It should not be difficult to recover from the loss of mental body with this energy supplement.
"Lord Fujun, let’s get an identity first!" Judge Liu looked around. "The face of invasion in hell has ignited three blood flags. It looks a little chaotic, which is more suitable for us to get identity."
Let’s get an identity and mix it with ordinary ghosts.
Fu Jun’s adult has a ghost coming here for a while. Remember to display your seal method, "Judge Liu said.
Far away, the hell ignited on three sides, and all the blood flags were still moving.
Blue Star Expeditionary Force withdrew Ceres after a few days’ rest from Eldar Star Domain.
Ceres is very suitable for understanding. This is a blue star expeditionary force, and many people are about to break through.
More importantly, Bluestar must plan ahead.
Before that, most of the nine-guard expeditionary forces were killed in the expedition to the sun launched by the Eldar, Daxi and Muya tribes, but there were up to twelve nine-guard stars left in all ethnic groups.
Now, these alien nine-guard remnants of the sun should have been wandering for half a year, and the situation is not much. I don’t know
The sun is too big.
Bluestar’s scientific and technological strength is still the same.
This is a hidden danger of the sun.
Maybe these nine guards remnants will suddenly come out one day.
The destructive power of a large-scale nine-guard remnant army to the sun is devastating.
By the star theory of ten people and nine satellites, the power of which planet will be destroyed.
However, the strength of the Nine Guards on Blue Star’s side is also very limited, and it is impossible and impossible to divide the troops to guard it.
Fortunately, Blue Star now has not only a multi-person delivery channel, but also an Xiaoxue and Jacob’s ability to increase.
All major planets have built multi-person delivery channels, and the main force of Bluestar Jiuwei will be in Ceres.
If there is a warning on a planet and the enemy’s nine guards are found, An Xiaoxue and Jacob can kill them with the elite expeditionary force.
It is not difficult for the expeditionary force to go to five or six nine guards and then take ten left and right guards to kill nine nine guards.
The Blue Star Expeditionary Force sits in Ceres.
According to Cai Shaochu’s deployment, members of the expeditionary force took turns to rest
It is necessary to ensure that there are six nine-satellite stars and twelve satellite stars sitting on Ceres at all times, not including An Xiaoxue Jacob Lun.
This is enough to cope with most accidents.
In its expeditionary force members take turns to rest.
After all, members of the expeditionary force have been fighting for less than half a year in a row and must rest to adjust their physical and mental state.
Post-war syndrome is no joke.
Each member of the expeditionary force can have a two-month holiday by taking turns to rest.
And this day it was finally the turn of the mythical Lord Ulla to rest.
After this break, Ula reported to Cai Shaochu and deputy head An Xiaoxue early.
"I’m going to deal with some things in the Ministry of Mythology, and I may apply urgently during this time," Ulla volunteered.
Smell speech Cai Shaochu nodded "remember to come back on time after a two-month break"
After saying that, Ulla looked at An Xiaoxue, but she was awkward. "By the way, is there any news from President Cai?"
"I haven’t come back yet, but everything is all right. When the head of the delegation comes back, I will definitely call you as soon as possible," Cai Shaochu said
Although listening to Cai Shaochu’s answer, Ula’s attention was focused on An Xiaoxue, who wanted to judge whether Cai Shaochu’s words were true or false through An Xiaoxue’s reaction.
Cai Shaochu, an old guy, has too strong emotional control and concealment ability.
But Xu tui’s closest friend, An Xiaoxue, is the most vulnerable.
It’s a pity that AnXiaoXue expression has not changed.
After a few seconds, Ulla left slightly disappointed.
I can’t help it. He is expecting Xu to quit.
After all, it’s equivalent to putting a spell on this colonel to make a withdrawal. Now he’s really afraid of making a withdrawal.
Even if he was nine, he didn’t have the confidence to save his life.
Ulla didn’t know it was Cai Shaochu who comforted him with a face of worry about An Xiaoxue after he left.
Because the head of the team retired-lost contact!
Wula got Cai Shaochu’s permission and got the pass sign, and went all the way from Ceres to Mars and then from Mars to the moon through the quantitative passage.
After arriving at the moon, Wula Lunar Extraterrestrial Command reported it there and went straight into the outer space, leaving the moon.
It’s normal for myth headquarters to have secrets
This is the colonel’s permission
Suo Weibin has no more tracking.