And if the five-character force is transported alone, unless the soul-transforming force can restrain the dead wood a little, but the soul-transforming force focuses on swallowing and erosion, which is not ideal for the dead wood.
Although there are tricks, it is obvious that the other side also has masters who are aware of the fluctuation. For example, the mysterious strategist is looking at the western world at the moment, where the position is exactly what the demon queen said that the goalkeeper should open the direction.
The mind moves from place to place and directly displays the method of returning to emptiness. The body melts into emptiness, but it successfully resolves the blow of the dead old man.
"There are many opponents who need a quick victory. If you don’t defeat a few people, even if the other party joins hands, don’t say that the best interest rate is even 50%." I want to have a move in my hand at the same time
With the three colors of lotus, the figure was impressively hidden, and at the same time, although the body was hidden to the respectable breath, it was unable to escape the other party’s tracking, so it was still locked by several people to crack the dead old man’s blow and immediately denounced it.
"If you can’t kill for the time being, you can win by Tao!" Lu Li said to himself, a figure lightly moves and directly kills the battle side to fight.
It’s a great hatred to be a war man, especially if he is famous for being away from home. You know, too many experts have died away from home. Although both sides have a little respect for each other, it’s a tribute to the monk’s death, which can’t replace hatred
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Cut out the war
"Come on!" When the weapon was ablaze with anger and luck, the temple of fire was ablaze with flames, and even the monster in the fire law world was defeated.
Unexpectedly, I was not afraid to rush forward for a moment, and my body suddenly went backwards. With strange actions, two strange blood shadows suddenly appeared on my side, and a bloody whirlpool surrounded me.
What followed was the sudden roll-up of shocking blood waves, which prompted several blood mans to turn into a monstrous blood flame spell, a lotus shadow vortex, and a lotus nebula. An earth-shattering momentum swept from all sides and finally turned into a monstrous blood sea.
"The sea of blood!" Lu Li binge drank this blow and pointed it at the war.
The scattered fairy in the side door suddenly exclaimed, "How can this be learned from the unique skills of the ancestors on the secluded cliff!"
There is no mistake. At this time, it is the blow that the bodhi old zu on the deep cliff is all-powerful in cultivating immortals, and I don’t know how many masters of the right path die
When the war face changed, he felt that this move threatened him. He was also angry and screaming, and the flames burned into the sky, and the knife light was cut obliquely. At the same time, the whole body was really motivated to the extreme, and the ancient flame spells melted into the ups and downs in the sea of fire and blood
The statue of war is also shrouded in red flame, just like all evils do not invade the cultivation of true fire, which is comparable to the nine days when a sea of blood can shelter itself.
But at this time, Lu Li smiled.
Everyone is dying in a sea of blood, and they just want to strangle, only to find that the caster has a different breath!
Even the desperate efforts of the five families and others are unstable, and at this time, life suddenly found that there is a slight difference between the people who cast their blood and the sea.
The difference is very small, but it is still seen through by fate
"Taoist incarnation!" Life exclaims that many masters defend themselves in unison, and Mr. Umbrella’s scar joins hands with the sky, while the former sacrifices a deep and remote cloud umbrella to form a barrier, while the latter directly cuts to the incarnation outside the land.
The two people’s actions are naturally a refuge war. Obviously, they are so far away from each other to forcibly attack the Italian war.
This is also because Scar has the confidence to protect himself, and Mr. Umbrella is not afraid of many defensive magic weapons. Instead, he is fighting in the heart of blood and being eroded by poor blood, but his defense is greatly reduced
It is also because the air lock maintained by all these measures naturally dissipates, and it has jumped to the forefront and pointed a finger at the people!
Yun Tian Lu Zun suddenly burst out of the sky, and Guanghua swallowed the sun and the moon, and the sky was blazing, and the bloody blood of the moon was absorbed by him and pointed out to the people who locked in!
This refers not to the rest of the people but to the war!
The old people of the five ethnic groups are on the defensive, while Yuan Tianba, Yan Yu and the black-handed sage choose to attack Lu Lizun.
