Being able to stay here is all self-recognition, and there are still some hopes to hit the January list or a higher level.
Su Lizhong also saw several saints who reached the peak level of 24.
When Su Li appeared in the central area, there were also more than 20 holy shrines around it, all of which were top saints.
See Su Li appear some amazing looked at him.
Although they have been practicing here for many years, they still have heard about Su Li, and of course, many of them don’t know that he is holy.
This 13-level challenge is still the first challenge to hunt sacred beasts. You can get a sacred fragment reward for each kill.
The first holy beast strength is comparable to a peak level.
To kill this sacred beast, you are entitled to enter the 14th floor.
Suri’s eyes seem vulnerable at the peak level. There is no need to move the immortal furnace. The power of the furnace is to smash the sacred beast with the sanctified body of the earth.
He immortalized muscles, bones and bones, and finally sanctified internal organs. His body gradually achieved perfect combination, reaching a six-meter-long monty dragon body, which is the most powerful weapon in the world.
Now, he is going to integrate all the cologne and dragon power behind the four dragons into this big monty dragon body to further strengthen it.
If Su Li wants to walk, he will make his body more and more earth.
He doesn’t want to slowly refine and integrate all kinds of forces in the ancient city, but also to refine and integrate the demon enchantment and the magical power field of the magic circle into the body with the divine power and the dragon power.
Su Li has now decided to sacrifice his body as a weapon. It is conceivable that with all these forces being refined into his body one after another, his body will become more and more earth and completely become a super weapon.
Easily smash this sacred beast to get sacred fragments and then enter the second place.
The second is a sacred beast, but the strength of this sacred beast is comparable to that of the 25 th grade race god with superior peak power.
Compared with the former sacred beast, it is much stronger.
This sacred beast spews out divine power, which actually holds the field of God and suddenly shrinks, and immediately captures Su Li.
In the face of this god’s heavy suppression, Su Li has no dynamic strength to approach it step by step with his body hard.
"Boom" step by step, it all vibrates, and then a stamp is snapped. The power that broke out in his six-meter body directly broke the blockade of the other party in many fields.
There was a harsh sound in the void, and Su Li’s right fist blasted the sacred beast’s chest.
The power without the tattoo is a simple punch, but the power that broke out in it has far surpassed the power of the first 36 tattoos.
This sacred beast extends from the chest in all directions and explodes into sacred fragments all over the sky.
Suri’s sacred realm swept outward and collected all of it.
Now he doesn’t need the power of the third talent. With this immortal and ultimate divine earth body, it contains almost all kinds of energy, which is enough to kill the holy spirit with one blow, which can directly crush the holy soul of the other party. No matter how many healing methods are mastered, it will work.
With the stepping into the sacred realm, Su Li gradually became white. The biggest difference between the sacred battle and the pre-battle is that in addition to crushing and destroying the other person’s body, it is necessary to destroy the soul and destroy the spirit, so as to truly kill the other person.
Otherwise, the body is simply destroyed, and the sacred and powerful soul can still be short-lived, and then try to find a new soul device to live again.
Su Li killed all the way there.
The third sacred beast has become more powerful and has reached the intermediate level of god.
Intermediate god, that is, level 26 breaker.
Generally, ordinary racial gods can’t reach this level, and some big and powerful racial gods can reach the intermediate level, such as the former dark god or the celestial god from the Terran.
Su Li is still a blow to kill this sacred beast comparable to the intermediate god.
Behind him, the four dragon wings gradually disappeared. In his battle, it was almost completely sanctified. The dragon body of the big monty completely formed a pair of dragons into dragon wings, and a pair of dragons formed dragon wings. In the perfect fusion of energy,
With the disappearance of these four dragon wings, these two dragon forces are merged and put into the furnace of immortal heart, and they are constantly refined, merged and compressed to finally become the purest dragon force.
Su Li felt dissatisfied with this Long Li, so he threw himself into refining now.
Before, he was bent on enhancing the power of the ancient city in the yearning domain. On this day, most of the luna wheel was also integrated into the power of rising stars in the ancient city star.
But Su Li changed his mind when he knew that there was something wrong with the altar in this ancient city and that the stone house in the depths was even more bizarre.
He is slowly dismantling the power of this ancient city, and the moon wheel will naturally not merge into the star again. He also considers refining this star as a part of his body.
The Sun-Moon Divine Wheel is a sacred object, but it can’t resist it after being put into the Immortal Divine Furnace. When the Immortal Gods appear, the Sun-Moon Divine Wheel will be refined to form the Sun-Moon Divine Force, and then the Dragon Force will be combined.
All these three forces were refined together and returned to his right hand. His right arm combined with the surface of his right arm immediately appeared a dragon virtual shadow, a left and a right, and the sun and the moon were still suspended.
There is grace and power in his left arm, and now he has moon, sun and dragon power in his right arm.
His sacred body, which is as high as six meters, contains strong energy and has reached an incredible level.
Easily kill the sacred beast comparable to the intermediate god and get fragments to enter a card.
The strength of a sacred beast has risen again, which is equivalent to the level of a superior god with superior peak combat power.
Suri is now at the beginning of the twentieth grade, and challenging the senior gods in the sacred land is equivalent to crossing seven grades.
These thirteen challenges, this sacred beast is the last card.
Dark Chineydy topped the list. He once killed it in five seconds on the thirteenth floor, which is comparable to the sacred beast of a senior god.
Su Li needs to kill this sacred beast faster than him if he wants to break his record.
In order to kill the sacred beast Su Li as soon as possible, the immortal furnace was finally moved in the first real battle.
Perfect reddish-golden immortal furnace flew out and fell.
There was a dark crack in this violent shock.
If this sacred beast didn’t respond, it was killed by the immortal furnace town and exploded into sacred pieces all over the sky.
The general score came out. Suli Town killed this as a second when it was a sacred beast of a senior god.
Took a deep breath and Su Li chose to enter the 14th floor of the sacred tower.
When his achievements appeared in the ranking of sacred halls from all walks of life, it caused a note and then an uproar.
However, because most of the saints failed to enter the last card challenge on the thirteenth floor, they didn’t know that this represented Su Li’s killing of a senior god in one second.
They will be surprised that it takes Chineydy five seconds to do something. Su Li finished it in one second and raised the record to one second. Does the latecomer have to surpass him?
This has almost become an unbreakable record.
Only those sacred beasts who have qualified to challenge the general list and played the fourth card know what this second means.
Su Li appeared from skin, flesh and bones to internal organs and brain, and achieved immortality and ultimate sanctification. He wondered what kind of reward he would get after passing through the thirteenth floor and where he would be finally sanctified. Or will the reward change?
A message appeared in my mind.
"The 13th floor of the Sacred Tower is the first prize in the overall list of successful challenges, and the sacred fragments and tendons are finally sanctified."
Su Li’s heart moved and the scenery around him changed. He has appeared on the fourteenth floor of the sacred tower.
This 14-storey sacred tower is full of sacred gas, and most of them are peak saints who can enter here.