It is because of this endless cycle of vitality that the other side does not stop.
"Ghost Lord!" Amitabha, the pure land of Lingshan, suddenly flashed a obliterating machine in his face. "I didn’t expect the ghost Lord to want this way to restrain me. If I don’t respond, the other shore may really be destroyed."
"If you act?" Kong Xuan looked at the Buddha.
The Buddha twisted his orchid finger and then thought for a while before saying, "It’s a white idea to purify everything by dripping the water of forgetfulness."
After that, I saw Amitabha’s fingers at a moment’s notice, but I saw the Buddha’s light shining in my hand, revealing the scene on the other side of the nether world.
Facing the exhausted blood ghost, the young monk gently sighed and stretched out his palm, and then the forgetful water was instantly sucked into his mouth. Then the young monk suddenly sprayed the other side, and a few blood ghosts were instantly purified where the rain fell, and the pure ghosts were purified again. Then, the flowers on the other side stimulated the crazy growth and instantly swallowed up the ghosts to nourish their own bodies.
The "f * * king" saw this scene, and some ghost owners couldn’t sit still. "Buddhism really has some doorways and means to be poor. I temporarily called the blood ghost back. I didn’t expect that the ecstasy would still have this effect."
"In the future, all my Buddhist brothers who can practice Buddhism in the palm of their hands can enter the nether world to moderate the ten ghosts and expand the incense and solidify the world." Amitabha’s method aims to make the silence of Lingshan instantaneous, and then the qi rises into the sky.
What do Buddhists rely on to do Kun?
Ghosts! It is only a blink of an eye for soul believers to have poor soul believers to bless Gankun in the palm of their hands and cultivate into a great world.
Of course, it’s a long way to go to create a vast world. Now Amitabha has created tens of billions of ghosts. The world has not yet been created. It can be seen that the creation of heaven and earth is really rare and needs a lot of soul belief.
The decree came to Amitabha Pure Land, connecting the barrier door of Yin and Yang, and slowly descending the projection of the Great Thunder Temple. Since today, several believers in Lingshan have been able to enter the nether world to snatch ghosts and continuously weaken the foundation of the nether world.
As soon as this decree landed, more than a dozen innate immortal flashes had soared into the sky and disappeared into the channel of yin and yang, which descended on the other side.
"Amitabha’s move is too vicious." The ghost in the netherworld is blue in the face. "If it’s too late, it’s necessary to wait until it’s too late to give these bastards a good look and know that I’m terrible in the netherworld." The ghost master stretched out his big hands to suppress the arrival several times.
Amitabha is not a vegetarian in the pure land world, and the ghost’s palm collides with the sun and rolls up storms. With this kung fu, the quasi-strong have sneaked into the nether world and disappeared.
"Damn Amitabha, you don’t behave yourself," the ghost Lord angered.
"rules? That’s your rule in the nether world. If you don’t want to embarrass me many times, you will be so passive in dealing with all kinds of tricks in the nether world, "Amitabha said."
"passive?" After hearing Amitabha’s words, the ghost Lord wants to spit out an old blood and then plant your head on it. Is this called passivity?
Looking at the West Lake, lady white snake Xiaoqing really brought back the soul of Xu Xian from the underworld, but it was already late. It seems that it is difficult for Xu Xian to be resurrected because of his stiff body.
"Sister has missed the best opportunity to return to the sun. What should I do now?" The Xiaoqing looked at lady white snake way
Chapter 174 Road flyover clear water
"It’s not a good idea to trouble Bodhisattva all the time. Let’s go to Lishan and ask my master." Bai Niang frowned and looked at the gradually cooled stiff body, and suddenly frowned and went away to the dusty land.
"Brother lady white snake asks for the master" lady white snake shouted from the dusty land.
"If you want to return the sun, you have to drop a drop of blood from the sea beast." The sound of leaving the dust slowly came out from the cave of leaving the dust
"Master, master also asked the master to point out where a younger brother can dance with sea animals?" Lady white snake sound anxious way
"Taiyuan Road Taoist Mount with clear water is like a sea animal, you can remember it" from the dust road.
"Taiyuan Road?" Hearing this, lady white snake hesitated. However, the nine-door gate itself was just a snake race, and he was afraid that others would look down on him.
"Sister, even if it’s hard, you have to go." Xiaoqing said.
"Idiot, the Taoist priest with clear water has already lived in Taiyuan Road in the mountain cave, and you go to Taiyuan Road, where 3,600 miles southwest is the Taoist priest with clear water." The sound of dust came out from the cave.
