"It’s true or false that there is a fairy house!"
I heard Fang Yuanfu suddenly say that an alarm suddenly sounded in the fairy house crowd.
Fairy house?
Chang Sheng’s eyebrows are wrinkly, and he is no stranger to the word Fairy House. In the history of Tianyuan China, some people rose into the celestial world after reaching a certain level. After these people rose, they came to China the day before yesterday to practice life and live in a treasure house, so they were called Fairy House.
If you think about it, you will know how precious it is!
If there is a fairy house in it, if you want to get into it and get the baby inside, your strength will be greatly improved!
Chang Sheng listened to Fang Yuanfu’s words and his heart suddenly became hot.
Not only Changsheng, but all the people who participated in the tournament heard that there was a fairy house in the western hills, and their eyes shot hot eyes!
Fairy mansion, that’s a fairy mansion. If you can enter the middle school, you must be able to soar.
Fang Yuanfu said that his face was a little excited when he heard the noise. He didn’t continue until the party took effect and gradually became smaller. "Naturally, I also know that this matter is very dangerous, and naturally it won’t be the assessment standard. There are many zombies in the western hills. These zombies are strong and weak. The most frightening thing is that these zombies are very numerous."
"You can slay these zombies after you enter the middle school. After these zombies die, their souls will automatically float out of your bodies. You need to collect these zombie souls. At that time, I will judge whether you are qualified to enter the tournament according to the number of souls you collect. I don’t know how many zombie souls you will collect, because the number of people in a tournament will be 100,000."
"At most 100,000 people who receive souls will naturally enter. In addition, if anyone can find the secret inside, even if a soul does not receive it, it can naturally enter a round. Those who can’t find the secret inside will also have special treatment in the tournament. Don’t say that this is unfair because the discovery of the secret inside proves that the discoverer is better than others."
Fang Yuanfu said for a long time before he waved his hand and said, "Well, that’s all I have to say. Besides, fighting is forbidden in the western hills. Once you find out, you will be severely punished, so you can enter the western hills."
Chang Sheng, listening to Fang Yuanfu’s words, sighed in his heart. Fang Yuanfu is worthy of being a country emperor. This assessment method is really high
There are so many zombies in Xishan Mountain that it will take a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources for the emperor to destroy them, but there are 200 thousand people to do. What’s more, he hasn’t said how many zombies to kill, so he must kill zombies harder than people.
And wait until the second round, he can divide the form of confrontation according to how many zombies he kills, and then he will encounter a strong dialogue.
Gaodang is really high!
Chang Sheng thought about what it was like to go west to the mountain with the crowd. Two hundred thousand people poured into a mountain together. Chang Sheng finally saw the cover of the sun and people everywhere. It was like locusts crossing the border. He wanted to find a place to wait until everyone entered the Xishan Mountain, but so many people wanted to retreat, but he couldn’t retreat. There were still several people pouring forward behind him. There were also many people in the sky who used their hands to linger.
Chang Sheng, a team of 200,000 people, didn’t know how many people in front of him walked for a long time or ran for a long time before he entered the Western Hills.
As soon as I entered the Xishan Changsheng, I was stunned. However, many people gathered here at the foot of the Xishan Mountain. They entered the Xishan area, but they did not take a step forward.
"What do these people want to do when they enter the western hills but stop moving forward?" Fang Wen is also a little strange to see these people. If hundreds of people gather here, he won’t feel strange, but the problem is that gathering people here is not a matter of hundreds or thousands.
Chapter 527 into the western hills
"I can probably guess some reasons." Guo Fengwen glanced at the crowd and whispered, "Look at these people. Their roots are not looking inside the Xishan Mountain, but thinking about looking outside the Xishan Mountain. I guess they don’t want to come to the Xishan Mountain. After hearing what the emperor said about the inside of the Xishan Mountain, they planned to leave the tournament. At that time, the emperor didn’t say that they couldn’t get into the Xishan Mountain. I think they planned to wait until there were more people and then leave the Xishan Mountain immediately."
"Reasonable" Fang Wen and Yue Yichen heard Guo Feng explain that they both nodded at the same time.
"In addition to this reason, there are a group of people who should want to find more people to form a team. After all, not all of them come together like us …"
Guo Feng’s words haven’t finished yet. An alarm suddenly sounded in the crowd.
"Look, it’s Joe Mo, Archduke Joe."
"Joe, Lao Wang, son, Joe, come over quickly."
Chang Sheng heard the sudden riots and the crowd turned to look back, and suddenly the Jomo figure appeared in his eyes.
This guy has seen it himself. At that time, he was still with a guy named Zheng Yang among the five sects. At that time, the two ended in a draw, but the ancient monty said that this Jomo language has hidden strength. This is a master.
Jomo language seems to deliberately let others notice that he walked into the crowd. Jomo language looked at the crowd and smiled gently. "You may be more dangerous in the western hills than you think. Zombies in the western hills may not be our opponents alone, but as far as Joe knows, there are countless zombies in the western hills. If you fight alone, the zombie siege is not good. So Joe suggested that everyone finally act together."