watching the live broadcast of tens of millions of balls at the moment.
Then Suk led the urk people to leave the backstage passage of the game.
There is no sound in the whole hall, and there are countless tears.
Everyone knows that their faith collapsed at this moment.
Lazy Xiaotian’s mood is also very heavy. He knows that he has to maintain the mood of tens of thousands of dream friends in the hall and calm the mood of tens of millions of foreign dream friends in front of his brain and mobile phone. He has a hard time squeezing out a smile.
"Everybody don’t be sad."
"This is urk’s choice. I hope everyone can respect urk’s decision. I hope everyone can support urk no matter what time in the future, and I believe."
"Although urk is gone, there will definitely be an urk. There will definitely be one."
Although the last sentence was said to all the people in Taiwan, it was also said to himself that Xiaotian was lazy. After he finished this sentence, his eyes were already wet. He handed the microphone to A Girl Without Sorrow and took a deep breath and chased urk and went out.
And a young figure in the first row of the audience is also holding his fist tightly at the moment.
My thoughts are also returning to reality at this moment.
Han Xuanxuan dumped his head.
Looking at the current channel, tens of thousands of dream friends ask themselves questions.
Is urk back?
Or do you want to leave after playing this palace?
Han Xuanxuan really didn’t know how to answer this question, but one side thought it was accepted.
"Hey, I think everyone’s asking this question is very brainy."
Because the party wants to fuck urk and Xu Yun account, everyone is talking to Xu Yun at this time.
"Senior Xu Yun, what do you mean by this sentence?"
"Yes, what do you mean by our brains?"
If the average person said that, then the tens of thousands of dream friends around would have been angry long ago, but now it is the top commander of the dream westward journey pyramid in urk who says! After hearing Fang Xiang’s words, everyone around him was wondering at Fang Xiang and asked
"Oh this question-"
Fang wanted to think, and then the current channel said
"Because you can’t see the problem accurately."
"It should be Han Xuanxuan’s blessing in front of everyone, right?"
Because Xu Yun’s dream friends also said that the other party wanted to address Xu Yun’s predecessors, and now they are also talking in a Xu Yun tone.
It’s Fang Xiang’s words that make those dream friends around better understand.
What is Han Xuanxuan’s blessing?
Look at those dream friends around you and say "?" There is a "…" Party can’t help but mutter a mouth.
"I said that you are really stupid. Have you forgotten what Han Xuanxuan called urk everyone?"
"Is it to fight a palace?"