That’s too cruel for her.
"But I want to have a baby with him. I don’t want to have any regrets. I don’t want him to indulge me. He also wants a baby very much. He also wants it very much."
Allow Xiang kept repeating already tears blurred in that already busy night place.
Later, when she was tired of crying, she gently took her upstairs with the waiter.
"You go, I’ll take care of her myself." She said softly and helped her to lie down and cover her with a quilt.
Looking at Yun Xiang’s emaciated sample, he gently took out Yun Xiang’s mobile phone.
She thought maybe she should call Yunxiang’s husband.
But on second thought, she did nothing.
What will happen if you encounter the problem of allowing Hunan?
I’m afraid I’ll keep trying. At the moment of giving up, maybe it’s the moment of divorce
A man with too high self-esteem will not divorce because of a woman’s infertility. A woman with too high self-esteem will divorce because she can’t give her offspring.
A marriage may be because of love, but a marriage ends or because of responsibility.
When Yun Xiang woke up the next day, she was gentle and had already left. Her voice was hoarse and the maid had bought her a meal.
"Let me buy you breakfast when Mrs. Teng, Sister Xiang, leaves."
"gentle? When will she leave? "
"More than six o’clock!"
Allow xiang hesitate to turn early?
"Yes, when you drink, it’s already past midnight. Isn’t it early after six o’clock?"
My little girl almost laughed, but for thinking of the boss in a bad mood.
Yun Xiang is full of beds looking for his mobile phone and then calling Gentle.
"Why did you stay with me all night? This is my own place. Can I lose it?"
"Aren’t you a sleepwalker after you’re drunk? I’m afraid you’ll lose it. If your husband doesn’t look for me, your brother will have to eat me. It’s good that you’re all right. I’m in a hurry to wash up and have breakfast, so I won’t tell you first."
Gentle home immediately take a shower and change clothes. Breakfast is already ready for her to eat together.
Allow Xiang in the mind still feel a little guilty, in fact, it is love dearly. Suddenly, I think of tenderness and have a hard time recently, but I still have to accompany her.
In fact, sometimes there is nothing wrong with staying up late, which will make you awake a lot.
For example, after a gentle night of meditation, she read the newspaper scandal instead.
Jiang Wen and Han Xi’s wedding planning is good. The wedding planning is very assertive. Jiang Wen called and said that he was very satisfied and that it would be nice if he could order it.
Gentle don’t talk in my heart, but when the time comes, let Teng always give you a big red envelope.
Later, that person has been lying on her blacklist and never came out.
She can’t be ambiguous.
Puyang Ruifeng seems to have returned to his hometown and I don’t know when he will come back.
However, Miss Jia Er didn’t follow.
On that day, two people met Miss Jia in the restaurant and went to sit with her.
"In fact, I love Puyang Ruifeng very much, but he loves to play too much. He always takes part in accidental amusement with those women, but he doesn’t know that he is too keen on accidental amusement."
Miss Jia Er seems unhappy. He is always entangled with women.
"Although we have been in contact, we have also been in contact. In fact, my understanding of him has always been superficial," gentle said.