Gong Xiao stabbed the sea spider with a machete in his hand and bit her face with a mouthpiece.
Ding Longyun is by her side. Without waving the steel shovel in her hand, she handed it to her left hand and right hand for adventure.
This time, the two sides are close together. Obviously, the sea spider didn’t expect anyone to reach out directly, but he hasn’t been able to bite Gong Xiao. He has been shot in the head by Ding Longyun’s right hand.
"Soul-eating" launched this sea spider. Suddenly, when its thin legs contracted, its belly turned over and it was already dead.
Ding Longyun saved himself. Gong Xiao was surprised in a cold sweat. At Ding Longyun with a grateful look, he thought that Ding Dage was the most powerful leader among them.
Ding Longyun just killed this sea spider, and two others rushed out on the other side. There are more sea spiders coming out in the rear.
Gong Xiao, with experience, no longer rashly stabbed the machete in his hand. This sea spider is so flexible in the water that it is almost impossible to stab them far away. It is impossible to kill them until they are close to each other.
Two sea spiders came at Gong Xiao together. Gong Xiao held out her left hand slightly while speeding up and rising. She saw the two sea spiders pounce on her body for about one meter. Her left hand and five fingers suddenly jumped out of the palm of the two sea spiders. A green ivy-like substance was about the thickness of the index finger, and a few small green leaves appeared flexibly and instantly like a python. They were wrapped around the two sea spiders and tied up in a blink of an eye.
Su Li was afraid that she had just rushed to her side and saw this scene, and her heart turned white. This must be that she mastered special abilities. It seems that she can evolve to level 3 and come here alone, not by luck, but with considerable strength.
While thinking, he stretched out his left hand and four "gluttonous teeth" appeared and rowed in the direction of the head of a sea spider.
The sea spider’s head was cut off, and immediately a spiritual source appeared and disappeared into the sea in Su Li’s forehead, and the message appeared.
"Level 3 Spirit Source Spirit Source 12/3"
Gong Xiao’s right machete also stabbed out and broke another bound sea spider’s belly.
In this water, wielding a machete has great resistance, so stabbing is not as powerful as stabbing. Gong Xiao always uses this machete as a spear to make a good machete with a sharp point, and her force to stab it out is not small.
Two sea spiders were killed at once. They had rushed to the twentieth floor, but it was 27 floors square. In the window and balcony, there were already sea spiders being stirred and poured out. It was dark.
At least there are twenty. Once surrounded, it will be extremely dangerous.
With the commotion of the square, the sea spiders in the 20 th floor have also undergone unusual changes, and soon a balcony among the sea spiders appeared and rushed out.
Ding Longyun’s fastest speed has risen rapidly to the twentieth floor, and soon he will arrive at the 29th floor, where he can see the square water surface.
Gong Xiao and Su Li quickly chased the sea spiders in groups.
Suddenly, corpses appeared on the balcony and window of the twenty-ninth floor. They staggered and didn’t move as fast as floating in the water.
Ding Longyun rushed to them and lifted a kick like a fish, and a corpse beast was going to kick it.
The corpse beast immediately sank and rushed towards the chasing sea spider.
These sea spiders immediately pounced on it, biting the corpse beast and fighting back desperately.
The most powerful weapon of sea spiders is the paralytic neurotoxin in their mouths. Their neurotoxin has lost its effect on corpses, and it is difficult for them to cause fatal damage to corpses when attacking.
This corpse beast is like a natural restraint sea spider. Although the level is far less than that of sea spider, it is not afraid to shoot the sea spider with both hands attached to counterattack.
Su Li and Gong Xiao rushed to Su Li one after another. Su Li’s water quality was not as good as Gong Xiao’s. At the end, a sea spider chased him and bit him in the left leg.
Su Li was busy contracting his legs and his right arm to find out that his right hand was holding an iron bar to stab and hit the sea spider’s legs, and then rushed into the low-level corpse beast that appeared in groups behind Gong Xiao.
These low-level resin beasts were disturbed and drifted out from the balcony and window on the 29th floor, and Fang Hai spider rose and fought with these resin beasts.
Ding Longyun and Gong Xiao successively waved their steel shovels and machetes to attack the low-level corpse beasts in the surrounding water and rose towards the water.
Su Li looked at the dark side, and a group of sea spiders were rising and rushing into the corpse herd. The Chinese side was very confused.
Although there are a lot of low-level corpse beasts around, but their strength is very weak, Su Li didn’t see them. It was no effect to kill this low-level corpse beast and get the spiritual source. So Su Li didn’t bother to wave the power. They were about to rise to the surface of the water when they killed each other. Suddenly, they felt a commotion and looked around.
However, it was dark in the square, and a sea spider suddenly spread around. There was a riot among these sea spiders, and a huge black shadow appeared in the crowd, which was impacting these gathered sea spiders at an extremely fast speed.
"Not good!" Su Li was stunned and immediately rushed toward Fang Chong. He waved out his iron bar and smashed a low-level corpse beast out of the water. Seeing that Ding Longyun and Gong Xiao had already emerged from the water, they climbed onto the balcony unhurriedly and immediately gave a big drink, "The face is in danger!" Push your feet and your left hand, grab the edge of the balcony and turn it over.
Suddenly I saw Su Li so nervous that Ding Longyun and Gong Xiao were surprised and immediately turned their hands from the balcony.
Almost at the same moment, Su Li felt a huge shadow flowing from the water, and several corpses and beasts were oppressed by this huge undercurrent and left on both sides.
This is a terrible force. Su Li let out a growl when he knew something was wrong. He grabbed the balcony with his hands, pulled out the whole body from the water, brought out a lot of spray, and somersaulted over the balcony.
Chapter 66 One-eyed frog king
"Hua" a loud noise is almost attached to Su Li’s legs. A gray-black monster appears and rushes out of the water. The big mouth of the blood basin bites the gas, and then the huge body falls back into the water and makes a huge noise.
Su Li fell back into the balcony and looked back into the water, just to see the ugly monster falling back into the water. He was in shock. If he had just slowed down for a moment, his legs would have been bitten by the ugly monster’s big mouth.
Ding Longyun and Gong Xiao went back to the balcony a little faster than him. When they saw this thrilling scene, they all showed a look of shock, especially Gong Xiao’s eyes showed a little surprise.
Su Li’s performance was somewhat unexpected.
They are the same as the level 3 spiritual source, and Su Li has just been in a crisis. It is amazing to change Gong Xiao herself. She doesn’t know if she can avoid this attack like Su Li.
This made her sit up and take notice of Su Li, which was more of an accident.
She thinks highly of herself and never agrees that anyone in the class is better and worse than herself. Since Su Li is in the same level 3 spiritual source as herself, she secretly thinks that Su Li is definitely not as strong as herself, but she was surprised by Su Li’s performance just now and couldn’t help but take a look at Su Li.
Su Li escaped, and she was surprised to break out in a cold sweat. She quickly leaned forward and looked back and saw the monster that fell back into the water, but it was an ugly giant frog.
This giant strange frog is no stranger to the one-eyed frog he has seen before. It looks like a flat head with a huge eyeball that turns smoothly, but in front of him, the giant strange frog is bigger than the one-eyed frog, with two circles of body length exceeding three meters, and a blood basin with two rows of serrated teeth in its mouth.
It fell into the water, its two hind legs propped up and splashed, and its huge body rose and rushed towards the balcony.