"Go to the ginger family and bring this order. The old guy in their family will know; When I was at its peak, my family traveled to the East Wilderness by relying on them, and it was difficult for the world to know that Jiang’s family came to Zhongzhou. "
Just then, the old emperor handed over the Gu Hua Order, which is a symbol of status.
Behind it, there is a heroic and stalwart man with a ruler shadow and ups and downs.
"I know that I can look at the young people of Jiang’s generation."
Li Yu took the token and thought of Jiang Jia Jiang Yifei, the adopted one.
However, at this time, Ye Fan hasn’t taken a coffin in Kowloon, and his peers, Tianjiao, have just broken into four poles.
There is still a period of time before the curtain of the Golden World is lifted, which is enough for him to travel in the East.
At the same time, feathering Shintoism
Congli Shizhu was shrouded in the night with a long lamp. Xu Xuan, the feathered king in the temple of eternal sacrifice, slowly walked out.
He is elegant and has a charm of being immortal. At this time, he is sitting in front of a clay sculpture as if listening to a sermon.
The clay sculpture surface is ordinary and simple, if it is as inconspicuous as a passerby, but if you look closely, it teaches the statue of the feathered emperor to be somewhat similar, like an heir.
"People Wang Ti …"
The faint murmur echoes like an inadvertent plucking of the strings.
On the second day, Li Yu, who was informed by others in Zhongzhou, left with the old Taoist priest, and Duan De, who returned from the grave of Yin and Yang, set foot on a trip to the East Wilderness.
"No, it’s true, there’s no way for Taoist Yin and Yang to teach you how to harvest so much in the grave. Don’t listen to people outside who are blind."
"When the Taoist meets, the feelings will not fade. Our fate also needs dimension."
"No too much! This fate being original can’t afford it. "
Chapter one hundred and twenty Days Spin away from Vulcan Furnace
In the middle of the Eastern Wilderness, a mountain range fluctuates continuously, and a collapsed and broken cliff suddenly lights up and softens, and tens of millions of runes flash out, revealing three figures.
"I said this place is too remote? What are these mountains and forests? I don’t have any impression at all. "
"It’s good that it was sent to you in one piece nearly a thousand years ago. Haven’t you been traveling in the wild for many years? Is there any place you can’t recognize?"
Three people out of a fat Taoist priest, finding some depressed touched his head.
He really wants to spend more time in Qinling Mountains, where the tombs are all treasures of the Lord’s emperor’s main series, and it’s just a paradise.
Li Yu glanced at him obliquely. The famous treasure land in the East Wilderness was visited by this good Taoist priest. He didn’t remember it. Maybe it could really be an abandoned land.
"Go ahead, there are subtle aura fluctuations, maybe it used to be a brilliant place."
Suddenly, the old Taoist priest interrupted the two men’s quarrel. His eyes were straight ahead, and he was particularly sensitive to the geomantic terrain. He was also a great sage who achieved great success in the backward times.
Three people didn’t procrastinate and went straight ahead to see the wild ancient land in the distance, such as Yue Rulong. The ancient trees rose into the sky, and the old vines covered the mountains, giving off an inexplicable charm.
Da Yue in the four fields is majestic, and each one is magnificent. Many waterfalls fall from the mountain for thousands of feet, such as white, which is more magnificent than others.
"Something’s wrong. The layout here is a little familiar, like a ruins."
Duan De always feels that this place is familiar, but he can’t tell when he visited it.
He frowned and wondered if there was anything missing in his time in the East.
Li Yuxuan’s pupil shines brightly, and he has seen one clear vein after another since ancient times. This is definitely a place where the essence of heaven and earth’s general trend and aura are all gathered here, but there is no figure.
This area should be occupied by several major factions, but now only one person can say that there are unexpected dangers here to destroy the desire.
He was thinking about Bob and found that the old Taoist priest looked at the depths of the ruins and his eyes reflected a vague figure, but there were creatures!
At night, like the moonlight, I burst into tears, like the thunder of the sky, shaking the sky and shaking the mountains.
"The Buddha scared the hell out of me. Who is so wicked? This brotherhood of the Wolf! Believe it or not, I smashed his grave! "
Aside puzzling over Duan De was scared to death with a quivering fire head swearing up.
This good Taoist priest suffered such a disaster as soon as he went to the East Wilderness, which really made him unable to accept that when he rolled up his sleeves, he would rush to settle accounts with others.
"Don’t make a move. That man is also a sage."
The old Taoist priest didn’t stop him from throwing a word lightly
Instantly, Duan De’s footsteps suddenly froze and immediately jumped back with a positive color. "It’s very understandable to measure the actions of the Buddha and the sages. Crying at night must have hurt the past, which reminds me of the past eventful years and points out the great tomb."
