"Sugar Man" Ye Fei stopped looking at the demon monk and looked down at the ground after answering easily. "I said, can you hurry up some strength to somehow entangle the killing clock for a moment? I killed the little one." Ye Fei didn’t look up or give directions, but the old one suddenly felt slightly cold around him.
The sword sings gently, and Ye Fei reveals three more swords. "Play with" these five swords, and his suspended posture is more secure.
It should be a pure show of mind, and Ye Fei said to Su Jingdao, "I want to kill people and have to die."
He wanted to kill Mo, and he randomly chose this person as the target before the eleventh vendetta, but he didn’t kill it. Ye Fei must die if he wants to kill people.
After waiting for three breaths and thirty feet, there was still no movement in the fire. Ye Fei was a little impatient. "Are you dumb or are you eating your mouth? Can you give me a good talk?"
This time, I finally got a response. The nonhuman answer should be Ye Fei’s fire.
Fire rising
30 feet, 300 feet, 330 thousand feet … Like an explosive Yang fire raging in a flash, a raging fire spread out. Who can see the end!
It’s the sea of fire, and it’s a huge whirlwind of sun fire. It’s always flowing, and the waves are overwhelming, and the raging tide is burning the vast ground. It’s not like you want to suck the sky into the whirlpool before you give up.
Whirling into a strong wind, I became crazy. I was beaten "dying" by the hurricane mixed with gold and black. The hurricane of evil wind boomed and soared, and there was still a half-point weak and inferior hurricane.
Mo Shiyi, the demon monk, was caught off guard, and hurriedly moved the spell to urge the hurricane mana, but the ground was always "half dead", and the evil wind seemed to be more and more violent and fierce.
The gathering of the five elements is endless, making the wind more tenacious; But up to this moment … how do you say that after the five elements gather together, it is endless, and after that, it is lucky.
The wind is crazy, and this evil wind has been created! The power has soared to a thousand times!
That’s still the evil wind, the red light is flowing, the orange glow is surging, the yellow gas is filled, and the green awns are scattered violently … Seven colors of unrestrained wind kill people, and the wind is more charming!
Fight, fight but run, add new strength and fight but run again … I want to move for two times, and I have to endure all the way, and finally it is time for the evil wind to go crazy.
Lan’s younger brother and great teacher’s mother from the seven families of Moye Rainbow prayed for the jade dew and golden wind! Blue prayed to the people who agreed with you, specially researched and created the real fire of the sun, and the rainbow color wind!
It’s just a blink of an eye, and the situation turns sharply.
Chapter one hundred Guarding God beast flies home
Buddhist sorcery can’t stop unless he kills the enemy, and he has long been in a "life-and-death" situation; Ink 11 spells are sent and received at will … It’s a pity that there is no chance to escape now. It’s not too late. Only by trying to resist the slightest relaxation is the dismemberment field.
Hiding in the wind, the demon monk and the evil monk practiced the curse of anger in their mouths, and their hearts were filled with fear.
And in the fire, there are visions and spells rushing.
The three-legged sun broke through the sea of fire and went straight to the sky, and then the birds turned into red clouds, fire and rain, and thunder roared; Little people rushed into their hands in droves, and the whip crackled, and the earth cracked and the fire spread to the sea; The indomitable spirit and fire djinn galloped like a wild fly; There is also a huge figure looming in the sea of ups and downs and spinning fires, and the shadow does not move a bit, as if it were a giant god who has been sleeping for thousands of years. He is sleeping …
Everyone knows that the heaven, the earth, the people and the shadows are Su Jing’s fifth journey to practice life magic, but no one can figure out how Su Jing can exert his new magical powers unless he fainted.
The shadow does not move, but the three fires of "heaven, earth and man" are all manic. Without the master’s command, they will not stop there. Wherever there are people, they will go to the horizon, and there are people in the seventeen counties of Yujinsuo.
Fire, fire, fire, fire, djinn roared away!
The people in the cave are still not surprised, but they hear a big bang. It’s like the sky were to fall. Everyone was pale with shock, followed by a sudden flash of figure around Su Jing and now it’s on the black reef.
Su Jing, who can make a projection of divine knowledge, naturally wakes up, and the little martial uncle on the black reef is beaming with joy.
Willy ate the royal banquet, red eyes got big treasures, and slept with the Empress, and his expression may not be more heart-felt than Su Jing now.
"Don’t worry, I’m fine." Su Jingxiao was in no hurry to explain why he looked up to the sky and suddenly his face looked surprised and blurted out, "Ye Fei, be careful!"
"Well, it’s been a long time." Three corpse interface
"Hey!" The little girl with the bell on her head cried with joy. When Su Jing came back, the thief felt that this person was closer than his father.
Even people who don’t listen to others can’t figure out what happened after they passed through the control world, and they don’t even know what happened. They saw from the mirror that Xia Lishan, a Buddhist, showed up to stop Xia Lishan from saying "You should die", and then he took a break, and an inexplicable sugar man entered the stadium and played for a while. After that, the earth and the wind rushed into the sky, and even the imagination never had a terrible magical power.
Come and occupy the wind, Buddhist, and get Gao Qiang Mo’s eleventh. In an instant, you will be caught in a disaster.
It’s not hard to guess that Jin Zhongshi tried his best to leave the mountain in the summer but didn’t take it seriously. His weakness was intentional until he got impatient at last … This man … Who can have such a big collar except Gui Xian!
Many people are lying down and saluting to the immortal, which is much more pious than just prostrating themselves to the Buddhist.
"Ye Fei came early to play for half a day, and Xiu Yuan seemed to have cleared up. It was up to him to fight the ink eleven times by fencing." Willy hurriedly explained to Su Jing.
Su Jingwen was a little surprised. "Is he helping me?"
Nod at the flowers. "He talked to you while playing, and you ignored him."
Su Jing just fainted. At this moment, he can ask, "What did he talk to me about?"
"Too many words, no text, if you really want to know and talk to him again later," I took a few words to uncover the page of Ye Fei. "What’s going on here?"
Su Jing suddenly frowned and shook his head … not that he didn’t want to answer, but that Su Jing’s spirit was attracted by another person. "Ye Fei … really helped us just now?"
The sky roared and entangled the fierce wind spell, and Ye Fei was also looking down at the fire on the ground. On Friday, the sword was bent on projecting straight into the fire and Su Jing!
Nianhua nodded. "How can there be a fake? He is with us this time … Ah, is he crazy!"
Half the time, the sky changed suddenly, and a moment ago, Buddhist and Mohist moved their swords desperately. Ye Fei suddenly turned his finger and carried five swords. He rushed to Su Jing to hide in the fire, but he ignored Yu Ren and Buddhist. Now Ye Fei wants to kill Su Jing.
Which one is Ye Fei going to help? Have you really become a hero who helps the weak and helps the poor? He will help whoever is in trouble.
Scarface’s actions are repeated. No wonder he’s crazy.
It’s not enough to break Su Jingfeng’s five swords. Ye Fei’s long sleeves slammed Tang Qiang’s sharp ring, and the sword group reappeared this time for a full 300 swords!