"Be sure to put it out!"
The attention of the swarm to the minaret has strengthened Zhang Yang’s determination to destroy it.
If you look at the target, you will no longer have reservations.
As soon as a white jade seal was offered, it immediately rose in the wind and blinked into a huge mountain, where it almost covered the whole day.
And this huge white jade seal is covered with a layer of blue ice flame, which is constantly beating and horrible.
Beep, beep, beep
In the ringing sound, the white jade seal has not taken the initiative to attack. A group of borers around it have been frozen by the blue ice flame, and the ice sculptures are falling towards the ground.
Zhang Yang hands a pinch to a finger.
White jade seal with great power directly toward the steeple seal.
Chapter six hundred and sixty Consume XuanLing ice flame
White jade, big seal, mighty power, unstoppable place, roadblock borers have been crushed, and in a flash, they have reached the steeple near.
All of a sudden, a few particularly sharp calls for a few flashes of black light to shoot out the steeple and white jade seal from the steeple cave.
White jade printing is printing. These black lights are not so directly crushed forward, but the printing body is stopped when it flashes.
When you look at it again, those black lights are strange insects with hard shells, four sharp claws, insect bodies and faces.
When the white jade seal is instantaneous, the Xuanling ice flame around the white jade seal has also swept around and entangled them. These strange insects are all jumping with light blue ice flames and layers of frost condensation.
These vermin’s face flashed a look of extremely humanized pain.
"Face worm! It turned out to be a face worm! "
Zhang Yang a surprised suddenly turned to look at the spire like thinking of something. The puzzled look in her eyes flashed, followed by the extremely shocked look and shouted.
"Mother worm! This steeple must be a mother bug! "
"Face worms have always been associated with moth borers. They are powerful guards to protect the mother borers. They can achieve the title of the strong by themselves. The trouble is that they can jointly strike each other and make their strength soar."
"Where there are people with worms, there must be a mother worm. It is somewhat unexpected that this mother worm appears in the form of a steeple."
"In the sea of the universe, there is a variety of female insects, and it really happens!"
"Hum! In ancient times, the females in the first world war were all in the same form, which made me careless! "
"It’s no wonder that borers gushed out of the mountains like exhausted! This can explain clearly! There is a female worm! Mother worm! "
At this time, Zhang Yang’s heart was shocked far more than when he saw the world’s lore array and the boundary curtain. He personally experienced the World War I in ancient times, and his understanding of Zhang Yang, a terrible family with female worms, was clearer than anyone.
"Since the first female worm appears, it is hard to say that there will be more second and third."
Zhang Yang worried and immediately went to Fujimori and others to know the sound of God.
"Hurry up and attack the borer mountains. There are female worms here!"
"Female worm?"
"What? There are female worms in the borer mountains? "
"It’s the master!"
Teng Lin and others are also eating heavily, and they dare not have any more reservations. They have shown their strongest attacks and are desperate to break through the borer mountains.
If there were no female worms, they would fight conservatively to protect themselves against the borers, which is not wrong.
But it’s the stupidest thing to do to compete with the moth borers.
It’s a good way to deal with the borer population to wipe out the female worms regardless of the whole thing.
On a gorgeous day, a streamer is flying rapidly.
The body shape is Zhang Yang, a human being.
At this time, human Zhang Yang’s eyes were also anxious and looked at the direction of the borer mountains
"Mother worm! The female worm is alive again. If we let them escape from the borer mountain range, the whole world will be destroyed! If they grow up, there will be a disaster in the whole universe. "
"Those guys of the shemale clan, do you really know how terrible you released?"
"Damn it!"
Mouth muttered Zhang Yang is afraid to do more delay a dun light toward the borer mountains.
Nine babies, who have just recovered their bodies, are also driving the light to fly in the direction of the borer mountains.
Yu Benlei Sanbao and others continue to guard a new abode of fairies and immortals. There is a faint blood gas floating in a box with mysterious inscriptions in it-that’s another drop of life jingxie of Jiu Ying and the information that he will be resurrected once he falls.
A few people face insect screaming a faint energy fluctuation to each other.