"Thank you, Master." lady white snake Xiaoqing said goodbye to the Taoist priest Li Chen and drove all the way to the Taiyuan Road.
"Brother, you were miserable enough when you killed the Taoist priest with clear water. Now you will provoke the Taoist priest with clear water again." Forgetting dust, a pair of eyes took a sullen look at Jade Duxiu.
"Some cause and effect should be resolved. This ice spirit is just a decoration for me now." Jade Duxiu smiled lightly.
Road flyover Bishui had a hard time in the past five thousand years, when he was defeated by Yu Duxiu in the middle domain and lost his ice spirit. Even the dancing sea animals were almost lost, which made the road flyover Bishui suffer from the supercilious look of other disciples. Later, he simply couldn’t stay in the door and opened a cave outside his own clan door, leaving an ear at leisure.
But without the ice spirit, relying on the magical power of the Taoist priest with clear water, the mana is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the rocket is generally climbing. Before the ice spirit suppresses its own mana, it is poured into the ice spirit. Don’t you think that now it is lost to practice the magic of the Taoist priest with clear water, and dzogchen’s ice spirit is even more famous?
"I heard that the wonderful show has been reincarnated and returned." Road flyover Bishui was gnawing at a popsicle in his hand.
"Yes, I’ve been reincarnated and returned. It’s said that Miao Xiu’s wild land is too fierce over there. The snake clan will be totally alienated by Miao Xiu. Twelve snake clan quasi-demon gods can’t resist him." Sitting opposite the road flyover Bishui, it was Mu Qingzhu.
The road flyover with clear water heard the news and sighed, "The more wonderful the magical power is, the more profound the overhaul is. Even the quasi-strong one says, it will turn into a channel. I don’t know if there is any hope to chase his ice spirit. I can’t take it back. This fellow has fallen by me for five thousand years in reincarnation. Now it seems that genius is genius."
"You also don’t think about the ice spirit you now is also quite good? It’s almost time for dzogchen to add ice spirit, divine light, and ordinary quasi-immortals to meet you. You should also comity three points. Without ice spirit, you can make great progress instead of waves. "Mu Qingzhu advised one.
"The ice spirit accompanied me for many years? Just like my son, now my son has been taken away. Do you think I can forget it? " Road flyover Bishui took a look at Muqingzhu. "It’s easy to talk."
Mu Qingzhu heard the news, hey hey smiled, holding a bamboo stick in his hand, and a plant in the depths of his eyes went straight into the sky, which was unfathomable and huge, and the mysterious runes of bamboo roads were uncertain, disillusioned and poor.
Just then, I suddenly heard a beautiful female voice outside. "I don’t know if the clear water is long?"
"Hey, the old man hasn’t had a guest in this abode of fairies and immortals for more than 5,000 years. Today, there are two monsters. It’s strange." The Taoist priest with clear water stood up and said, "I don’t know if these two monsters dare to board the gate."
After that, Bishui Daochang slowly walked out of the abode of fairies and immortals. "Is that old lady shouting in front of the abode of fairies and immortals?"
It is said that the white snake and the green snake came all the way to the boundary of Taiyuan Road and carefully turned around. Suddenly, they found such a strange place. The surrounding area of Taiyuan Road is warm as spring, but here is a piece of ice and snow, but it is a country of ice and ice.
Snakes are most afraid of the cold, but when I think about all the characteristics of the Taoist priest in Bishui, White Snake concludes that the Taoist priest in Bishui lives in seclusion here.
"Sister, this is where the Taoist Bishui lives?" Qingshedao
"It’s time for me to test it." The white snake said, and shouted, "I don’t know if it’s clear water."
When the words fell in the distance, I responded, but then I saw the Taoist priest walking out of the cave and stepping on the snow. "What are you two goblins doing in the cave?"
Looking at the cold wave surging in the eyes of Taoist Bishui, the whole body is cold and the world caters to the white snake, saying, "I have seen Xianshi come here today to ask Xianshi for help."
"help? Save what life? Save whose life? " That clear water is humanitarian.
"My husband was attacked by the nether world in black and white, and often two ghosts fell into the underworld. My sisters struggled to get back the soul, but my husband’s body was already stiff. The soul method fits well. Listen to my master’s instructions, and the long dance of the blood of the sea beast can be turned into a living body, and I specially came to get a drop of the blood of the sea beast." lady white snake respectfully said.
Looking at these pathetic two charming little girls, the eyes of the Taoist priest Bishui turned. "It’s not ordinary people who can ask black and white to join hands to plot against your husband. I don’t know who the surname is?"