"No, no, no," the old cat shook his head. "My contact with women is not just the last sleep. I love them from the bottom of my heart, and when the two sides contact, I completely put myself into my role … To put it bluntly, I give as much as the other side. Can you be white?"
"I don’t give a shit. Aren’t you afraid of thunder when you say this?" Qin yuyan
"Do you believe it or not?" The old cat asked bluntly with her legs crossed. "I asked you if you like Lin Hanhan?"
Qin Yuguo nodded his head. "I like it, but when I was in the north, his brother told me …"
"I found that there is another problem with you, that is, you are always used to thinking far away when things happen." The old cat suddenly interrupted with an impatient look. "If you want to fall in love with her, why bother thinking about her brother? ! Brother, you have to remember that life is only a few short decades, and you can enjoy yourself from time to time. Then others will not care for you. You have nothing to do with Lei Lei. Are you tired considering family factors? It’ s hard to say that you will be enthusiastic here, but it’ s possible that people Lin Hanhan will feel that you are not good and will be dumped by you directly. "
"A little sense" Qin Yu nodded.
"It’s generous to ask her to come over," the old cat frowned and urged, "Xiaomi will come as soon as she comes. What do you think of our brothers doing nothing tonight and studying this matter?"
"the whole!" Qin Yu was told by the old cat that his blood was boiling, and he bowed his head and took out his mobile phone to bring up Lin Nianlei’s number. It was a fuck to fly with his hands flying.
The old cat nodded gratified and turned to look at Ding Guozhen’s sister. She immediately waved her hand and advised, "Hey, hey … girl, you can play games when you play games, but can you move a little less? You both have steamed buns in my face."
"Oh, you hate it."
"Ha ha ha!" The old cat smiled and longed to join the family’s two-person world.
"Old Cat" Qin Yu got a rib on his elbow.
"What are you doing? !” The old cat fidgeted around and asked
"What should I say?" Qin Yu took a mobile phone with a tangled face.
"You haven’t texted her yet?" The old cat was amazed.
"I don’t know why I don’t have anything to ask her about. My heart is still a little empty." Qin Yu asked seriously. "Hey, how do you think I can tell her?"
"You say the room is ready and ask her if she will come." The old cat grumpily scolded, "I’m not your father, but I still care about your succession. Look at the chat slot yourself! "
"Rolling" Qin Yu scolded 1 bowed their heads and tangled for half a day before sending Lin Nianlei a text message.
Lin Nianlei, who was chatting at the reception of Webcast, was about to slip away when her cell phone suddenly rang.
Lin Nianlei looked down at the newsletter and smiled back and asked, "Who are you?"
"Just a few friends around me are old cats," Qin Yu responded quickly.
"I’ll play in the past" Lin Nianlei readily agreed to come.
Ten minutes later, Lin Nianlei took Xiaomi and ran away from the main entrance.
In the reception hall, Zhao Bao, Zhao Bu’s son, came out of the health room wearing the iconic powder, looked around and suddenly asked the news guy next to him, "Hey, have you seen Lin Nianlei and them?"
"They just left."
"Do you know where you went?"
"I’m not familiar with her. Ask Xiaoyan and them, hehe." The young man smiled.
"Good" Zhao Bao nodded and quickly left.
Chapter 22 At first sight, Zhao Baobao
Hong party hall
Qin Yu didn’t wait a little longer before Lin Nianlei and Xiaomi pushed the door and came in.
"Oh millet, why don’t you come and give me a message so that I can pick you up? !” The old cat whooshed up from the sofa and rushed over with crotch. "Is it cold outside? Look at this little hand frozen …"
"Are you like a person?" Xiaomi Qiao face ruddy low cui scold a way
"If you don’t see them, you’re all your brothers." The old cat looked up at Lin Nianlei and greeted him very perfunctorily. "Sit down and I’ll get Xiaomi a hot drink. It’s too cold outside."
"Hum" Lin Nianlei turned over their "real ao iron"
"I’m a man with priorities." The old cat grinned. "I can’t steal other people’s work."
Qin Yu greeted Lin Nianlei with a smile and asked, "Why didn’t you go home in the New Year?"
"My family is busy and my uncle didn’t serve the north. I didn’t mean to spend time with my elders." Lin Nianlei blinked his big eyes and said timidly, "I didn’t know so many people in the room. I knew I couldn’t come."
"Don’t worry, they are all friends." Qin Yu waved and shouted, "Let me introduce you. Someone hasn’t seen it yet. This is Lin Nianlei. This is Xiaomi Wu Wensheng. It’s also an old comrade-in-arms. Welcome."
"I have seen you, reporter Lin."
"I’m your fan sister."
The drunks in the house are all playing high, and there is no shame. They all say hello to Lin Hanhan and Xiaomi.
After a brief understanding, everyone continued to drink and play all night. Qin Yu told Lin Nianlei to sit next to him and asked slightly primly, "What would you like to drink?"
"Didn’t you call me here for a drink?" Lin Nianlei hair back to the way.
"Ha-ha, I feel that he saw your state a little wrong today." Xiaomi looked at Qin Yu and walked over.
Lin Nianlei is poised. "What’s wrong? Aren’t we always like this?"
"Hey, brother," Xiaomi asked Qin Yu, "Why don’t you call the boys in this room?"
Qin Yuwen replied, "I am not waiting for someone!"
"Oily" Xiaomi left the pie mouth "a bit like an old cat"
At this moment, the door of the house was pushed, and Zhao Baoling came in with four or five people. He was very surprised and shouted, "Oh, where is Lei Lei?"
Lin Nianlei smell look back to the door "I can follow this? !”
Xiaomi, a purebred police dog, is also sweating wildly.
Qin Yu saw that the two girls had wrong expressions and immediately asked, "Who is he?"
"Our Zhao department will also enter the news department in the next year," Lin Nianlei said slightly. "He has been pestering me a little recently."
“……!” As soon as Qin Yu heard this, his impression of Zhao Bao fell to a minimum.
"Ha ha!" Zhao Bao didn’t get a greeting and walked in at Lin Nianlei and said, "Did you feel that the reception was boring before you came out to play with your friends? I tell you … I especially hate this kind of party. People are too fake and too holding. "
"Well, my friend also called me to have a lively New Year’s Eve." Lin Nianlei crustily skin of head got up and smiled at Qin Yu and said, "This is Zhao Bao, who may be led by our small department after Zhao Baonian. This is my friend Qin Yu."