With that, Jeong-won made a series of gestures with a jerk of his arms, and Yang said, "I’ll try my best to involve Momosuo for two hours, hoping that you two can escape."
The white clouds of the ruler Guanghua Dasheng Zhengyuan merged into the ruler layer by layer, forming a white light flashing square box floating around and covering the Maha golden bowl.
The golden light and white cover are flashing, but I can’t run out.
Zheng Yuan’s face is slightly ruddy and his mouth is full of shouts "Measure the white clouds and measure the cage for me …"
Momosuo has a strange cry in the sky, "Do you want to cut off my connection with the golden bowl? Zhengyuan Niubi, you are really good at wishful thinking. "
Thick fingers jerked into a finger and a few sharp golden lights rowed to zhengyuan, and the white clouds in the cage kept shaking.
A direct array behind Jeong-won assists Jeong-won. Four distracted monks look at each other and move around in unison. One after another, they cross their legs and sit behind Jeong-won. They help Jeong-won to compete with Momo.
Bai Chen suddenly and violently yelled "Mr. Boss, let’s go."
Liu Bo nodded slightly, reached out and waved, and a dark stick appeared. The body of the stick jumped high and the stick was inserted into the sky with a jerk.
Behind him, the three Taoist couples fluttered and flew sleeves to intercept the ents’ attack. As Liu Bo rushed to the heights behind him.
Shuren Tian Yu yelled, "Suotian stopped them and didn’t let them escape."
Momosotian flew up and held the cane in his hand high, and the cyan cyclone began to gather the cane.
Bai Chen gritted his teeth and growled "No way"
Peng a whole body into a Peng blood rain spread out behind Liu Bo.
The other three distracted monks of Wan The Hunger Island looked at each other and blasted themselves into blood drops and quickly merged into the blood rain in Bai Chen.
A bloody river of blood donation roared into the pavement of Momosotian’s dirty lotus flower and pungent blood gas.
Bloody *
Don’t fight hard. Momosotian frowned slightly, and his cane in his hand rushed forward, crashing down and flying back.
There was a crashing earthquake in the sky.
Chapter 24 Terran hit hard
The green light spread from the rattan stick before it hit the ground, and hit the flying river of blood, where blood flowed and blood droplets flew. It seemed that there was an unwilling ghost crying and being disintegrated in the river of blood.
Fiona Fang, miles ahead of Momosota, was swayed by green light.
A small piece of floating white clouds was left in the dirty river of blood, and some blood drops in the river of blood were instantly removed by green light, but more blood drops spread out all over the high clouds like being washed away by huge waves.
Many blood drops are still floating in the white clouds at an extremely fast speed and chasing after them in the direction of Momosotian 2.
Before you know it, the head of Momosuo Tengmu’s staff seems to be dyed red, and a little bit of blood appears.
Momosotian frowned and waved the rattan staff constantly, and the frequency was extremely fast, and the green light kept coming out to wash the head of the staff to prevent more lotus flower from contaminating his life.
The bloody The Hunger Island is the most bizarre monk who can cultivate himself and incarnate the bloody opponent at the cost of the physical body, causing great destructive power to destroy the opponent’s physical body and Lingbao.
Of course, this is also a lose-lose game.
After the blood stain *, the monk in Wan The Hunger Island was badly injured and needed to soak in the blood for a long time to recover quickly.
I didn’t expect the bloody king to be so strong-willed that he was in a good state. When he was in a good state, he used a few strong hands to display the bloody *
Momosotian has also been entangled, constantly changing his position and entangled with the lotus flower.
Liu Bo, the king of God, has a faint face that can’t bear the blood. The second child will even be defeated this time. From then on, the base is absolutely perfect.
Wan The Hunger Island has benefited a lot from making friends with old trees. It’s not careless to taste it yourself.
Today, the Terran has an unshirkable responsibility for robbing itself.
The Hunger Island’s strength is greatly damaged, and Kunxu Palace will also be greatly damaged after World War I. I don’t know if I can rush out.
Many years later, terrans may be able to live in seclusion and wait for agarwood to grow up before they have a chance to straighten up.
If the Terran loses too much this time, even if Aquilaria grows up in the future, it will be difficult to support itself.
However, if you have to get out of Wan The Hunger Island or Brother Kunxu Palace, even if you lose weight, there are some means to keep yourself from falling completely.
However, the friar of Wu Jingu Palace is different from the three concubines’ double cultivation and double cultivation with their own lives. Once something goes wrong, the three concubines will still be abolished.