Looking at the gap between the two, Su Li’s heart moved slightly, and a palm muscle of his right hand cracked, and then a sacred blood surged out and immediately poured into the joint gap between the stone tool and the stone.
In addition, he also integrated the if-if faith into it and wanted to see if he could integrate the two.
His sacred blood combined with faith will soon penetrate into the gap and will be completely filled.
Then he held the stone tool in his right hand, slightly forcing the bloodshot lines on the surface of the stone tool to emerge, and at the same time sensing the sacred blood, faith and the stone tool to slowly touch the stone tool, which really lifted the stone together.
Holding his hand at the moment is like a giant stone hammer.
Su Lili lasered out a divine light from this stone tool.
"Boom" to a divine light directly hit a set of stones at the top of the stone tool to water the blood-spattered stones inside, and the stones were beaten by the divine light and rolled and flew out, slamming the ground and making a loud noise.
Looking at this scene, Su Li shook his head, but his eyes lit up slightly. Although he failed to merge the stone tools with the stones, he just held the stone tools and shot the divine light. The 36 lines on his right arm were slightly glowing, but there were faint signs of fusion.
My heart moved, and Su Li’s right hand once again tried to launch all the power of the 36 lines of gods on his right arm. As the lines of gods emerged from the surface of the stone tools, the golden light broke out from the stone tools.
Su Li suddenly smashed the stone tools covered by the golden god pattern.
"Boom" to a head-on virtual violent shock, the whole first card is like bearing a huge force of terror and hitting Su Li. Seeing this stone tool hit, there are faint signs of black fragmentation.
This blow is powerful enough to break this level.
"Severe …"
Su Li immediately handed the stone tools to his left hand again.
Since the stone tool can raise the power of the tattoo in the right arm, the power in the left arm can also be raised.
Sure enough, as his left hand clenched the stone tools, there was a mighty force in his left arm, and immediately the stone tools merged together and shot out a terrorist force. The original bright divine light turned into a vast divine power and cut in along one side, leaving a chaotic color crack.
Although it disappeared in an instant, it was close to divine means.
Secretly angry at Su Li’s head, the energy surged and swept out, and the stones that had just been shot out were taken back to the ancient city, and then the stone tools were put away.
The power of the blow just now is strong, but the energy response in the stone tool immediately became much weaker.
It seems that the energy in this stone tool is not exhausted, but it is the divine light that is stimulated by yourself before. Compared with the energy in the stone tool, it is really nine Niu Yi hairs that make it appear that you can shoot the divine light at will without loss every time.
The energy in the stone tool has just been stimulated twice, and the power can’t even bear the emptiness. This energy is so horrible that it is almost equivalent to burning energy in the stone tool, which makes Su Li understand that there is a limit to the energy in the stone tool.
Although there is a limit to the energy, it needs to be placed still, and the lost energy will slowly recover.
After a short rest, Su Li chose Tong Challenge instead of rushing away. He wanted to see which card he could challenge this time.
The first three are still the mechanical ancestors of the beast king, the blood prison master and the dragon Lord. It is this time that killing them can neither get the spiritual source nor get the equipment.
"It worked for the first time."
From the fourth, there are seventeen sacred beasts.
This time, killing the sacred beast can also get sacred fragments again.
Su Li won easily all the way and soon reached the seventh place.
This seventh sacred beast is as powerful as a statue of St. Suli. It was this failure before.
This time, he was promoted to level 14. Su Li successfully defeated the seventh sacred beast and entered the first place.
This first sacred beast’s combat power is even more terrible, and it has reached the top holy level. He encountered the dark luck power borrowed from the semi-sacred body, which did not exceed the physical limit, and he was able to explode his strength, but that’s all.
After the meeting, Su Li felt that this sacred beast was powerful, and that Chineydy could defeat this first sacred beast in 35 seconds. There is a possibility that his level of cultivation has reached a very high level, and he has to reach 17 or even 10 levels at least, otherwise it is absolutely impossible to defeat a top holy statue in 35 seconds.
Although Su Li’s strength has risen sharply again, he can’t defeat this top saint in the enemy’s state in eleven seconds. After eleven seconds, he is suppressed and retreats.
Su Li has also estimated that his strength is in the enemy’s state for eleven seconds, and his combat power is equivalent to or close to the top holy level. Eleven seconds outside the enemy’s state is equivalent to the intermediate or high holy level.
Of course, if the means are exhausted and the life can reach what level, then the method will be measured concretely.
It is this kind of challenge that Su Li naturally won’t fight for his life, let alone convince himself to have some treasure means. He is now estimated to be in a normal state of combat power.