Chu Buddhist’s chatty tone seems to be sneering.
"Not as good as Buddhist adult …"
Zhao Cuo suddenly recalled that she had been hugging each other for seven days to keep warm.
"Forget it, are you ready to wait until the end of the Heroes of Heaven Congress and then take Ning Wang back to Beijing?"
Chu don’t hesitate to change the subject.
"That’s how the plan came, thanks to the fact that Mr. Pang took the king of Ning when Buddhist adults acted decisively."
He felt that the little Buddhist just seemed reckless, but the calm exercise was too strong. Directly holding Ning Wang once and for all made him lose his choice.
When he finished, he returned to Beijing. After that, the Chu Buddhist suddenly ignored him directly and didn’t give him a message for a night.
The next day, he made Ning Wang’s life as usual smooth and smooth, and two days passed quickly.
"Buddhist adults have listening ability for Ning Wanggu, right?"
Take the carriage to the Tian Hero Conference. Zhao looked at the fallen fairy-like Buddhist and asked lightly.
"I’m watching his every move now, and he’s leaving for the meeting with your princess. No problem."
Chu don’t lightly say something embarrassing Zhao Xiaogong.
"Master Chu really misunderstood me."
Zhao wrong suddenly stretched not to live.
"Princess taste …"
Chu don’t branch Gherardini let him defeat.
The good venue is not far from where he lives. Xiaobie Branch doesn’t have much chance to tease him and has to call him "Dad".
So in front of the talented people of the Seven Kingdoms, they played a father’s kindness and filial piety and entered the party to gather in Yizhuang, where the military arranged a front seat for them.
Why should something happen in such a place?’
Zhao fault looked around out of the corner of his eye in some wonder.
A ring-shaped viewing platform surrounds a ring in the center of the lobby.
"Is it difficult to choose a general?"
He muttered in his heart
"Is that the Princess Hall of Huainan Guoanle County?"
The elite in the Seven Kingdoms suddenly became restless and saw a young girl in a pink and white coat guard walking at a gentle pace to sit at the front.
"We didn’t find out about the Chen family of Huainan royal family in Xishu."
Standing at Zhao’s wrong side, Chu Buddhist suddenly said,
"There is no time"