"Long shot!" This point out that it contains the essence of the sun and the moon to reverse the heart meridian and kill the heart meridian, just like a piercing arrow pointing to war.
"Don’t burn your knife with wild flames!" Long is also a blow to gather all one’s life’s strength and attract heaven with one knife.
Crashing explosion, blowing clouds.
Lu Lizun was besieged by three masters, such as Yuan Tianba, and was immediately bombarded with blood.
The bloody whirlpool crashed and the stains scattered. With the stains scattered, the blood rolled wildly from the sky, and Sumeru, who had been shrouded in bloody rain, was stained with a thick layer of blood.
The number of broken pieces of the weapon on the ground is even more amazing. There is a wound in his chest that breaks his heart. The wound is as big as a fist and runs through his chest.
Gritting one’s teeth and wanting to get up again
But this moving body is like a crisp sound, and the Yuan God is suddenly broken.
A generation of the strong in the realm of transformation and the master at the level of domain command-the God of War Yuan shattered and died on the spot!
I haven’t noticed that Mr. Instant Umbrella was stuffy humming a body that was directly penetrated by a light spirit than a soldier.
If the wind hook flies like a gust, it won’t stain a trace of blood, while Mr. Umbrella looks pale and instantly fades away.
A flash actually caused one death and one injury to the opponent!
"War!" Life, heaven, crazy roar, eyes are all red, and they are fighting so hard that they are actually dead at the moment. Can they believe it?
On the other side, Bai Fan was busy and stayed on the spot for a while.
At this time, the figure of Lu Li Zun fell to the ground and even flashed, but it was to avoid the attack of all the people. Only one person caught the sword just right and went straight to the place where Lu Li fled.
This sword seems to be able to run through everything, and it contains the spirit of the sword, which will drive the meaning of the sword to the extreme, even if it is a sword fairy.
"Li Mutian’s evil blade should come like this!" Suddenly, a strange weapon like a sword appeared in the palm of Lu Li’s hand, and the green and red light flashed and instantly cut out.
Mu Qianxue, who woke up in the crowd, saw this scene and made her debut. "This is the island of heavenly silence. I told Lu Li about the sword potential-is he invincible?"
Proud sword tactic is a natural and secret sword tactic for Mu family, but it’s not secret. It’s special to stay away from the south wind and try to take care of Mu sisters. Qianxue is also sharing this proud sword tactic with some secret kendo feelings of Mu family.
This matter can be thick. First, it was recognized by the householder Mu Nanfeng that the Mu family was in desperate need of rescue. Second, his thousand snows were a matter of life and death. Naturally, this sword tactic will not flow out at will. Even though the heart of Luo Jianfei’s kendo attainments are better than the land, it did not occupy it.
In this regard, she made a debut. "What a sly blow! It’s your fate, but good luck is only once. I think you should resist it!"
Luo Jianfei, who is not humble, is famous for her sharp and changeable sword meaning. Although the meeting was only a moment, she felt a great threat from the land. This female sword trick is not too much compared with Bai Fan’s four-line sword meaning.
But even so, just a few moves to fight against foreign countries and repair the war in China, the Yuan God broke and died. The Lord of Arc, the God of Heaven and Mr. Umbrella were seriously injured, and the old man Jiuqu Zhenjun was totally embarassed.
Apart from the injury of Lu Li, the real yuan consumption is not light, but the siege of several people did not take much advantage!
Chapter one hundred and forty lone battle day
For the heart, Luo Jianfei’s words are inseparable from anger and laughter. The whole person is arrogant. Lingyun made a guffaw debut. "I’m still in a foreign country, so it’s just a group of Ukrainian people!"
Heart Luo Jianfei angry but angry hum a "small aloof is a price to pay, today that price is your life"
Death in battle, serious injury in heaven at this time, the face of life is also more cold than ferocious, saying, "If you leave today, even if you have nine lives, you are doomed to die!"
On the other hand, Lu Li is tit for tat. "You will know later whether I have nine lives, but I hope you can live to see it and not die too early."
At this time, he seems to have returned to that aloof and aloof place more than ten years ago.