He went on to smile.
"Forget it for the time being. I’m worth it. Let’s take a shower first."
Zhao Cuo doesn’t want to show his worries to his close relatives. He bowed his head and tasted Mrs. Kouyan’s lip, but she didn’t blush to express herself.
He released this letter, bringing his own worries and peace of mind to accompany the beauty, but he could endure it until the next day.
He entered the palace alone the next morning.
"The Empress Dowager Zhao hasn’t woken up yet. You have to be gentle if you want to go in."
General Zhao went straight into the East Palace to see the non-fog on duty and got a predictable news.
However, it is no problem for him to go to the bedside, and no one dares to stop him from going any further.
But he doesn’t want to disturb the rest of the bad women.
"I’ll go to Kunde Hall first. If the Queen Mother wakes up, please let someone call me."
Zhao thief paused all over the floor and said that the devil wears Prada will wake up at all times, but there is no accurate number after pregnancy.
After he said that, he nodded and turned out of the East Palace.
The Queen’s Temple will get up at midnight.
"Chu Zhi was married yesterday. It is reasonable to say that he should go to the palace to pay homage to the emperor. Is it noon?"
Zhao cuo slowly got to the palace, but he was stopped outside Kunde Hall.
"The Queen’s Hall of the General just got up and dressed. She asked you to wait in the front hall first."
The maid-in-waiting gasped and ran out and said
"You try to change your breath first."
Master Zhao Xiaogong saw her eagerness and could think of the hurry-scurry inside.
He came so suddenly that Chen Youcai didn’t get up and freshen up. How dare he meet anyone?
However, when he thought that the queen was not letting him wait for a long time to clean up his makeup, he was not at ease. After all, it is easy to get into trouble when he is in a hurry.
"I’ll go to see the temple first, and I won’t let her feel at ease because you didn’t stop me."
Zhao thief said and walked into the palace door.
Dayu, for 400 years, the Queen’s main palace has long been his backyard.
He can find the bedroom even with his eyes closed. As soon as he approached, he heard the footsteps inside. It seems that several maids helped Queen Chen to dress up.
"It’s better to go in quietly."
Zhao CuO Xin Dao
He stared at the maid-in-waiting before she went out.
The little girl was scared by him, tearfully covering her mouth and afraid to help. She watched him carefully push the bedroom door.
"Let’s put my clothes on first. The general will come soon."
Chen You always has a soft tone with tension.
"It’s …"
Maid voice a quiver.
If you dare to come out, you will be a shark!’
Suddenly broke into Zhao Xiaogong’s face and wrote this sentence.
Five or six ladies-in-waiting in the house were silent for a while, and even the atmosphere did not dare to breathe, pretending to bow their heads and do things.
Zhao thief looks forward. In front of the mahogany dresser, a beautiful woman looks at the mirror and dresses up. She has a big red coat with a beautiful white back that is half covered and half exposed.
"It’s less than four months, and it’s almost time to catch the eldest sister’s adult. After Chun’s son, he won’t worry about eating and drinking …"
He secretly read a queen Chen, even if his back is turned to him, it is hard to hide.
"You retreat in an orderly and natural way."
Zhao Cuo also served many ladies-in-waiting sounds in front of the temple.
Two or three of them have already been bought by General Zhao, and no one dares to take the lead.
However, Chen You waited for a fine woman to retreat, and she sensed that something was wrong. When she raised her hand and covered her face, she seemed ashamed to see people.
"Cough! You all go to rest first. I’ll take care of the queen’s palace here. "
Zhao Xiaogong said with a straight face.
After several imperial secretary salute hurriedly retreat.
They all know who is in charge of the palace now.
The emperor was placed under house arrest, and General Zhao lived in the palace from time to time, which was simply the regent of the emperor’s father.
"… my body hasn’t come to freshen up yet!"
Chen You still covers his face.
She has been shyly half-prostrate in front of the dresser.
The queen’s palace is usually dignified and steady, but it doesn’t want to let the heart see its uncared-for appearance, and so does any woman.
"It’s not impossible for me to make amends abruptly and wait on you to wash your face, is it?"
Zhao thief put her arms around her from front to back, full of warm and fragrant nephrite.
"But I haven’t put on makeup yet."
Empress Chen said softly.
"Do you want to see me spoil it?"
Zhao Cuo suddenly cried and laughed. He was holding a belle, but he was the first beauty in the Seven Kingdoms. Even if he didn’t wear makeup, he would look like a peach blossom.
"Are you too strict with yourself? If the goddess listens to your words, she will not dare to go out. "
Zhao Cuo’s hands are in the wrong direction.
He gently held the queen’s jade hand.