"What a terrible fighting environment"
Alley didn’t release the transformation state, but degenerated into a half-werewolf form.
Xu Le glanced around and found no trace of Chixiao and asked.
"Is her breath broken here?"
"Well, it’s gone here, but it’s been burning here for too long and many smells have been destroyed."
"I know" Xu Le nodded.
If the distance is close enough, you can try the light casting force
But that kind of being peeked at … no, that’s not peeking anymore, but looking straight at the bright light.
"Forget it, it’s not bad this time."
Xu Le twist a head to see alley directly said.
"Just protect me when I cry."
Will you cry? Alley leng once thought of the front pool when Xu Le nodded immediately.
"got it"
The silent mind once again grasped the light casting power spore in its own spirit.
Once again, it was directly illuminated by strong light.
Although there has been pre-experience, this time Xu Le’s tears burst out directly.
Looking directly at the light, Xu Le regained the power of light casting source.
I am more familiar with it this time.
He felt the light casting energy in all three directions of Tianrui Lifeng, and these perception points should be the light casting other parts of the body.
"ChiXiao position …"
Sensing the position of Chixiao in situ, Xu Le suddenly paused and laughed.
"I should have thought of that."
End light casting perception Xu Le said to one side alley.
"There’s no one here. Find a safe place."
After commanding Alley, Xu Le fled into the mother tree world
The branch in front of the dial crossed the stream and Xu Le came to the mother tree.
At this time, Chixiao did not strike while the iron was hot, but sat on a stone and was studying that section of light casting arm.
"You’re here?" Chixiao didn’t look at him but took the initiative to ask a way
Xu Le also don’t talk nonsense directly cut to the chase said.
"Tianrui Lifeng has a high-level who can at least coordinate the situation. The high-level defected."
Chapter 411 Pursuit
Chixiao took the lead in shrinking his eyes when he heard Xu Le’s sudden words.
"Is there any specific information?"
"No" Xu Le answered truthfully.
This makes Chixiao puzzled. It’s not that I don’t believe Xu Le. It’s because I believe that Xu Le has no information that this problem is tricky.
"specifically talk about the reasons for the suspicion and what happened."
Xu Le nodded to tell the language already prepared.
"First of all, don’t you feel strange about the number of insects here?"
"The number of worms? You mean how much they are?
The number of zerg has always been a lot. When they attack a place, most of them are quantity to win and few are quality … "
Chixiao’s words were interrupted by Xu Le before he finished.
"No, it’s not that rare. Insects in cities should not appear by themselves."
"By appearance?"
"The number of bugs is not right. You said that the situation is that the zerg gods accumulate strength and then accumulate the number to attack, right?"
"Yes, that’s what it means."
"But you all ignore a condition to accumulate strength. The condition is that there is a worm nest.
Insect reproduction needs energy, no matter what energy it is.
Normally, worms like meat.
If there is no meat, they will eat something else, and so will plants.
It is only when there are insect nests or a large number of female insects are bred that it is possible to create a steady stream of insects that attack cities.
There should be no such conditions for a bright environment. "
"But there are a lot of insects." Chixiao has understood Xu Le’s meaning.
"Yes, the insect nest is absolutely certain. There is a place that meets the requirements."