But the imperial court sent someone to move those tablets to the new law, and someone dared to smash them?
Ambition and courage aside, whether this strength is really scary or not, if you use this strength to farm the land in one day, you can turn it over, right?
When they think of the fields at home, they fantasize that this year’s harvest will be a bumper harvest, and someone will take the risk of stealing fairy home things from the forest garden.
Many people look at the smashed sitting stone slab and feel that it would be nice if sitting can really be abolished.
If the new law is implemented, those who see someone stealing the treasures of the fairy family but don’t report them will have to go to jail for sitting together, which is too bad.
"Positions … positions …"
Excavate gaped. How could he do that?
Just after the reform, I personally broke the slate of the reform office. What a thing!
"I’ve made up my mind and don’t write too much about these slate punishments. I can’t write specific punishments. The words are milder."
It is emphasized that the penalty slate is so big that it is too intimidating to put on the street.
The law pays attention to a deterrent, strictly grasping and severely beating.
For example, the slogan of the generation of mountain fires is put in the bottom of Yamakaji prison. It is so simple, rude and vicious. Most people have to go to the room to smoke a cigarette, let alone ignite it.
If the slogan is changed to "Fire prevention in mountain forests starts with me", "Fire prevention is safe for all" and "Fire prevention in forest is our home depends on everyone", the prestige will be greatly reduced.
So what deterrence must the slate change? We don’t want deterrence!
Excavate looked at Zhou Wang attitude particularly firm indecision in the heart is there something wrong with the slate?
If you think about it carefully, there seems to be something really wrong.
The first is to smash a few stone tablets of the emperor. Although the emperor can’t promote the political reform, he has completely put himself in front of the stage rather than behind the scenes.
There are many advantages here that people can think that Li Jing led the political reform, and even if many people object, they will not point the finger at Zhou Wang.
It’s nothing if the reform is as simple as eating and drinking water. Why should he excavate?
Then there is the abolition of sitting and sitting, which began in Xia Dynasty. Yu’s criminal did not commit a crime, but he was implicated in the crime because the offender had something. Although this law can make people supervise each other and speed up the reform, it is not in line with the original intention of the reform
Wanfang is guilty, Wanfang is guilty, and whoever makes a mistake is guilty.
Even if it is more serious to harbor and hide criminals, can they really be punished together?
It is feasible to sit even before because the punishment is not felony and the same crime is not too severe, but the new law of severe decapitation is a common thing, and sitting even is a big problem
What’s more, it is stipulated in the new law that people are not deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
If the mother of the offender is illiterate and remote, she doesn’t know enough about the new law, so she doesn’t know the seriousness of the situation and hides out of her mother’s feelings, so it is not appropriate to be severely punished.
The mother may not even admit that her son has broken the law. After all, killing people is illegal in most people’s eyes.
When Nezha killed people in a row, he and his wife didn’t have the importance of the white law at that time. Didn’t they also want to cover up?
It wasn’t until the victim’s family finally asked for his life that he came to see himself in this way. He was also wrong. He would have this kind of mind. What about others?
Thought of here excavate flashes!
In the end, Zhou Wang’s words were simply obvious.
Just like Nezha, Nezha has killed many people.
But Nezha initially shot an arrow to kill Shijitong. At this stage, Nezha didn’t mean to kill him. Shijie came to the door at that time to ask Nezha to apologize and didn’t pursue it further
It doesn’t make sense that an arrow just hits the spot as big as heaven and earth.
Later, Nezha deliberately killed another boy, but killed a hag and killed Ao Bing. These crimes are intentional homicide.
Therefore, even murder should be divided into intentional homicide and manslaughter, which can not be generalized according to the general "murder" in the inherent law
Excavate looked at the broken into small pieces of slate, or Zhou Wang was considerate. Although the law carved slate, it was not such a rigid thing as slate. Even slate could be broken and changed.
The law cannot be generalized, and sometimes it has to be treated differently according to different situations.
"Jurisprudence, reason …"
Excavate suddenly found that there are still many reforms to be done, which are not as simple as writing the law and then pushing it out.
"What are you chanting?"
A little puzzled, isn’t it just to abolish a sitting? I’m the boss. Listen to me.
Are you dissatisfied? Just contribute to my fatuous value!
Excavate this just react solemnly hand way "I see"
Just nod your head. You are a tool. Don’t have too many self-thoughts.