If the momentum in the league is good, they want to try the King’s Cup, so they have seen too much.
Changsheng is by no means the first to do this, and he will definitely not be the last to do so.
Of course, Changsheng must do this, so the reporters need to wait and see his jokes.
Maybe Hertha’s home game against Atletico Madrid will be a turning point in Hertha’s season.
Hertha’s performance will go downhill after losing to Atletico Madrid at home, so it will be all at the end of the season.
Then we can laugh at that damn China bastard!
So reporters decided not to point out Hertha’s dangerous situation, but to continue to encourage them to go further and further in the King’s Cup to distract Hertha’s energy and finally let them draw water in the basket!
Journalists in the media gallery look forward to a bright future, and then they will be arrogant and victorious, and they will trample on the mire at will.
The pleasure in my heart is just like having sex just once.
The result of this game also seems to prove the reporters’ guesses and judgments.
Hertha drew with badajoz at home 11.
The goal was scored by team captain Pedro Carnice Reyes, and he assisted the team’s midfielder pulido.
This is a corner goal.
This draw is Hertha’s third draw of the season.
Alberto Garcia, the press officer of the post-match press conference, would have witnessed another constant battle with reporters.
I didn’t expect the atmosphere at the press conference to be surprisingly good!
The reporters didn’t ask tricky questions to deliberately make things difficult for the winners, but they also seemed calm and emotionally stable.
The local media in Hertha did not make a fuss.
For Hertha, even if they didn’t win the game, they still ranked first in the league. In that case, what’s the criticism?
They believe that Hertha also believes in constant victory.
The journalist who should have gloated ov that draw also kept quiet, which surprised Alberto Garcia. If these journalists had been eager to take action, it seemed that the draw would not be over until the end of the world.
But now they look so clean …
In this way, what should have been a press conference full of gunpowder ended a strange calm.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Media digging holes
It makes people feel weird, not only in the press conference after the game, but also in the performance of most media the next day.
The original Hertha will definitely be ridiculed by other media except the local media in Hertha.
For example, two Hertha draws are like this.
Inkhtar lost too few games.
So they can make a fuss about the draw.
Even so, they only had two chances before.
This is the third time we have come here, and everyone knows that these media will be in Galilee.
Who would have thought …
On the second day after the game, the media showed a rare tolerance for Hertha’s draw!
"Considering that it has been a double match for two weeks in a row, Hertha’s rotation is also a matter of course. It is regrettable but reasonable that she failed to win the game because of the strength gap between the two arrays …"
"In order to ensure the promotion, Hertha has invested more troops in the King’s Cup, which will inevitably affect the team’s performance in the league. However, Hertha has a great lead at present, and I believe that Hertha will definitely be promoted in the season … So Hertha has no problem in rotating instead of sending the main force."
"The draw by badajoz at home is nothing to Hertha. They are still the first in the league and they are still the strongest team in the second division …"
"I think the winning choice is very clever, and I have accumulated a lot of advantages in the league. I have paid attention to the King’s Cup, which is a fast and easy-to-achieve venue. Maybe Hertha can also hit the honor of a King’s Cup this season? Think about how exciting it is to upgrade and win the King’s Cup! "
"The King’s Cup has always had an’ unpopular hotbed’. It is an effective way to try to surprise the King’s Cup. It is often very correct to choose, from which you can see his level …"
Lemmon, the porter, looked at these newspapers blindsided.
He doesn’t have much to do every day, but he stays in the concierge, which is a gatekeeper. There are letters to sign for, and there are packages for the time being.
So he has plenty of time to squander, but he can’t leave his job without leave. Reading newspapers and listening to the radio have become his biggest entertainment.
He buys a lot of newspapers every day and notes all kinds of news facts. The news of Hertha football team is naturally his focus.
After Hertha was drawn by badajoz, he would have read a lot of criticism of the constant victory in many newspapers.
I didn’t expect that when he looked through the newspaper, he saw all these compliments.
As if drawing the game had no effect on Hertha at all.
But does it really have no effect at all?
Hertha tied the game, but Seville won. The difference between the two sides has narrowed to two points.
One more game and Hertha may be rushed from the top of the league.
I don’t know how these journalists suddenly became so optimistic.
When the former Hertha topped the list, a draw was exclaimed by these media as "Hertha’s collapse is imminent"
How can you be so honest now?
Lemon thought for a whole day and couldn’t understand why these journalists changed sex.
When Changsheng returned to the apartment building after a day’s work, he grabbed Changsheng and shook the newspaper. "Did you see these?" Often! "
Chang Sheng glanced at the newspapers. "What’s new with the little reading, Lemon?"
"They are all praising you! The reporters who wanted your horse to die were praising you! There must be something wrong with this, right? "
Changsheng took the newspaper and scanned it quickly.
He soon got a rough idea of what these reporters were saying.
Then he smiled.
"Nothing. They are going to dig a hole for me, Lemon, but I won’t jump." He patted Lemon on the shoulder and went downstairs.
Behind him, Lemmon shouted, "If we lose a game, we won’t be the first in the league!" Week league opponent is very strong … "
Changsheng stopped and looked back at Lemmon with a bright smile. "We will still be the first in the league after the weekend game."
"But the opponent is Atletico Madrid. They are much better than Seville …"