His body is covered by this thick fog, and his eyes pass through the mountains like two dark gold flashes.
This mountain range is blessed with too many formations. It’s like walking here with several mountains under your weight.
Suddenly, there was a low roar ahead, and there was a glow of terror sweeping around, and then there was a scream soon, and some people died.
"Master SHEN WOO is a bloody heart at hand! “
A Taoist youth chuckled
In front of him, an old man in a gray robe with a gray hair and a somewhat pale appearance sneered at a heart with a rather extraordinary color in his hand. "This kind of miscellaneous fish dares to come here on a heavy day. I don’t know how to fish in troubled waters. Maple, you have been with the teacher for tens of thousands of years. Although you have studied a lot, your actual combat experience is few and far between. Nowadays, this mountain of broken souls has been buried by giants from all sides, and many people have been blocked here when the world is blocked. This is a natural test site, and it is up to the teacher to let you hone it here.
"It’s a master!"
The young man fuels and says
Suddenly, the old man’s eyes flashed and became worse than the terrible brush. The eyes always looked empty on this side, and they became yin and Li sneered, "It’s a good way to hide cause and effect, but it’s not enough to fish in troubled waters."
Suddenly, his fingers moved three obscure lights and instantly rushed over. The finger force was terrible and contained a kind of death breath, which swept away directly towards Xiao Yu’s seat in the distance.
Xiao Yu’s facial expression changed just as he passed by. I didn’t expect the old man’s spirit to feel so terrible that it was simply unfathomable. He hurriedly propped up a golden shield and was hit by the old man’s finger force. He spouted a mouthful of blood and showed his body as a streamer and quickly fled to the distance.
"The road is heavy!"
The young man’s eyes suddenly flashed with a cold, shiny sneer. "If you don’t trust the master personally, I’ll take care of this person. How dare you come here to seize the chance and die!"
He disappeared towards Xiao Yu body quickly back to the past.
The old man nodded, "Feng Er, you have now reached the realm of Dao Jing, and when you deal with this kind of miscellaneous fish, I will go to the demon master first to see if you have killed him and come to me directly."
He turned and walked towards the distance, lost his breath after one step of disillusionment and a few flashes.
Xiao Yu’s mouth is bleeding and his heart is awe-inspiring
Just now, the strength of that old man is simply unfathomable. He has hidden the cause and effect and has no breath to give off, but I didn’t expect that he was still perceived by the other party and directly injured him every other finger.
This method is amazing!
"Someone’s coming. It’s the young man around the old guy."
Xiao Yu’s eyebrows suddenly moved to the rear, and a figure was surging like a ghost.
Xiao Yu’s mind was alert to heaven, and he was relieved after shooting at the rear without finding the old man.
Soon, his eyes turned cold and his eyes flashed.
"You dare to come after me without old things watching you. I’ve never killed anyone!"
Xiao Yu suddenly accelerated and fell towards a mountain in front.
His blood gas transpiration golden light flow was injured by the old man’s finger, and his body suddenly recovered quickly, and the fog rolled and the wound healed.
His cold eyes scan that rapidly approaching figure in the distance.
The figure rushed all the way to the body, and the murder was lingering in his mouth. Hey, hey, he smiled. "The master was called a murderer, and he meant to kill the sky. He didn’t count me. His only brother has been with the master for tens of thousands of years. How can he kill this broken mountain without a little killing? It will be my Yan Feng’s rise to kill a Taoist figure. From now on, my opponent can be a Taoist!"
He flashed across the virtual body and passed away in the blink of an eye.
Soon he appeared before Xiao Yu with a cruel smile on his face, and his eyes seemed to be staring at an art.
"It’s good to be able to hold on until now with my teacher’s finger, but it’s a pity that you are still a road to death, and I will rise from you!"
He didn’t give Xiao Yu a chance to say more without saying a word. Suddenly, a turbulent purple gas broke out behind him and evolved into a purple sun, full of vigor and vitality, which thundered and broke the mountains and rivers in all directions.
He looked cold and waved his fist directly towards Xiao Yu and nullified the past with one punch.
The strength of the road is four days!
In the face of this surging terrorist force, Xiao Yu’s body is motionless, her eyes are indifferent, and her mouth gradually reveals a sarcastic arc.
Suddenly, the golden light burns and a dazzling screen directly forms the pure land of Nai, which dissipates the boxing force on the spot.
Xiao Yu’s body rushed out and his eyes were terrible. Long hair hung freely like a golden cloud to make the young man’s face unbelievable.
"What? How can you stop my punch? "
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-one Escape
Xiao Yu was shrouded in the pure land of Nai, and the burning runes were harsh like a vast cloud, and the pressure like a mountain made the young man furious.
His fist force rushed to Xiao Yu and was directly scattered in shape at the moment!
Suddenly, a purple flying sword appeared behind him, and his hands were folded and he drank a "God kills all swords!"
The purple flying sword instantly rushed out like a thunderbolt, and quickly went to the extreme and went to Xiao Yu’s body.
But this fly sword rushed to Xiao Yunai’s pure land, and it was like knocking down a wall that was harder than a hard wall, giving a rumbling sound.
The whole flying sword stopped directly in front of Xiao Yu, and then the light dissipated truthfully. The outside world lost its connection and fell to Xiao Yu’s pure land.
Xiao Yu’s eyes were deep and terrible, and two fairy lights flashed directly into the young man’s mind.
The young man spit out one mouthful blood, and several pictures appeared in his mind.
However, his will is more terrible than Xiao Yu’s call to the magic solution. Although it made his mind chaotic and there were several illusions, it did not make him deeply involved.
His nose and mouth were bleeding, and he suddenly roared loudly.
A layer of purple sound waves rolled and thought about spreading out in all directions, and the surrounding mountains and forests were thundered by his roar, and the sound was earth-shattering.
The illusion of numbers quickly disappeared in my mind.
He was covered in cold sweat and turned pale, and he was about to retreat to the rear in a hurry.
Xiao Yu’s strength is so terrible that he can’t believe it
This is definitely a magic weapon than a powerful magic weapon!
Only in this way can we stop his attack!
His experience in actual combat is more shallow than that of others. He has always been a master of his own, sweeping all the way and never meeting anyone who can resist.
Now he met Xiao Yu such a nemesis on his first shot!
Let him fail in two terrible ways in a row and be almost controlled by Xiao Yu. Yuan Shen immediately panicked him.
When he got rid of the dreamland, his face panicked and retreated toward the rear, Xiao Yu’s body had already crossed, his eyes were cold and he raised a big hand to cover his body directly.