Let these two seals stop first. Before he dies, he must destroy these two imperial seals by the hand of the Eldar Sage Chu Ling.
In the middle of the day, the first spirit swooped down and the body of the dharma steeply showed its sharp color.
"Are you so bold and unrestrained?" The first sound suddenly sounded.
"Is it you?"
Almost at the same moment, the two great seals suddenly broke out with a sound.
The Eldar Sage Chuling was also surprised and happy at this moment. "It’s really you! You are still alive!"
Just when Xu retreated and listened inexplicably, the two great seal Guanghua suddenly condensed a sword in a steep way and then cut it to the holy father’s early spirit.
Where the sword light passes, the world is split in two!
To be precise, everything I have passed is divided into two parts.
This sword looks sharp.
Eldar ancestors at the beginning of the spiritual dharma body did not dare to take this sword, and the body was distorted in situ and disappeared directly.
But this magnificent sword that was condensed out was not idle and cut to the virtual again.
In the virtual, the holy father’s first spirit just appeared, and then he was in a mess again.
But dodging moments directly blew a sigh of relief and blew out another small dharma body to meet this sword.
This very small dharma body is naturally completely annihilated by this sword.
But Xu retreat has a bad feeling.
In an instant, the Eldar Sage Chuling suddenly burst out laughing. "You don’t even have a dharma body. This sword really scares people."
Laughing Eldar Sage once again pointed out that this finger was straight to this magnificent sword.
And this cup has just put the holy ancestor Chu Ling after him to hide in the magnificent sword. This finger suddenly breaks into pieces and flows back to the two great seals.
Xu tui looked at this scene and marveled at the fact that these two great seals were hiding an old monster he didn’t know about heaven.
I wonder which of these two old monsters will be the six emperors in heaven?
But before Xu can think back, it is most likely that one of the six royal families in heaven will be defeated!
Beat it flat and agile!
"It’s really a shame to find a place. This is your own door!" The Saint Zu Chuling laughed and held out a colorful hand directly to grasp the two great seals!
Xu retired in a hurry.
The two great seals cannot fall into the hands of the Eldar Sage.
Absolutely not
It is Xu tui’s attempt to instigate these two great seals at the moment, but there is no response. These two great seals are not controlled by him at all, as if they do not belong to him.
The two emperors’ seals suddenly gave a cold hum and condensed a vague virtual shadow, and then the virtual shadow looked back and made a retreat.
"The sword is coming!"