Looking at Shen Nuo and Lu Xiusi so close, Bai Lulu was very angry in the dark, and she picked up her words angrily.
"Send the photos to Lu Xiusi’s office!"
The next day, a group of photos appeared in Lu Xiusi’s office.
The people in the photo are Shen Nuo and Bai Zhe, and they are very close in the photo because of the photographer’s angle.
Lu Hughes looked at these photos and his face became more and more ugly.
Did he give Shen Nuo a warning? Stealing food behind his father’s back at his birthday party!
Section 33
Lu Xiusima drove home
Today, because it was the weekend when Lu Xiusi came home, Shen Nuo was studying dumplings with Aunt Li, because she remembered that Lu Xiusi liked dumplings best.
At this time, Lu Xiusi suddenly broke into the house and Shen Nuo saw him suddenly come back. What else happened? To understand the apron, he came up to Lu Xiusi directly.
Lu Xiusi rudely dragged Shen Nuo into the room regardless of the servants’ eyes.
Shen Nuo was born because of him, and his heart was pulled hard, and he also became angry.
"Lu Xiusi, you are crazy! Let go!" It hurts to be pinched by Shen Nuo, as if his bones were about to be crushed.
Lu Xiusi dragged her into the house and violently threw her at the table. Shen Nuo crashed into the table due to inertia.
"Nothing to send what nerve!" Shen Nuo was going to cook him a delicious meal today, but he was in a bad mood because of his insolence.
"Crazy? I think you are crazy! " Lu Xiusi angrily threw a dozen photos on the table.
"Who did you seduce yesterday?" Lu Xiusi became short of breath because of anger, and took off his tie.
What did he say?
Shen Nuo picked it up and threw it on the table. Take a look at the photo …
How can it be that she and Bai Zhe are together?
Bai Zhe did stop him on purpose yesterday, but it was only a few minutes. Unless it was intentional, it would be impossible to be met by someone so skillfully!
"This must be someone deliberately sneak shot in the corner! It must be! " Shen Nuo looked at the photo in his hand and muttered.
"So you admit it?" Lu Xiusi doesn’t care who took it, he wants to know whether this picture is true or not.
"Listen to me, I did meet him yesterday, but …" Shen Nuo explained to him anxiously.
"That there is nothing to say! Shen Nuo, do you know that you are fucking cuckolding me now! " Lu Xiusi growled at Shen Nuo.
"I did warn you before that if I found you with Bai Zhe again, I would make you more than you can bear!" Lu Xiusi pointed to Shen Nuo’s nose and hand, and the blood vessels were bulging with anger.
"Why don’t you believe me!" Shen Nuo wailed. She didn’t understand why Lu Xiusi always trusted others.
Lu Xiusi couldn’t understand Shen Nuo’s explanation. In his heart, Shen Nuo had cheated and betrayed him. He wanted Shen Nuo to pay the due price!
"If you don’t explain it to me clearly, you won’t come up with this door from today!" Lu Xiusi left the door with such a sentence.
"Auntie Li" Lu Xiusi went upstairs and told Auntie Li "Don’t let her out of this house from today. If you are hungry, you can send him food. If she wants to say anything, contact me immediately!"
Aunt Li looked angry and Lu Xiusi couldn’t say anything to do as he wanted.
It’s a pity that Shen Nuo is willing to think hard about Lu Xiusi!
Shen Nuo looked at his photo and glanced at the door …
Want her to explain? What do you want her to explain? Nothing happened. Explain what?
Dry her tears, Shen Nuo went to the window sill and saw Lu Xiusi’s rude figure through the slight gap in the board to prevent her from escaping.
Well, then be imprisoned, then die!
Lu Xiusi left the mansion in anger and told the housekeeper to "let Bai Lulu come to my office!"
Bai Lulu received the call of Lu Xiusi and jumped up excitedly in the dressing room.
"He asked me out! He finally took the initiative to ask me out for so many days! I’m going to see him now! "
She Liu Xiusi wanted to find her old love again immediately after she helped get rid of Shen Nuo!
But it is difficult for an assistant to "Sister Lulu is working now …"
"I don’t care! If I really love you, can you afford it? " Glared at Bai Lulu disdain beside personal assistant didn’t good the spirit say.
"Take care of these rotten stalls behind you. I’m leaving now!" Say that finish Bai Lulu carrying expensive package baotou also don’t go back to exaggeration.
For Lu Xiusi’s company, Bai Lulu is very clear with his eyes closed. When Master Qianlu was in this company, Lu Xiusi always led her here to play.
Up to now, the pattern in the house has not changed!
Bai Lulu looked at the office building and felt very familiar with everything, but now she added some Lu Xiusi styles.
The little secret kindly informed her that she could go in after a long pause.
Bai Lulu walked in gracefully, and when she saw that she was reading the contract, Lu Xiusi seemed to feel that time had returned to the original appearance of the two of them together.
"Hugh" Bai Lulu called a sweet in front of him.
"Do it over there and I’ll come in a minute." Lu Xiusi looked at her and said with his head down.
Did you want to surprise me and finally tell me?
Although Lu Xiusi was not too enthusiastic just now, Bai Lulu still sat there happily with a glimmer of hope.
☆ Chapter 49 Torture
Lu Xiusi walked beside Bai Lulu and sat opposite her.
Bai Lulu Lu Xiusi stopped caring about her past and got up and took the initiative to sit in the past.
"Hugh misses you so much!" Bai Lulu held out her hand to touch her face that she missed so much.
Lu Hughes immediately grabbed her wrist and forced her to stop moving around.