Qin Yu pondered for a long time, "I’ll find a way to give you the money."
"Then I’ll take a trip for you." Brother Owl nodded brightly.
At this moment, the fishing net hanging in the ice cave suddenly moved. Brother Owl turned and smiled, stretched out his hand and pulled up the pole and said, "I got fish."
"I make a message" Qin Yu turned to one side and bowed their heads and dialed the number of Ma Laoer
The other end
Xu Yang rushed to the gambling stall and entered the house and asked, "What happened?"
Chapter DiErJiuSi Four sentences one hundred thousand pieces
Wei Zhi rushed out of the back room with a gun and wrapped in random clothes and said, "I have to fuck him today."
"You live!"
"Ocean, don’t stop me. Wang Hongshi can’t put his position clearly." Wei Zhi gritted his teeth. "Mom dares to hit me here. I think he is tired of living."
"You calm down," Xu Yang frowned and roared.
"How can I calm down? Look at him calling me! " Wei Zhi pointed to his blood and sticky hair in his head and said, "If you hit it wrong here, it will kill you."
Xu Yang glanced at Wei Zhi’s head. "Will you put the gun and listen to me?"
Wei Zhi stared at the bull’s-eye and grabbed the gun and answered, "You said."
"We are still working with Lao Pei and Wang Hong is a person around him. If you really want to get him out with a gun, how can it end?"
"Did he think about how it would end when he hit me?" Wei Zhi roared and asked
"Is it the same nature to hold a gun and a bottle?" Xu Yang grabbed the gun in Wei Zhi’s hand and frowned and said, "Let’s go. Can I take you to ask for a statement?"
"That is, you" Wei Zhi gasped and said with a full face of nai "that is, you can speak well"
"Come on, change your clothes and come with me." Xu Yang patted Wei Zhi on the shoulder
Qin Yu gently shouted at Ma Laoer with words and said, "Give me 100,000 yuan from the payment for goods, and I will move it for a month at most."
"Why do you need so much?"
"I asked Xiao Ge to do something for me," Qin Yu truthfully responded.
"The payment for goods in Xiaoyu can’t be moved now." Ma Laoer also said with difficulty, "I lost more than 300,000 yuan on the consignment, and this money is owed to cocoa. Now they are very generous if they don’t pursue it for the time being. It’s not good for you to default on the payment for goods before."
Qin Yu a listen to this is also a full face of sorrow.
"Xiaoyu, I don’t think you’re thinking right," Ma Laoer said softly. "It’s normal for us to mix up the roads and make money, but is it still difficult for you to make some money?"
Qin Yu was silent
"Look for several entertainment venues to check it for a few days in a row. Isn’t it coming to send you money?" Ma Laoer frowned and said, "Do we still squeeze ourselves for 100 thousand?"
Qin Yu shook his head slowly. "I don’t want to do this."
"Big Brother, if you don’t take this money, someone will take it."
"Before the overdraft, the word of mouth was to kill the goose that lays the golden egg." Qin Yu’s words firmly rejected, "Because extortion of these industries can really make a lot of money in a short time, but your own door name stinks."
"Your idea is always different from ours." Ma Laoer Nai smiled and carefully considered for a long time and said, "That’s it. I’ll find a financial company to mortgage my ancestral home compound and get together to get you 100 thousand."
"Forget it," Qin Yu shook his head. "You will mortgage your ancestral home soon after you come back. So I’m not a sinner? Forget it, I’ll find a way. "
"Can you get it?"
"Almost" Qin Yu gasped and said, "Let me make a message first."
Say that finish two people end the call.
After careful consideration for a long time, Qin Yu finally dialed Xiaoqi’s number.
After dozens of seconds, Xiao Qiyin said, "Hello?"
"Where is the elder brother?"
"Don’t ask" Xiao Qi refused to answer.
"… I’m short of money"
"How much?"
"100 thousand"
"Send me the account newsletter and it will arrive at the latest day." Xiaoqi said with very concise words.
"I will return it as soon as possible."
"I’m so sleepy that I went to sleep." Xiaoqi yawned and hung up the phone.
Qin Yu looked down at the mobile phone and felt a little bad because he really didn’t want to talk to Xiao Qi until he had to, and the latter really got his life for it.
Brother Xiao’s sharp dagger handle next to the car slammed the head of the fish in Liangjiang. After it fainted, the dagger directly squeezed out the dirty raw fish and said to Qin Yu, "Want some?"