Li Yu is not surprised. The Taoist priest’s dough repair is already amazing. It is all kinds of scenes here. Crying at night reminds him of an ancient place, which is very consistent.
"The Taoist priest may see that this is the area of the East Wilderness?"
He turned to look at Duan De. At this time, because of the old Taoist priest’s eyes, even the deep crying seemed to stop gradually. The sage also felt that there was a strong arrival and a confrontation.
"It’s not difficult. According to what I saw, it’s about the northern part of the eastern wilderness. The terrain of the eastern wilderness, the east, the west, the north, the south, the middle and the five small areas are different. I have been deeply excavated and I am still somewhat sure."
Duan De wanted to think, and soon determined that the area was in the middle of the East Wilderness, but there was a very long distance to send them to this place.
"Sure enough, the ancient ruins in the middle of the Eastern Wilderness and the crying of sages at night turned out to be the holy land of heaven."
Li Yu knows that once the clues are combined, he can easily infer the true face of this relic.
And crying in the depths of the sage is naturally old and crazy, but now I’m afraid the state is not good.
If you think about it carefully, most of the two domains have communicated, and many prosperous holy places have been repaired and sent to the array.
"Day spin holy land? No wonder Tao Ye always feels a little familiar. "
Duan De suddenly realized this holy place, but it was a pity that it almost vanished after breaking into the forbidden area, and later it was moved by the major religions in the Eastern Wilderness, leaving nothing.
Even when he came, he swore and left without any benefit.
At this time, the old Taoist priest’s eyes became more and more blazing, burning like two suns, illuminating the depths of the Tianxuan site, where the original figure was gone and flashed away.
Woo hoo!
The crying rang again and echoed in all directions. The figure was like a ghost, and the sacred land was haunted. It was so fast that my eyes couldn’t keep up, but it was unpredictable to disappear.
"He didn’t leave, but he was hidden in the dark, mostly because he had something to do here and hurt people’s hearts in the past years. I can live in peace without moving."
The old Taoist priest closed his eyes and returned to his natural and peaceful appearance, but he took a look at Duan De emphatically and the word "move" was obviously a warning to him.
The Taoist priest smiled shyly and his huge belly shook slightly. He nodded shyly and agreed.
Then he gently coughed two positive colors and said, "The ancient scriptures compiled by Tianxuan Holy Land in the past years are very powerful and profound, but it’s a pity that they have never inherited their footwork. It’s a terrible secret to surpass Tianpeng’s speed."
"It’s not just as simple as surpassing Tianpeng’s speed. Few people know that Tianxuan’s footwork evolved from the Nine Secrets."
Li Yu followed and added, pointing out the magic of heaven spinning footwork and the secret of the word itself.
More than 100,000 years ago, the holy places besieged the heaven, which led to the collapse of this ancient god dynasty, and all the major sects gained more or less.
However, Tianxuan’s most precious ancient scroll of "Xing", the core sacred art of heaven, was cut into a top secret by them, and it was supplemented by the sages of past dynasties to form Tianxuan’s unique footwork secret.
"Ah yes? Wrong; Daoyou, how do you know? Gu Hua imperial forces have never been involved in the central part of the Eastern Wilderness, have they? "
Duan De nodded first, and then puzzled. The same was true of the former site of the Cai family. The Gu Hua young master cooed and said a secret hook tickled his heart.
"Fate will come naturally."
Li Yu’s flirtation with no explanation means that he tickles the good Taoist but can’t be released. It’s very uncomfortable to keep scratching his body like a fire is burning.
The three men stepped out to the layman and did not choose to go deep into this ancient place because he had already been moved by major religions, and there was really nothing left.
Perhaps there is a trace of the great education of God City, Tianxuan Stone Workshop and Shang Dynasty.
In the dead of night, the Tianxuan site is silent, and broken walls can be seen everywhere.
What was once a glorious, powerful and immortal holy land turned out to be such a scene, which makes people feel that it is hard to have any eternity in the world.
"It’s a pity that it would be nice if we could get the famous footwork of the heavenly whirling holy land. In the future, Master Dao can also carry out archaeological plans."
Duan De regrets that he came to the Tianxuan Holy Land site with this step in the past years, but unfortunately he left despondently.
Li Yu smiled and didn’t say much. He did know where it was, but it was terrible to repair it now. Even the old Taoist priest had to be ready.
The bluestone steps in front of Tianxuan Mountain are covered with green moss and weeds, and the ground is deserted. Some huge stones are engraved with many ancient characters.